Tuesday, April 28

Just When I Thought I Left Corvallis...

Oregon's beautiful rains show up on Medford's doorstep.

I love it.

It's a great parting gift from my favorite state before I jump town for the East Coast.

Anxious/Excited/Ready?  Kinda.

Packed?  Do I even need to answer that?  I'm pretty sure we all know that Katie called me out last time.  Let's just say things don't change that quickly in my life.

There's a whole laundry list to do.  But let's finish up the PhotoBucket marathon first.

Monday, April 27

Kitties Galore

Spring. Along with allergies comes kittens. How cute.

Aww, this is "Smokey." At least that's my name for him. He's in kitty jail. He's still waiting to hear back from Da Kine Bail Bonds for a post.

OMG, he held still for a photo. Amazing!

Smokey's giving me the stink eye again. "How dare you take my picture?"

The 3 gatos curled up inbetween Katie and I on the couch. This was the calm before the storm.

The afore-mentioned storm. Note: We were watching Baby Mama. Yes, my 3rd time in 2 weeks. I am seeking therapy over this.

Isn't She Beautiful?

Eddie Bauer? Nope. Columbia? Neither. North Face? Not even close.

Helly Hansen? Yes. Lemme try it on again. Yes.

Retail Price: $125.00 Recession Price: $50.00

My monkey arms fit. The torso fits. It's in a gorgeous color. It was excellently price for this economy. And it'll go well with my Chacos and river shorts (they're those insta-drying kind). I do wanna maintain that the color is even more exceptional in person. Now let's see if I can get out and do some sea kayaking while back East. Hmm, I wonder if I can get a certain Gorilla to come with me?

Technological Update

Well people, after picking eye boogies from my face this morning and wandering upstairs, I heard a little conversation out of ORCA Fire World Headquarters.

"You have 3 laptops in your possession?"

(One being for my brother, one for his client, and MINE!)


So that means I need to get on the ball about uploading all my pictures off this dinosaur and into PhotoBucket. And incase you haven't been able to tell, sometimes I lack motivation until the deadline is upon me. Well, that deadline is upon me.

Not sure when I'll get to see my new beauty, but I can't wait. It's been too long. My patience has worn thin. My language has degraded to pleeaaading for my current laptop to just hold on for another 36 hours. "That's all I ask."

So after the new one is up and running, I'll be first taking a small screwdriver to it (maybe a Screwdriver to my liver also). I want to see the interior makings of this delapidated ol' thing. And then, after I try and put it back together. Muhahaha, gunfire. Oh, this will be fun. *Cue maniacal laughter*

What Keeps Me Going

After saying my goodbyes (to Collin & Katie/Corvallis until a could-be-much-later date), I bum-rushed Safeway because I knew that I wouldn't have the energy to go the distance. So after an in-and-out grocery run, a "fill 'er up" (well, actually, I filled it myself since it was Pac Pride), and a "Can I get an 8-oz.-skinny-vanilla-latte-no-foam? Thanks," I hit 99-South. Music blaring. Rocking out. If you seen the video of my dad, you know what the results of that gene pool are capable of.

This awful montage is what fueled the stamina needed for intense air drums with pedal bass, air tamberines (sp?), air keyboard, air guitar, and air marracas. And don't let me forget my bad ass moves as if I were a back-up singer for Prince or KISS. If you passed me on I-5, I'm sorry. I tend to get waaaay too into it. I even thought about videoing, but some things are just meant for envisionment.

"I'll always remember...it was late afternoon...IN PLACES NO ONE WILL FIIIIIND" (warble it out like the best Celine Dion ever heard). I'm awesome. If only there was a camera. But thank goodness there wasn't.

The moral of the story is: Don't have a coffee drink right before cramping yourself in a car for 3-plus hours. The energy will come out of your mouth. And into the form of some intense jazz hands and chuckin'-and-jivin' background dancer moves. And it'll also cause you to think that you can take pictures of the scenery while on a back-country road...in motion.

Saturday, April 25

Benvenuto, Wilkommen, Bienvenidos, Welcome...

This is it.  My new baby.  Okay, well, one of my babies.  

Let's just say I'm quite fertile right now.

So poke around.  I'll be updating it after I land back East.

Alright people, McMenamin's calls.  Salud.  Prost.  Chin, chin.

