Saturday, December 1

Starting December off right: With blogging.

As we come into the holiday season, I need to remember to express the love and happiness that's been made by friends, family, and Mr. Wookie. And the Navy, when they do actually do something that's worthwhile and uplifting. While the blog has been very quiet, it's not for lack of life here in the real world. Instead it was that life required extra care and attention as things were changing, the boys (and few girls) were out on work-ups and then returning. There were wine nights with the ladies, fashion shows with the kids, and potlucks because sometimes cooking for one (again) is something I'd rather not do. And work's has somehow been more stressful than recent - and I'd like that to go away soon (the stress part).

So happy First Day of December!

Here's to the holiday season - I look forward to our Christmas tree, baking, and taking off those "football 5-lbs" that finds my ass each season as I rock 12-oz beer curls, hot dogs, and chips. Merry Christmas (and Happy Haaaaaanukkah)!

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