Saturday, November 29

Ya can't win them all...

Well my hands are still numb from the game. My nose is slightly snotty. But I'm over the game already. It's hard to become attached when the home team doesn't even show up. How does one define "implosion?" That game.

Unfortunately I don't have the connector thing to upload some of the entertaining shots of the evening. Those will come tomorrow. I had a run-in with a huge Deschutes Brewery tap, just to let you know.

Friday, November 28

Giving thanks...

So today was the inevitable day of "eating too much, producing food babies, and falling asleep on the couch." Gawd, I love it. But today was started out on an upnote as I pounded the pavement before the festivities began seeing as a.) I haven't ran in awhile, b.) have a very important vacation coming up, and 3.) today is the mother-of-all-calorie-intake days.

But onto a theme that a familiar face touched on...what really makes me tick.

I'm thankful for text messaging because otherwise I would go crazy. I can't imagine how people dated back in the 1700's, writing letters back and forth between two continents. I can only hold myself together so much. Texting is one of my glues.

I'm thankful for family that will put up with me 'boomeranging' back home. I really don't know what I would have done. Honestly, would have moved into a yurt.

I'm thankful for all the support pillars of Navy life. It's not easy, sometimes it's not fun. But somehow we all got roped in for a reason. These irresistible guys we fell for. And as we bop around the country with different orders, again...thankfully for my thumb being extra inshape. :)

And lastly, I love that boy of mine. I honestly am having a very hard time holding myself together as another day passes. It's been so long. I feel bad when I inundate his phone with "25 days!," "24 days!" texts...but then again, who can blame me? It's not your average relationship where you can handle 7-8 months apart and still think someone' Sarah says..."the bee's knees." I've earned my trip. I'm beyond excited. It's all I think about. No really. All I think about.

And in case you were wonder, the countdown is now at 21 days! :)

Wednesday, November 26

Another milestone...

So today marks 7 months exactly since I left wook in April. It was late morning, I was terribly snotty and sobby, overall not pleased with the situation. I can't say I didn't enjoy my 3 weeks of escaping the real world on the west coast. I just happen to equal airports to dentist's offices now. I go there to hear scary sounds ("So when will we see each other again?"), ask lots of questions ("How does 3 months out sound? Can we do 4 months?"), and prepare for torture (I've come to find out that people usually don't harass you through security when you're obviously upset, a lil red in the face, still slightly crying. It's kinda nice to get moved through like cattle; if there had to be an upside).

Looking on the upside, Hayley will be down this evening from Portland with one of our cousins in tow. Thursday is obviously "gorge yourself on food and watch football all day." I hope I can squeeze in some more of aerobic activity that day. I need to get working out again like every day. The day I see wook is getting closer and I need to bring my 'A game.' So we'll see...

Oh ya, and this weekend marks Civil War. I'm incredibly nervous. I get nervous about all the big games even though I don't exactly suit up with the boys. It should be a great game. Reser will be rockin' (which is fun when you get the upper deck shaking. Insane. I love it!). You'll have to look for me. I'll be in orange. :)

And woohoo, last day working for this week. I love privately owned offices.

Monday, November 24

Me vs. My Mother's Heart...

So last week, after I had nervously chosen which flights will choose my destiny of going cross country...I knew I had to break the news to my mother.

A: "So mom, I'm thinking "blah blah blah" for Hayley's present, but I won't be here for it.

M: "Well when is it?"

A: "The 19th."

M: "Well, where will you be?"

A: "With wook."

M: "Okay, well when do you leave?"

A: "The 19th."

M: "When are you coming back?"

A: "The 30th."

M: "You're going to miss Christmas?!? Who's idea was that??"

A: "Wook and I's."

M: "Since when?"

A: "Definitely last night."

M: "Oh.....(long pause)...I thought I had one more year before I had to deal with this."

What does a girl say? Well, nothing. I'm stoked about seeing wook. And like any little sister, Hayley asks, "So do I not have to get you anything?" Well, I guess not if you don't want anything in return, lol.

Now I know that not having all the kids home for Christmas is strange, a change, not something a parent looks forward to. But it's bound to happen eventually. Besides, who else would you expect to be the first to push the envelope? I hope not the person who married a girl from a suburb of Medford. I mean seriously.

Christmas with wook countdown: 24 days :) (No, not excited, not at all!)