Lunch Fit For a Queen

If I had to choose one beverage to indulge at the location of my choice it would be the Rubberhead.  While there are many other beers that also are favorites, there's just something about an ice cold pint of Rubberhead, the ambience of McMenamin's, and the entertainment of company.  Did I sell anyone else on that definition?

Nothing like snacking on the sesame chicken strips and a half appetizer of slightly cajunized tots.  Delicious.  Besides a buzz at like 2 in the afternoon is fun.

Friday, April 24

Best Friend Mark

The result of a wild goose chase for a stinkin' shirt.

The front.  I did my best "I worked at Abercrombie" fold.  Ya, you can tell.  I didn't even work at Kmart.

I think this sealed the deal.  "Mark, the second shirt has a ninja-y Benny Beaver on the back."  Mark, ninjas, sold!

Who am I now: Super Best Friend Ashley.


Got word from my brother this morning.  

Laptop was shipped out yesterday, should be here Monday.

Phi Psi Explosion: Revisited

As I was working on posting the pictures for Collin's work, I couldn't help but see that the folder right below had pictures of the frat house, post-explosion.  Thought I'd pass them on, just cuz.

This was the front door.  And there were windows there.

Around the side of the house, northern aspect.  You can see the wall cracked up top.

This is the northern wall off the great room.  It's literally pushed off the foundation from the force of the boom.  Many a memories were had on the couches that were there.  Sitting there, warm Corvallis day, ice cold beer, drunks walking past, homeless people roving for cans.  Memories...

Ya, that was brick.  Not anymore.

Ground zero of the basement.  Holy batman.

And the infamous video of Chris walking with someone of authority through the basement that made it on the news.  I don't have any news on what'll happen to the house.  Just that the poor paintings are gone.  My theory: If you rebuild, the artist will come back.

My Weekend Activities

I'm playing with the 3 kittens/1 mama that Katie is fostering.  These little guys are 5-6 weeks, and oohhh-so-adorable.  There'll definitely be more of them.

The Life of the Employed

Want to know what it's like to be Collin?  Minus the toe fungus.  Well, after indulging in mexican food upon my arrival into town, we had to stop by Collin's work to fix something about a red light.  I don't know either, I'm just relaying.

I think these are servers.  Or is it just one server as a whole?  As you see, this is not my forte.  Just looking at all this crap makes my head really hurt.

Good lord.  I wouldn't know where to start.

But as you can see, Collin's very proud.

What a hot mess.  I don't even think I'd want to try.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this person may be a bit anal.  Just a thought.

Wednesday, April 22

Just a Little Announcement

Sometime tomorrow I plan on making my way up north to the great town of Corvallis. There are people to visit. Food to eat. Probably some wine to be had. Good times had by all.

Anyways, I would like to inform the masses of a secret project I've been working on.

But first, more information.

After much deliberation and contemplation, I'm making a big move. Literally. In 2 weeks, I'm packing up 2 checked bags and my carry-on for the destination of Norfolk. For good? Not sure. For a job? Yes. At least, that's my goal. The rest is for Future Ashley to work out.

There are many factors that have influenced this decision. I've toiled for days, weeks, months to much duress and imbibation. I haven't worked since January after losing my job. I love Norfolk far more than the sand land of Occupied Alabama (Florida). I feel that now is the chance I have to break out, try something new, and see if I can survive outside the nest.

That's pretty much it all in a nutshell.

And so with that knowledge, people, I can let you guys in on my secret. :)

It's a known fact that my layout is plagued. It sucks, but it's true. And because I have no idea how to fix it, I have another plan. I'm launching a new blog. A new title and name, which seems fitting. So once I get the Boomerang posts transferred, things will be as good as gold.

I'm excited. You guys should be too.

Tuesday, April 21

Heatwave, Medford Style

Flirting with the 90-degree mark for a second day in a row, the comfortable interior takes a toll on the occupants.

Contents, Revealed

A girl can be defined by the contents of her purse, shoulder bag (mine - purchased 4 years ago?, for $12.99 at Target and I still love it), wristlet, clutch, etc.

Let's see how my definition pans out.

Nothing too controversial. An Alicia Keys case that actually houses Justin's FutureSexLoveSounds CD. A ziploc of Emergen-C and some Crystal Light packets. My electronic solitaire game when boredom hits out in public. My folder of resumes and a notebook for that orientation I had to go to yesterday.

