Sunday, December 2

Today I put away my feminist card for a caring, loving person.

Pot roast has been in the slow cooker since 10:45am and the house smells divine.

Mr. Wookie spent the night with squadronmates out a night sky of clouds, rain, and wind.

I've been over-zealous in wanting to organize our garage that there are piles for the Women's Mission, Men's Mission, and Goodwill. What's a better Christmas spirit than giving when you don't wear/use things anymore.

Mr. Wookie, upon returning home, hasn't met my over-zealous ambition with anything remotely close.

We've been debating the, "When do we get the tree?" question for the past 4 days.

Although, the delay isn't too bad - we still don't know where we're going to put it. Since becoming a non-dog household, the front room has been rearranged and the 'old spot' no longer exists. So we still debate, dwell, and discuss.

But on an upside, our purchasing plan for our families is almost complete (at least for my side of the family). All that's left is actually pulling the trigger on the goods. And that's the easy part.

The house gets deep-cleaned tomorrow thanks to a Groupon purchase for a house cleaning. :)

It's rained for 3 days in a row and is starting to feel like Mr. Wookie and I are back in college (College Town is rainier than Seattle, if you can imagine that). Although this time, we live together, have jobs (and money), and I don't have to buy him liquor anymore since he's finally over 21.

I'm anxiously counting down the days until December 21st. I loooove the Winter Solstice - because then you know Spring is coming, which means beach weather, hammock time, ice cold beer on our back patio while golfers enjoying the change in daylight, and backyard BBQs with friends.

Oh, and let's not forget about that deployment that's coming up. Eventually. If Uncle Sam doesn't keep changing schedules. I swear, sea tours are meant for...the sea. But apparently Mr. Wookie's squadron isn't supposed to deploy on time. They like to keep us guessing.

Saturday, December 1

Starting December off right: With blogging.

As we come into the holiday season, I need to remember to express the love and happiness that's been made by friends, family, and Mr. Wookie. And the Navy, when they do actually do something that's worthwhile and uplifting. While the blog has been very quiet, it's not for lack of life here in the real world. Instead it was that life required extra care and attention as things were changing, the boys (and few girls) were out on work-ups and then returning. There were wine nights with the ladies, fashion shows with the kids, and potlucks because sometimes cooking for one (again) is something I'd rather not do. And work's has somehow been more stressful than recent - and I'd like that to go away soon (the stress part).

So happy First Day of December!

Here's to the holiday season - I look forward to our Christmas tree, baking, and taking off those "football 5-lbs" that finds my ass each season as I rock 12-oz beer curls, hot dogs, and chips. Merry Christmas (and Happy Haaaaaanukkah)!