Sunday, November 23

I swear I'm not crazy...

...but I've stumbled upon another blog of mass amusement/awesomeness.

So I found another Navy-involved blog following a girl's love for Target (can totally understand that one), Jim Halpert (*sigh*), and crafts (okay, not quite there yet). Oh ya, and she's trying to plan a wedding in Wisconsin, from Washington (Anacortes to be exact). It's thoroughly entertaining. Now while I don't actually know the girl nor have introduced myself, who says I can't stalk their awesome blog also? Besides, it's public...that means you don't care who reads. :)

So to the fellow ladies I know who have nothing better to do than stalk people's blogs, enjoy!

Saturday, November 22

Wookie Update...

So yesterday, I had the honor of seeing the unorganized layout that makes up military orders. Omg, about some proper sentence and paragraph structure? No? Okay, you're the government, you win. This time.

Anyways, with that being said...I have an update on wook's next 3 months.

I'll start with me. :) So I now have tickets in hand. I'm heading out of Medford, December 19th, at 6am. Bright and early. Sleep deprivation will cause me to nap most of the flights across the country. Medford to Denver, 45 minute layover, Denver to Chicago, 2 hour layover (bound to happen some time), Chicago to Nashville (yay!). I should get in around 6pm, with that handsome wookie picking me up from the airport. (Double yay!).

Now onto wook and his official orders.

  • 12 January 2009: Wook reports to VA, Norfolk
  • 17-18 January 2009: Wook reports to Maine, Brunswick (for SERE School)
  • 1 February 2009: Wook reports back to VA, Norfolk
  • 18 February 2009: Wook classes up with VAW-120

And ya know, if I don't have this all down correctly...whatever, lol. I'm a civilian, and I get a mulligan.

Wook is super excited he gets a month and a half off of actual responsibility over the holidays. He may have watch, but he's not at all concerned about being assigned that. It'll actually give him something to do.

Wook will be taking house hunting leave probably after the first of the year. Don't quote me on that one though. I do know he wants to actually walk thru apartments before deciding on one. To those locals, *wink wink* who know their way around...he could probably use a good beer at that time. Seeing as he'll be moving without Joe and Andy, I'm sure he'll want to know the good places to eat. Besides Waffle House. :) There was almost a break-up between us if there wasn't a WH in Norfolk. MMMMmm...pecan waffle with warm syrup and a side of bacon. That's life.

Now here's a question: Is there any "good beer" (read: comparable to the fabulosity of the Microbrewery Heaven of Oregon) in Virginia? Sam Adams does not count. Sparkling water is for Europe, lol.

On another note: I am not looking forward to the week that wook will be in the field at SERE. Poor wookie. I mean, I know it's something he has to do. But a week of zero "you're cute" texts? What is the Navy trying to do to me? Okay, okay, teach him to save his ass. That's definitely a top priority because he's got a cute lil butt. Sorry for the possible visual. I happen to think it's adorable. But that's given, right?

And with the moving to Virginia comes reuniting with former Oregonians. :) Yay!

When's my next vacay scheduled?

Wednesday, November 19

Let the games begin...

So last night was a stressful, mean one. Wook hasn't been this cruel...well, ever. I don't know if I can ever forgive him.

He made me book the ticket last night on

You people know my inability to make my own decisions. I'm like Paula Abdul. I'm on my own path of decisions, no matter where everyone else is. Okay, maybe not that bad...I don't pop sleeping pills, "allegedly," lol. But anyways, it was an awful experience. My idea was to have wook coordinate my whole trip and I just cut him a check for halfsies. NOooooo. His brainchild was to let me squirm and figure out my airfare on my own. Ugh. So not fun. This, people, is why travel agents exist. For retarded Librans like myself. See, I stimulate the economy. Well, them and neuropsychologists, yoga instructors, and bartenders. :)

Anyways, my trauma has continued into the morning as I sent out my good morning text to wook.

"Good morning my future bed buddy for a week and a half."

His response:

"Good morning my future bed hogger for a week and a half."