Tissues, tampons, lotion, eye cream, lip gloss, keys, gum, hair brush, wallet, Yogi Tea, MP3 player, headband, planner - nothing too out of the ordinary.

The only things missing from the photo shoot were my camera and cell phone. I was using both. At the same time. Yes, I'm talented. My dad was asking, "where'd russia go?" And my camera was at work. Plus they're a little shy. You'll have to excuse them.

Monday, April 20

Weather Report: Norfolk, VA

I didn't think that Virginia could get tornadoes. Guess I was wrong.

Celebrity Sighting

One of the luxuries of Oregon is the beer. We all know that. And with a trip to Portland, comes a trip to McMenamin's. The quenching taste of a Rubberhead in a cold pint brings a halo to my heart as little cherubs dance. Don't believe me?

' "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." -Benjamin Franklin " - Michael Scott' - Ashley Fields (Please tell me you Office fans get this).

Well what...or should I say who...does my dad notice sitting behind Brad and Hayley? "Hey, look, it's Charles Manson!"

"Hhahaahhahaah." - me, "Who's Charles Manson?" - Hay & Brad

"It's so easy, a caveman can do it." - me.

"Hahahhahahaa." - group laugh.

Yes, the picture is blurry. Yes, Brad's head is partially in it. We had to pretend we were taking a pic of Brad & Hay so it didn't look super obvious. And I didn't put the flash on because I didn't want to be that person. So I apologize for the proof. But still, it's pretty funny.

Rescue 911

As you know, my dad had a gig in Seaside last week. What you didn't know is that he's a hero.

After years of Crisis Intervention with the Oregon State Police SWAT Team, he put his life on the life yet again to save another 2 individuals. All for what? Not a pat on the back. Not a key to the city. But because it's his duty as an upstanding citizen to react when necessary for the bettterment of mankind. Let us toast.

Near the back of the Seaside Safeway sat these 2 defenseless characters. On the clearance rack. Not an ounce of dignity left. Like the brother and sister Chocolate labs at the Humane Society. Not even sad eyes could waver anyone's attention to rescue them.

Good thing my dad has a heart.

He scooped up these 2 loving pups for a killer price of $5/6-pack. Anyone who knows their AKC registered price is over $8/6-pack regularly. But because of a slight defect in their exterior, they were cast away like the lepers. Not this time. You have a home now, little fellas. You'll be taken care of in a nice, cold fridge. You'll be celebrated with joyous cheers. You'll be the center of attention. Don't despair, you ugly ducklings. You're both beautiful swans.

My Movie Marathon

What happens when your parents go out of town and leave you allll alone?

You sit on the couch and watching movies. Wow. Party Animal, I know.

On my viewing pleasure:

I may have missed one in my delusional attempt to remember my weekend's going on. But not bad for, eh, 50-some odd hours with zero supervision. Aren't I one for the Wild Child club?

Saturday, April 18

Oh, My Aching Back...

As you know, the parents are out of town. As you know, when the cat's away the mice will play.

In my recent efforts to go through every single thing I possess, I've turned to the garage. My parents' garage. The garage that houses every other momento to our family (2 parents, 4 kids...that crap adds up). I swear, it looks like the set for Band of Brothers.

You won't believe the awesome, and not so awesome, stuff I found.

- About 5 half bottles of booze. Dude, where have you been this whole time I've been living with my parents?

- A years worth of Fitness magazines. From 1995. Yes,

- My doll that was used during the "doll dance" in the Nutcracker.

- An awesome Beaver scarf. Score. Dibs.

- My favorite 90's shoes that are reminicent of the Spice Girls.

- My Senior project.

- And all my sports shirts from my years of althletics. Now it's my turn to turn them into a quilt when I have the time, the space, the supplies, and the sanity.

And this is just the good stuff that I found. Who cares about the crap that I can't recall. You guys aren't losing sleep over. At least I hope not. If that's the case. You're in worse shape than me. That's not a compliment.

Now, unfortunately, it's my job to organize it all. The booze will add to the collection (that is if it's any good. We'll let Hayley test it out). The shirts will be added to my collection for varying sewing projects. The scarf will go into the sacred Beaver Gear box. You get the picture.

But first, I'm getting dragged out to a comedy show. Ya, exactly. Medford. Comedy. Plus a $4 cover. Well as long as there's a bar. I can always laugh after I've been drinking.

