Tuesday, August 31

Blogging from Hometown, Oregon

What does one do when you've just moved to a new part of the country and Mr. Wookie has Navy responsibilities not in the area?

Jump ship for Oregon!

Here my welcome committee of Little Man & Co. was a great reunion to the area.  I can't remember the last time I actually came home.  But alas, I'm here.  I had a great session with Little Man yesterday (he didn't cry!), but there was fussing and I couldn't find his damn owner's manual.  Nor the on/off switch.  But thank goodness he enjoyed being bopped around on my knee.  Plus he didn't puke on me.  Points.

So you've guessed it, if you haven't.  I know have perma-access to wifi thanks to the Sheriff.  I'll establish internet once I get back down to California.

But for the time being while I'm shortly militarily single, I'm going to spending the days going through my storage unit purging, donating, keeping, recycling every last bit of possession that place holds.  And honestly, I can't remember what's all in there.  Minus the blender.  I'm VERY aware there's a blender in there.  And my new kitchen needs it.  Because how else will we entertain all our guests without a blender.  Margaritas are a bitch to make Caveman-style.  Trust me.  I had to use a food processor once.  Never again.

And yesterday was a great day to come back to the Beaver State as it was overcast with proof of rain.  Ahhh, rain.  I love you.  It's been awhile.  Why don't you come visit down in SoCal.  I'm pretty sure everyone would run and hide.  Then the roads would be clear.  Then we could go on our merry way and not be hassled by Lexuses.  I mean, what's with them??  To own the car, do you have to drive like a douche?  Mr. Wookie believes so.  And I have to listen to his adopted East Coast-like road rage.  It's not pretty.  But at least we have fond, useful memories of Virginia.

And yes, I'm aware of my blog silence. Can't a girl settle into the new area code and figure her life out? Gosh. Tina, come get some dinner. And Vote for Pedro.

Friday, August 27

Again with the Friday Fill-Ins?!?

I swear, Fridays are ganging up on me and making me hate life.  At least I hate that I'm so behind on life that I can't keep up with my blogging queue.
Anyways, enough of my pity party...let's link up to Wife of a Sailor for some Friday Fill-In fun with those other milbloggers!
1. What secret indulgence do you act on while your spouse is away? (from Devil Dog Darling)
I love to wear pajamas all day.  There's nothing wrong with eating Cheerios for every meal.  The dishes can sit in the sink.  I can spend hours at Target.  And I can watch Say Yes to the Dress without grunts, groans, and eye rolls. :D
2. If you were a spice, what would you be? (from New Girl On Post)
Paprika...because it's Gingy colored, adds a little zest, and goes great with potatoes.
3. Where do you go for support when your significant other is deployed? (from Texas Meets Washington)
My best support specifically is Mommy McD - while she's a Navy wife, she's also a great friend, and allows me to fully bitch to her if necessary.  Plus she'll call me back should her trolls terrorize her for a brief second...since being a mommy is slightly more important than my woes.
Plus, I love blogging about life with the expansive milblogging world I've come to love.  There are so many great people, who've been where I've been before, and have great anecdotal advice to get through the day.  Them and microbrews.
4. What is the oldest thing you own? (from A Troop’s Girl)
I have underwear from junior high.  Don't judge.  And they fit because the elasticity is gone.  Don't think my ass hasn't grown since 8th grade.  But let's not go there. I don't feel like dealing with reality after I just spent a week-plus driving cross country. :)
5. How did you vision your future pre-military? (from Daddy’s Duty)
I thought I would have met a guy from Northern Oregon, settled in Northern Oregon, and lived the Oregonian lifestyle (not a bad thing - trust me).
Instead, I'm with Mr. Wookie.  I moved voluntarily from Virginia to California (as I'm not legally attached to him), and glad that I get to experience this traveling, Navy-attached life.  Some times it's not pretty as plans are CONSTANTLY changing, but it keeps us on our toes and thankful for the little things.
And I'm going to add another little questionnaire to my blog in honor of not having a washer and dryer in my new living arrangement...
What type of washer/dryer do you have?  Is it top load or front load?  Your reviews?  And any advice to throw my way?
(Thank you!  And happy Friday!)

Blogging Live...from The Coffee Bean!

So where have I been?  Well, house hunting.  But where have I been lately?  Living in my new place.  Yes, that's right.  We found a place.  Woot!

This past Monday morning, we were off with a list of places to tour.  The list wasn't long, but I was hopeful.  A few were in vicinity of walking to the beach, so how can you not be jazzed?  Unfortunately all of them were either leased over the weekend (this one to a Navy couple from Washington State - grrrr), were below our living conditions, or not available immediately.