You know what. I'm awesome. I don't need this crap. Okay, well I'll totally put up with it because he's the cheese to my macaroni (lol, sorry had to quote it). It'll have been dang near 8 months the moment I see his cute lil face. Well, actually now thinking about it. I'll probably see an enraged wookie. I mean, we'll be at the airport and all. You know how drivers get worse the more East you are. Airports don't help. I can see it now. Well, actually, I can hear it now. Wook yelling at all the idiots. And that, ladies and gentleman, will be my 'welcome home baby, I've missed you.' Not love and affection, but "move your ass you stupid warlock. Ohhhhhh Myyyyy Gaaawwwwwdddd..."

Countdown has begun: less than one month (fly out date: December 19, 2008 at 6am)

Who's dedicated? This bed hog right here. Two thumbs pointed at myself, because I'm awesome, lol.

Monday, November 17

Bon voyage...

...okay, so maybe not quite yet...but eventually...wook will be moving to...

Virginia! Woohoo!

He found out his future status this morning. It was between he and another boy in the battle between the one jet spot and the one E-2 spot. Luckily, the other guy had slightly better grades and actually wanted the jet spot. Wook wanted the E-2 spot, which worked out perfectly. Yay. I love happy endings.

I, however, about passed out at the news. I couldn't think straight. Someone put my brain in the blender and hit PULSE! Not functioning. Not productive. Not very good. But I am very happy for the boy. He got what he wanted. He gets to get the heck outta Florida. Can't blame him on that one. He'll be able to move out and live on his own, which is what he wanted. And he gets to learn a new city, which is a bonus. And there's Andy. Yay.

And for me when I visit, there's Sarah, and Mark, and Braxton, and KQ, and Meghan, etc. :)


So this past weekend, the unthinkable occured. The boys' beloved frat blew up. That's right. Bleeeew up.

At first, I wasn't really phased. Oh, that's cool. It's about time that thing had a cardiac arrest, lol.

But then it really hit me. All the boys' hard work updating, recruiting, etc. All down the drain.

So for your enjoyment/intriguement, I've found the following news reports regarding the kaboom. Feel free to read them all, lol.

NorthWest Cable News:

Gazette Times:

The Barometer:

KEZI News: I think has the video of Trac, my sister.

KPTV News:

Fire Geezer:

So there's the update. I'm really sad about the house. All wook's artwork gone. The work the boys put in this summer. Toast. (Haha, I guess that's funny since it was the kitchen). So I guess I'll try and be there for the rededication. Since there were so many memories there, glad they can rebuild and make more.

Patience is a virtue...

...and one that seems to be either hit or miss for the day.

Well today, I'm trying my best to find things to keep me busy while wook awaits his destiny. Okay, maybe it's not that serious of a thought...but who else holds wook's future like they do? Point, Ashley.

He assumed/told me that he's most likely hear before I got up, thus allowing me the ease of waking up this morning and simply checking my phone. Wrong. Apparently they're going to make him wait till 1pm to graduate him. Do they not realize that there is a pacing girlfriend on the west coast who is dying to know? Hello...East coast or West coast means a lot. Will I be visiting him and friends in Virginia? Well I be driving the boy back West after Winging? These are questions with serious vacation plans attached to them. :)

So until then, I guess I'll just get ready for work. Good thing I showered last night, since I've spent most of my morning staring at a phone in anticipation. I really should get my body up and moving. But it's so warm in bed. Plus, I could always use going back to bed. It's been awhile since I've been able to be completely lazy. I kinda miss it. Kinda like college. I realize it's fun while you're there, and you may think you'll enjoy going back to it...but just like college, people move away. And sleeping in alone...not as fun.

I don't know if everyone else is dying like I am. But I'll be sure to pass on the word no matter. I just feel bad for wook. What's he to do besides sit around and stare at his phone? Well he could do that. It wouldn't be long before he gets a message, "Hey, you're cute. I miss you."

Then I'll get the ever-popular, "hush woman." I swear. Someone misses me. :)

Saturday, November 15

Happy Anniversary!

So today celebrates a fun time in looking back at the memories of Corvallis. A few people I know, decided to like a certain other person, go on a couple dates, and think, hmm...I'll keep 'em. Happy anniversary to you!

Wook and I's is spent 3,000 miles apart. I'm in Corvallis, gearing up for the Beaver game today. Wook's still unaccounted for. I assume he's been intrigued by videogames, a movie, food, or Victoria Secret's supermodels. Can't blame him. He's a boy. And surprisingly, it's really our first anniversary apart. And with nothing we can really do about it, I just look forward to the holiday season when I get to board a plane eastbound. But I still have a little over a month to wait, so I try and not get my hopes up.