Due Date: May 8th

There comes a time when you welcome a bundle of joy with open arms. This is that moment.

This is my baby. My brother ordered it earlier this week. I'm so excited for her to come. Let's hope she's a premie. I really am losing my patience with my "hoja de mierda." I just want a new computer. It's been too long. Almost 5 years.

But rest assure the old laptop will have a proper send off. It'll involve the mountains, a little bit of ammo, and wook's Turkish Mauzer. That's right. It's getting blown to smithereens. I love knowing Navy boys with toys.

Friday, April 17

I'm a Big Girl Now

Yay. I've reached maturity. My parents are leaving for the weekend. I get the house to myself. Woohoo.

Okay, so I realize that I'm not 12 and this is not exactly a huge landmark. But I'm still entertained by the fact that I'll have free range of the place. Which means I'll probably be glued to the couch, watching tv, surfing on my dad's laptop (if he doesn't take it), contemplating the possibility of a maid. Life's rough.

But I should probably get going on that growing list of things I have to do. I've been a little off my schedule lately. Thanks to my dad getting a gig in Portland, I was able to drive him north, he was able to kick out 4 reports, and I made a little money. Not too shabby for a little driving, some McMenamin's, and hanging out at Chateau de Hayley.

But the real work starts today. I've got a downstairs to clean. Just wait. You'll see.

Wednesday, April 15

One Great Opening

Man....I never thought the first couple minutes of any TV show would entice me so much.

Good thing I was able to hold a text-versation with Stacey about all things legen...dary.
  1. The fireworks Capt. John threw in the barrel. Awesome.
  2. Stac and I agree that we'd prefer to go bar hopping with the Time Bandit guys. We like the rowdy boys.
  3. The pouring of the water on that guy trying to tie up pots. Hy-ster-ical.
  4. Poor Keith and his little cancer scare. I felt for the guy.
  5. Phil can't leave!
  6. Sid biting the fish's head clean off...awesome. I wonder if they stock breathmints onboard?
  7. I wonder if the birds that follow the boats ever score any food.
  8. I also wonder what's the highest number of bleeps for expletives for one episode.
  9. Keith just took a boat to the head. I think I'd be in an instant panic.
  10. Are any of the guys onboard certified in anything medical? More so than ripping out teeth with pliers or taping fingertips back on?

Overall, a great first episode. And no, the whole "can you survive in Alaska?" will not become a staple of mine. I only have 3 real loves. Jim & Pam. Marshall & Lilly (although it's disappointing that episodes aren't online anymore). And the DC boys.

Tuesday, April 14

What does it take to get a Xanax?

You probably already know. My computer will die. But not because it's terminal. Because I'm going to Shaken Baby Syndrome it to death. Yes, I will be a murderer.

It had been acting acceptable lately, but today apparently it was "No More Mr. Tolerable Laptop." Now without running a string of expletives, let's just say I need a drink. Never have I more. But can I wait until the DC Premiere tonight? We'll see.

I called my brother to tell him we're a go for a new laptop. Please expedite the shipping, please expedite the shipping, please expedite the shipping. *Clicking my ruby red slippers together*

Now I realize that things happen for a reason, and maybe I wasn't supposed to get an application in for the job that closed at 5pm EST. But golly, that still doesn't help my blood pressure. I don't think I've been that angry since...umm...well...probably one time I had too much to drink and people were being stupid. See...that's how long it's been. I now know how Phil feels after his sons are being stupid onboard. Maybe I should take up smoking.

So ya, sorry for the venting. Good golly. I may need a drink after all, still.

But on the brighter side. If it really is true about my laptop not having a future after it is replaced, then I may have some fun with it. Anyone know someone with a 50-Cal? RPG? Grenade launcher? Anything? I'll even take a shotgun. Sawed off, that is.

So what are you waiting for? Hop to it. Don't stand around being a bunch of cotton headed ninny muggins. You people need to be on my good side when my finger gets on the trigger.

What are you?

So Ethan Allen has this quiz you take to determine what your decorating sense is. And because I love procrastinating as opposed to preparing exquisite resumes/cover letters for jobs I've found, I choose to entertain the Bloggeratzis.

