Wednesday, September 8

I forgot what it's like to be militarily single.

I've been in Hometown, Oregon, for more than a week now, and while I'm getting back to what it's like to not have direct access to Mr. Wookie...I forgot how un-reachable the Navy can make Mr. Wookie.  Oh, the lessons you learn out of Flight School.  I kinda miss that safety bubble.

But I have heard from Mr. Wookie a few times, so at least communication is there however intermittent.

He seems to be doing well, despite how bored he is when he's not working and when the Internet is spotty.  I've been doing my part in Oregon looking for patio furniture, a dining room table and chairs, and anything else that we need in our empty ass place.  Mr. Wookie is playing the typical male role with, "I trust your judgment with these matters."  What the heck???  Since when did you become a Senatorial Candidate, throwing those lame ass political statements at me???  You're lucky I don't hold grudges, boy! :)

But he says he's enjoying himself, as much as he can without the non-stop attachment to online gaming programs, ESPN, our movie catalog, and a larger bed than a boat can provide.

It was cute before he left, we had to hit up Bed, Bath & Beyond for twin sheets, a twin comforter, and a bathrobe.  The real Navy definitely isn't like going back to school.  Because I would love to have a list of everything he needs before he leaves, like you find in Office Depot and Staples for back-to-school shopping.  Just not on that neon paper - you can't recycle that stuff.

He also had his first catapult shot during this time away, which I knew would be a landmark occasion.  He said it "will blow your mind hole."  Umm, okay.  I'll remember that...the next time I'm clutching for my life on a pansy roller coaster cursing your name.  I get talked into these terroristic "adventure" outings while he gets paid to play.

But I fear that I'll be coming back down to California without all the goodies I want.  Dining room furniture has been disappointing.  I want a pub height (42" high), that holds 4-6 depending on an expansion leaf.  Then we'd shift 2 of the chairs to our kitchen bar so we don't have to buy real bar stools.  But the only thing I've found is counter height (36" high) so the game is "To settle or Not to settle?"  Patio furniture has been non-existent as Lowe's, Home Depot, and Sears have all put their stock back into warehouse.  Damn you, Southern Oregon!  So we'll see if the only contending patio set is still available at the NEX when Mr. Wookie gets back.  Oh, and I can't forget that we need a BBQ.  Because a Man's Domain ceases to exist without propane, meat, and Tim Taylor grunts.

So welcome to my lame world of military detachment.  I know this is by no means what others are facing.  But I like to hear about everyone's dealings with the military, so I'm sharing my end.  I'm just feeling displaced as we don't have a furnished living arrangement, and I'm striking out on my goals for Oregon.  Fail.  At least I have my morning coffee.  Can't take that.


  1. Coffee is seriously a good thing. OccDoc made me promise I won't buy any more crap for the house while he was gone, so I must live through you. Don't settle, I beg you. Find the perfect dining room set. It would be so nice to have a 'back to school' list!

  2. I completely feel your pain on the diningroom set situation. NavyGuy brought a hideous IKEA lightwood oval dining table into our marriage, and I can't wait for the day when I can smash it wish a sledgehammer in the front yard and replace it with a modern, dark wood, maybe square (?) one. Godspeed in your search. :)

    And NavyGuy said nearly the same thing about his first catapult shot. He's absolutely dying to get back to a boat.