I just can't believe it's been 5 years. Honestly, knocks my socks off. Who would have known it could have been so fun? Although there's been some not-so-glorious moments (they usually occur in airports, involving lots of running noses, and red cheeks), there have been some hilarious times. When wook scared me from behind the partial wall in the townhouse our senior year. My mom thought I had gotten stabbed I screamed so loud. Too funny. And let's not forget Chef Boy-ar-wookie's mad kitchen skills. I definitely don't starve when he's in the kitchen. Oh, I miss that boy.

Friday, November 14

Getting closer...

So during lunch, I was able to talk to that adorable wookie of mine. And with much anticipation and stress, he's successfully completed this phase of flight school.

Woohoo, API...check! IFS...check! Primary...check! Intermediate...check! Advanced...last to go!

So as I was talking to him, he was getting a Sonic salad to go before making it home to veg out for the rest of the day. I told him he needs to have a drink. At least one. His response was, "I may not be sober tonight." Hey, I don't blame you. In fact, you're cute when you're drunk. Sometimes the texts aren't spelled out perfectly, but I can manage. It's like a game show.

Come Monday, we should hear jets or E-2s. And wook said it's pretty much 50/50. Knowing I have nothing to do with the outcome, I try to sit back and wait. But honestly, I'm dying for Monday to roll around. And that's a first. Sitting through driving up to Corvallis tonight, watching the Beavs play tomorrow, and driving home on Sunday will be done in a subconscious tension. It's nerve wracking not knowing where that boy may go next. The good news: At least he'll be getting outta Florida at the end of flight school. Gracias a mi Dios.

Nothing again the Alabamian panhandle of Florida, but I'm over the "I'm gunna marry my cousin and share teeth with him" culture. Ick. Sorry, but I'm totally flaunting my Northwestern uppity-ness. There's this thing called toothpaste, and dating outside your gene pool, and...I really shouldn't go into it. Not my favorite place to live. Nice to visit. Kinda like prison.

And unfortunately it's narrowing in on the end of my lunch break. Then I'll go back to work and discuss more about The Office and who I'd want on my star mug (fyi, Andy's kills me. That's my vote.). I hope everyone has a good weekend. I know Monday can't roll around soon enough. Or maybe I shouldn't be wanting Monday to roll around. Ignorance is bliss. Screw that. I want to know. What's the number of the CO? :)

Osmosis between 3,000 miles...

So it's no surprise that any post-college military training is stressful. Whether you're crunching numbers, yelling at people, or overall losing sleep, the Navy has a way of making you feel not-so-happy inside.

With that said, I can't believe how much that crap has rubbed off on me...and I'm not even in the same time zone!

Wook's in his last week of flying for Intermediate, and good golly...could he be any more irritated/under pressure/overall not his usual wookie self? I feel bad as there's nothing I can do, whether I was there or here. He just has to hunker down and get through this week to make things better. Minus getting the day off for Vet's Day, he's been flying really stressful rounds this week in his efforts of getting through this last week. They really weren't kidding, this stuff isn't fun.

But what I don't understand, is how my blood pressure has risen in the past couple days knowing wook has to bring it (*black girl snap). I can't help but feel bad for him. I mean, yes, he chose the Navy. But he didn't choose Air, he wanted SWO. Then he didn't want carrier, he wanted P-3s. So, pretty much, he's gotten everything he didn't want. So on his end of the shtick, it's pretty crappy.

This week is the last week in Intermediate before they graduate him and push him onto his future for the Navy. There's jets and E-2s. So 50/50 as I see it. This is when my stomach ends up in knots. What will he get? Will he even like it? It's hard from the other side of the country to have a serious talk with him about whether he's going to implode from hating life if he gets something he didn't want. And always, my mind races to, "when can I see him again?" There are a few possibilities out there, but like always...I never get to be the one that chooses. But I always keep in mind, who lives there, and what's there to visit?