"The verdict is in—your style is Metro. Metro is a great modern space. Chic, comfortable, clean. Do the math. Strong horizontals plus graphic clarity plus a fearless blending of metal, woods, leathers, and wovens; minus the superfluous and the clichéd; equals urban architecture domesticated, a vision for living.

This online portfolio shows your style. Brought to life in rooms. A subtle mix of furniture, accessories, and attitude. Different “looks.” Because every home should be unique. Come see. "

So either post on your own blog if you feel so entertained, or leave a comment about which you are. I'm curious how everyone turns out. Not that I don't know people's styles already. That way I can make fun of those who get "Estate"...have you had your fiber regularity today? ;)

Monday, April 13

Countdown This!!

What starts tomorrow evening at 9pm E/P?? Here's a hint!

It's the new season of the Deadliest Catch. One of my dad and I's favorite. We're even thinking of having a DC Season Premiere Party. Lame? I think not. We're legen...darily awesome.

And in case you wanted to know who my favorites are:

The chain-smoking Phil and his sons on the Cornelia Marie. Sig and Edgar on the Northwestern (how can you not love someone who bites the heads off of fish??) And lastly, Captain John on the Time Bandit. What a salty dog.

Sunday, April 12

Happy Easter!

Whether you've come and returned from church already, are just now leaving for the 10am service, or believe in worshipping via pajamas and the Deadliest Catch in your living room...Happy Easter.

Here are our mini-baskets from the Bunny. Shocking how baskets multiply when you have more people involved with your family. Dane (Poodle) has a basket, Amber has one too, and so does Bradford (Hay's roomie, and subsequent Adopted Younger Brother of many years). The only one missing is wook. But Brad's convinced wook doesn't exist. He's my own George Glass. Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!

Some Fun in Medford

Thankfully sometime in high school, Medford finally got an Old Navy.

Well the kids thought it'd be appropriate to pose with the creepy modelquins at the front of the store.

Hey, at least Hay has scored a cute boyfriend. But is he the douche who has the Kelly tattoo?

Friday, April 10

Temporarity Blindness

I think I've recovered. Which is nice. I had my eyes dilated this morning. For medicinal purposes, of course. I think it can be fun to indulge in certain behaviors. Eye dilation, not one of my favorites.

And to continue my sap story. My eye dr. appt was at 8am. I haven't gotten up before 8 in a week. Seriously. I hope they didn't mind my slight eye boogies. I probably had Cheerios still on my breath. But at least I was able to get in. With my normal doctor, there weren't appointments until next month. Umm, that's not going to work. I'd like to get things done in the next couple weeks, k? Thanks. So I'll see another doctor. I don't care. Just gimme a new Rx.

I even attempted to post this morning about my condition, after I had just gotten back...but I got a headache from trying to focus. I seemed to forget that they said my near-sighted vision would be slightly outta commission. Good luck texting. So instead, I napped on the couch. I say napped, because it was more like a pass out. I was tired of being woozy. So I asked Hay to make me a bagel, lightly toasty, with butter, and cinnamon. She nagged about her being my bitch or something (I swear the dilation effected my ears also), "omg, what the f*** is wrong with your eyes?!?!"

I love you too.

So far a humorous morning. I called my dad to see if I could get a ride home since it was bright as crap this morning (it was overcast with a hint of rain, btw). But he was busy getting his hairdid, so he didn't pick up. Okay, that's cool. I'll drive. Kinda. Didn't wreck at least. :)

I did stop by Albertsons after my appointment to drop off some coinage in CoinStar. What I thought was maybe $10-12 bucks turned out to be $36.42. Score. Seriously score. I had that coinage sitting around for a year and a half in one of those alcoholic jars that you get after ordering the House Drink and you get to keep it. I like when things work out like that. I keep the money, I ditch the jar. Boo Safeway for having your CoinStar broken. Albertsons, 2 points.

So after a slight nap during Lady in the Water and then finding the sexy John McClane in Die Hard 4, I'm hoping to be feeling better so I can head out and run some errands. I'm getting tired of being forced to sleep to make it wear off. I want my pupils returned to normal.

I did find out today that I have a slight astigmatism in both eyes. That sounds like fun. So I'm asking what the exact definition is and if it's really an issue. I assumed not, because...it sounds kinda like flossing. It's just a point of reference.

"Astigmatism is a slight curvature of the eye in a horizontal fashion."