The journey this year has been a long, interesting one. Earlier on in our separation, his schooling wasn't as intense and so we had more time for each other (webcam sessions, emails, phone calls, etc.). Now, I can barely get a 14 minute conversation out of him before he needs to get back to calculating charts. It sucks for both him and me. I love yacking on the phone. But under these high-stress games, talking to me is the last thing he wants/needs to do. Pity party! Lol, not really. Thankfully he makes up for it by calling me on the weekends during his down time. Like when he and another guy stumbled upon a girl, passed out, in a Port-a-Poddy, at the Floribama. He had to call me to inform me of his findings. Too cute. And he was the DD so he wasn't smashed either. It was just a cute conversation, the one that spurred from the origin of the call...not the actual passed out girl.

So I'm hoping tonight he can thoroughly relax with a glass of Scotch and I can congratulate him on a very grueling week of training. I know I need a drink just to feel for him. Who knows, he may get really bad tonight. He deserves it, lol. I just know my nerves won't really settle until he graduates this phase and I hear what his next moves are. Maybe they'll be opening a base in Oregon. Down south. Near Medford. :)

Sunday, November 9


So lucky for us, we had to be on the road bright and early...the next morning after Halloween.

Seriously, who plans this stuff?

So ya, I jumped into the truck without changing outta the pj's or putting on makeup. Sorry if it scares ya.

What would game day be without some more jello shot action? And these are a completely separate batch than the ones that were made for Halloween. These were delicious. And of course Hayley partook. After all, once you're outta the house...your liver is your own. And I think I know where I get my excitement for jello shots. Just look at my dad. :)

Hayley being too lazy to tie her shoes. She's the youngest of the runts. Just ask her about it, lol.

The smell of bratwurts. The crisping open of beer. The fall of leaves. Ahhh, Oregon State.

My dad sternly listening to the Duck game.

Thankfully the rain held off for most of the night. The most it rained was five minutes in the first half. Awesomeness. Just don't get me started on the refs. I will have choice words for that game.

Bitchin' season ticket seats. We sit when we want. We stand when we want. By far better than the student section. (Meghan, will we see you for the '09 season?)

Benny rockin' out at the halftime show with his Guitar Hero prop. Lame. But still awesome.

Halloween was legen..dary...

So this Halloween wasn't it all it was cracked up to be. First off, my costume didn't come out as I envisioned. But then again, I don't have the sewing skills of Diane von Furstenburg. Secondly, Collin, aka Dwight from The Office, got shafted and had to work all weekend. And thirdly, the weather was turning grey/black as a storm was moving in from California.

Thankfully for my mother, she was able to throw my lil leafy skirt together in about 10 minutes.

So my idea was to be a "woodland nymph." A protector of the forest. Shocking. I do recycle and I believe in thinning projects, not clear cuts. But that's beside the point. Stacey was jailbait. No really, she was a convict. It was awesome. She even had real cuffs. We had to devise ourself a plan if someone were to cuff themselves to her. They'd have to buy our drinks the whole night. And even though no one did cuff themselves to her, we only had to pay for one round each. Pretty impressive young skywalker. $13 the whole night.

Outfit all put together, a lil emo shot with the baby sis who was home for Halloween. She thought Medford was more fun than Portland for Halloween. I guess when you're only 18, ya have a point.

"Excuse me officer, have I escaped? Uh oh, does that mean you have to cuff me again?" ;)

The leaf shoes in all their glory. Unfortunately my hair wasn't really participating like I wanted. Oh well. At least I had leggings to keep my butt warm. And they provided an extra layer of something to keep the wandering hands off the booty. Once. Okay, that's fine. I'll take a vodka tonic. Twice. Shudder. I think I need to shower.

We were busting up at this shot. And I'm sorry for my paleness, but not really. What do people expect with red hair? A Lebanese olive tone? Riiiight. And my mom is the photog. Enough said.

Jello shot #2, or maybe #3. We needed to drink ourselves some courage since we were braving Ashland alone and slightly undressed. We settled right in as we were pretty inshape compared to some other girls who were out and about. Must have been the running regime we started.

We decided to take portraits before the 'you've been drinking' eyes set in.

Oh, I loved my wings. However when it got really crowded I had to hold them together behind my back.

Stacey and "Outback Mark." He works at Outback Steakhouse and bounces the bar we were at. Yay, no cover charge. Cuz I don't pay cover charge. I think it's cheap and retarded. I'd rather go to the seedy bar with good pours that doesn't charge a door fee than hob-knob with the snobs.

I don't know why I wore my watch. Not like I could really tell what time it was anyways. ;)

This was our artsy picture for Ashland.