"So my eyes are shaped like Stewie Griffin's head?"

"Yes. Exactly." Good to know.

Right now Psycho (my mom's cat) is resting on my lap. Again. He spent the morning napping on my legs with me. Which was okay with me, since he was quite warm. So within our love-hate relationship involves him hissing because he's a douche, my threatening to kick him into next week because he's a douche, or me loving up on Fluffer Lover (the white kitty from our yard).

Ooooo, he just moved. Yay. Gotta get myself together to run some errands after Hay gets home from getting her hairdid. Mission: Ashland to donate books/clothes at varying locations, Target for fun. Like I need a reason to be entertained at Target.

Thursday, April 9

Status Update

I haven't been able to get on Facebook in months. I now pretty much can't sign into my inbox. It'll freeze doing the most menial tasks. Next!

That's right. The laptop has been classified terminal.

With Collin's jump-start, my brother's been doing some research into Dell (since he has an account with them, does loads of business, and can get a much better price) and come back with possibilities. But with the steady decline of this hear beast, my patience may be lost sooner rather than later. All I need this thing to survive more is so I can get my stupid pictures and crap off. Hmm...maybe it's never to late to open a Flickr account.

I better get the ball rolling...after waking up past 900am this morning. *yawn* I love you too. ;)

Wednesday, April 8

My New Obsession

Today was like any other day. I woke up around 830-ish. Blindly climbed the stairs to stuff my face with a heaping bowl of Cheerios. I lounged around, watched some tv. Did a little laundry. Okay, I actually just folded a load. Then I made my way to Target with Stacey. Our stomping ground for a couple hours as we played in each section.

But what to my wondering eye should appear...but an electronic solitaire game. Perfect for air travel. It must be love.

I can't wait to purchase it up before my next traveling stint. It took a little while to get used to the way that it handled, the way the buttons moved the cards around. But overall, a fine choice. I think I sat on an endcap for 15 minutes playing with it. Stac tested the 20 Questions machine twice, choosing "tampon" and "German Shepard" as her stumping choices. Way to go.

Tuesday, April 7

Herzlichen Glückwunsch!!

What happens when you're stuck in Sacremento working on your never-ending thesis?

You win a trip to Austria!

Okay, maybe not win, but you're "tentatively" assigned a teaching position in a classroom outside Vienna. No, the classroom isn't outside the city, the classroom is in a town outside Vienna...never-the-less.

So what is this blogger doing about it? Debating whether or not she can make it over for more travels. We'll see...people...we'll see.


I've realized the need for sanity in my life.

I need a new laptop.

I can't open more than 5 tabs, try to toggle between the many, when it'll shit-storm freeze up. Ever seen a redhead mad? (Trick question. We're always a little mad.) Tell me about it. Just feel bad for the Sheriff who has to calm me down. Nothing a Wild West shot of whiskey can't help.

Good thing I have my team working on it.

It just sucks to have to drop $800ish on a new piece of technology. But I guess that's why God invented the Tax Return. That way I don't feel too bad about upgrading my electronic status.

It's been a long time coming. This beauty has lasted well beyond her prime. I bought her my 3rd year of college (so that's 3 years of college, and almost 2 out...gosh, 2 out??...really??...already??...where's time gone?), so it's time for a replacement.

So let's hope than the Computer Gods are running some Blue Light Specials for my wallet.

Monday, April 6

Is this really happening?

Am I really getting over Perez Hilton?

(wook, stop dancing around the apartment in a victorious manner.)

I don't know what it is, but I was stalking like usual when I found myself being very over the concept of his posts.

Sad, I know.

Gosh. Well. I guess I'm okay with that.

I mean, I realize I have other things to focus on so I shouldn't be spending hours stalking PH.

Maybe being away from technology on the cruise has really gotten to me.

Goals for the Week...