So the night was spent drinking a round and then taking a walk around the Plaza. It was blocked off to traffic to allow the costumed people to roam the streets. It was downright awesome. I bought Stac and I's first round. A shot each of vodka. She bought our next round. Captain and Coke for her, vodka tonic for me. Rounds 3, 4, 5, etc. were bought by individuals of the gentleman behavior. The first guys were really genuine and just wanting to have a good time. Then it went downhill.

These two 'Top Gun students' proceeded to grab our butts and try and sweet talk us into eventually going home with them, lol. The guy who partnered off with me decided to show me a picture of himself shirtless on his iPhone. "If you like this, you can have it tonight." hahahahahahahahahah. At least we got a few rounds out of them before they got the hint. Mean to use men? No, it wasn't our intentions to have our drinks bought for us. We are working ladies (in classrooms and offices, not corners, lol) and so we have our own money. But I can't say it didn't make the night legen...dary.

We mingled some more after the flight students got too drunk to hold a conversation with. Shocking moment of the night: I was using the lil girls room as a guy was barfing in the stall over. Don't know how he missed the big "LADIES" sign, but he did. Hilarious moment of the night: A girl completely eating it down the stairs to the bathroom. She was probably too drunk to feel the pain. I however was completely aware of her misstep (pun intended, oh yes) and snicked behind my clear drink. Oh, evil nymph.

And as sad as it was not to have Collin there, we held our own and had a great time. And although Ashland wasn't the Bourbon Street experience I heard it to be, it was a pretty damn good time. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat.

Okay so these next pictures showed the awesomeness of some of the attendees.

OMG, who didn't watch Doug growing up? Patty Mayonnaise? It's Quail Man!

This guy was awesome. All I could think about was The Village.

A bar isn't Halloween when there aren't Mormons.

This guy won our "best costume" award. A Rubix cube! The only thing was he couldn't fit thru the walkway very easily. Some older lady was like, "hey box, how about you move?" The whole bar was like, "He's a Rubix cube!" She didn't get it, lol.

And was it a night without a Meat Wagon? And other news-worthy stories. Captain Jack Sparrow got arrested. Some Trailer Trash girl puked in the bushes. And our driver (my dad) let us stop and get Taco Bell on the way home even though it was narrowing in on 2am. I chowed down on my Double Decker and called it a night. Woke up the next morning feeling awesome. Just the way Halloween should be.


So every now and then I have the tendency of falling off the earth. Not really, although that would be cool. But I have these phases where my phone will die and I don't really have the urge to quickly bring it back to life. I justify it by thinking that, whoever wants to talk to me can ride out my moment of solitude because it's not like I live near very many people who might be affected in a life or death instance.

It's kinda nice to just be able to focus in on what I have going on around, what goals I'm getting closer on, etc. Besides, these days help a few days to pass in the ever-testing time of military separation. I'm still not a huge fan of uber months apart, so these trances every couple weeks or so is just what the doctor ordered. Hey, beats alcohol. :)

On this note, my latest goals have included priming the walls of the downstairs bedroom. It used to be Pepto Bismal pink. Unfortunately I'm not kidding. Hayley had the brightest room known to man. Well, minus neon green. After two heavy coats of primer, I was able to disguise its former life. And now I've determined the new color of room. "Hopsack." The door frames, molding, and ceiling has a fresh coat of white so what's left is shlopping on the new color. That, my friends, is where 'night ops' comes to play. My mother is very shy in the color palette and so the only way to get her to deal with it is if I paint the whole room once she's gone to bed. Muhahahah! Indeed.

Our focus this week will be adding the closet organizer. For anyone who knows what Oak Park had in their closet, it's divine...and spoiling. Now I can't live without it. Well I can live, but it's messy. And since my dad will be out of town again this week, it's the only thing to focus on since I can't move my bed outta storage without dad's big arms and his truck. So ya, it's a waiting game unfortunately.

But I have been in a much better mood knowing that progress has been made. My mom is much more receptive to the prod stick if she knows I'll proceed with plans whether she's onboard or not. I wanted this crap done since my birthday. But hopefully things will really be done by Thanksgiving. It better. Once the paint is on and the carpet is cleaned, it's really on me. I'm so close. I can't taste it yet. But I can see it. Moving forward. Mush, mush.