  1. Whiten my teeth with Crest Whiting Strips. Use for 7 days, visible results after 3! Or is it 4? Oh who knows.
  2. Blog the rest of Spring Break (gotta get pics off of my dad's computer).
  3. Eat more salad.
  4. Tackle cleaning the house (or at least part of it) since the kids are coming down for Easter (and Trac is bringing her roomie).
  5. Run box of books to Ashland to donate to the RVME (Rogue Valley Media Exchange).
  6. Mail off cookbooks to wook's?
  7. Organize load going to consignment shop.
  8. Spend hours sorting, pitching, keeping items of endearment within my storage unit.
  9. Plug in lava lamp for throw back memories (no, this wasn't Dazed and Confused...I wish).
  10. Get my hairdid on Thursday, in time for Easter - the need to look good in my new dress. :)
  11. Get my browsdid...desperately. But first, I have to get an appt. with Michelle.
  12. Finish wrapping Hay's belated birthday present. ;)
  13. Work on Mission: Ka-Bloom!
  14. Debate how long I'm going to continue fighting with this laptop.
  15. Have many delicious bowls of little golden halos (Cheerios).
  16. Clean out car? (Never my favorite activity).
  17. Try to return sweaters to Walmart. (Wore one twice to which is stretched out way too much. Let's see what they can do for me.)
  18. Finish up laundry.
  19. Get insight on where to find a new blog template (one that won't gimme stupid Google Ads).
  20. Hem one skirt and one dress to the appropriate knee length.

Wish me luck.

Saturday, April 4

Spring Break: Mazatlan

Mazatlan, a Mexican hub for the ex-pat community, and our #2 stop of our port calls. And I'm thinking that I could totally live there later in my life. I mean, an ex-pat community means native English speakers (who have probably adopted the local language as well as kept their own), which I could totally do.

We'll see. :)

So we scored a $20/person trolley ride around town, which lasted about 3 hours. Pretty nifty. And while it wasn't the swimming with the dolphins the kids wanted to do (somehow they failed to recognize the $200/person price tag), it was enough entertainment for the day.

So this was a little restaurant down in the cultural part of Mazatlan. I just want to light up a Cuban and read a tasty little book. And maybe eat some really good food, which thankfully happened an hour and a half later. Oh God, the chimichangas. Delish. Living it up, ex-pat style.

Okay, so this is their cathedral. Gorgeous, right? Well after walking in to tour the inside (which my mom really liked since she's never seen anything this old), we realized...wow...should we be here? There were a lot of people sitting down, I thought maybe there were tourists who were indulging in their Catholic side. Wrong. There was a funeral about to start. Casket about to be walked down the aisle. And Hay even takes a picture of it. Yowzas.
And I know what you might be thinking, who still walks into the Cathedral even with a funeral starting? Well, our thoughts were, that you know there is a a tourist location, therefore you've thought about this and have comes to terms with people wandering in. End scene.

Trac and my mom being photographic. And just for a note. The first part of our tour was around the cultural parts. Not very photogenic. Therefore we spent most of the time dorking around.

Tracy, jungle woman.

The Sheriff...

Trac and Hay outside the diamond jewelers. Guess who was in there? (My mother. Points if you got that right.)

Chug, chug, chug...nothing like a little Pacifico to cool one down on a warm afternoon.

On the trolley tour making our way back to dock.

Just so you know, this was our trolley tour. My mother had to listen intensely because she doesn't quite soak up the accent. A lot of the time, she has to look at me to translate. I get to translate English...into English. Yay.

So we scored some Swishers in Mazatlan, so we came back on the boat and enjoyed ourselves a little. Nothing like a cigar and a good book. I killed the Zombie book while smoking. Trac said, "ick." I say, "pimp."

A shot across the bay from our shaded side of the boat. How about a colorful house on a slanted hill? I could do it. But I'd rather live downtown. Cuz I saw lots of book stores. Were they in English? Oh, I dunno. But there's always Amazon.

I told you, those darn binoculars glued to his head.

Okay, so the other side of the boat from where we smoked the cigars was a Kia/Hyundai car unloading lot. And this is just on the one side of the building that's partially in view. There were loooots. I just feel sorry if you're the one having to repark them. Talk about a bitch. Not in the car long enough for the A/C to kick in. Boo.

No joke...we're at the time that the boat is supposed to shove off, when over the intercom announces: "We still haven't accounted for Mr. Blah Blah and Ms. Heidi Blah, if you could make your way to Level Something to verify for our disembarkation." Well after about 15 minutes of announcing this, a golf cart zoomed towards the boat. The missing passengers (what a bitch to have actually missed the boat) are practically screeching up Daytona 500 style. Well as they're making their way to the ramp, the whole side of the boat is cheering. It was like being at a bullfight. Ole!

Protect the Environment: Stop Smoking. Enough said.