But, I am here.  With a smile now.  

House hunting here was frustrating - at least in my opinion.  We wanted to be near the water, but the quality of the area left much to be desired.  We could find places in our price range, for the most part, but they wouldn't have been updated since 1976.  Umm, no.  This won't work.  I don't do mustard-colored appliances.  No.  Never.  Next.  It's as if it didn't matter whether the price of rent coincided with the quality of the residence.

There'd be houses listed at $2.2 million.  And across the street a meth lab.

Or it'd be Stepford Wife-esque apartment complex.  And on the upside, next to Whole Foods.  That isn't opening until Fall 2011.  And it was in the middle of NOWHERE.

Or the place was awesome - with the nicest landlord.  But it wasn't available until September 15th.  Which didn't work for us.  We need a place NOW.  We're living out of a hotel and U-Haul.

So when we found this place on Realtor.com, with the rental price just dropped (so it came up in our search efforts while we were at Jamba Juice), and the ability to tour it in 10 minutes, it was a sigh of relief after Mr. Wookie gave me the wink of approval before we even walked through the front door.

That day was turning depressing as we were out of houses to tour, nothing new was posted on Craigslist, Hot Pads, Postlets, Realtor.com, etc. and I was in Mopey Land. Probably the mayor of Bumsville, too.  And running for Council in ThisSucks, USA.

This place was magical and I was in awe.  It was 1,700 square feet (where the Loft was under 800sf, I swear), all the amenities of gated community, secured parking (something I didn't have in Virginia), and a huge kitchen to boot.  Just look at that cupboard space!  How in the world will we fill it all?  We could fit our old Loft in here at least twice.

And yes, picture quality is lacking...I do apologize.  But the blog is the further from my mind right now.  We're busy trying to fill the place with furniture (including a washer and dryer), which is going slower than expected.  All while a deadline of Mr. Wookie leaving for a little bit is coming up.  And with him leaving, I'm heading up to Oregon for a smidge (I've had a storage unit in Oregon since I graduated college, so I'm finally collecting those things).  But just a smidge.  I'd like to come back after a week or so and get the place further set up while I'm roommate-less.  And I'll probably drag the Mama Ging and Baby Sister in tow also.

So until we get furniture, we get to eat dinner over the mattress protection plastic.  Classy. I know.  You wish you could join.  I don't blame you.  We're hot hosts.

And to top off our experiences here, Mr. Wookie received his brown boots.  Brown boots are only given out to fleet squadron aviators.  So he's very excited about this, after not looking forward to checking into his new squadron.  No one likes being the new kid.  Or as he called it, the "FNG."  F***ing New Guy.

And I almost took a picture of him on his first day of work.  But I knew I wouldn't get that out of him.  He's a stickler for avoiding the Wookie & Co. spotlight.  Too bad I'm the perfect match to make him grace the blog.  And his family can thank me.  Monetarily.

Checks for my work can be mailed to the Wookie & Co address.  Please make them out to Mrs. Wookie.  Or have your people call my people and we can work out direct deposits.  I also accept allowances, trust funds, and inheritances. And don't forget payments via pedicures.

Monday, August 23

Found: Bartender for Hire

Well, good morning all!  How was your weekend?  Have you missed me?

I hope so, because I feel naked when I don't blog.  Now you're going to think of my naked, which isn't hard.  Just think of vampires, because I'm super pale.  Well, at least I was.  I now have a killer tan on my left forearm.  From driving.  5 days across country.  Who's got tickets to Nascar now?  Because this driver's tan is HOT!

Anyways, just thought I'd cue everyone in on our progress, in a bit more detail.  We've toured a handful of properties, driven by twice as many, and stalked the neighborhoods of many more.  You can tell a lot from the vehicles.  And this was all over the weekend (which we didn't think we'd really get to do much since most places were closed).

But today is Monday = first business day of the week.  And we're going to hit them hard.  Well not really, because we'd like let them think we're not Russian Nationals.  But we've been totally dressing up to see places...like we're out to date the property owners.

I'll say this.  I hate dating.  It's an evil dance that involves dinner, laughing at stupid jokes, men who need to lay off the cologne, and running for the front door after he drops you off.  Thus Mr. Wookie.  Dating over.  Ding.

Anyways, we're super kissing ass.

But after the long days out, we do come home for a beverage before we whip up dinner (picked up at the Commissary, since we're still living at the Lodge).  Last night was Stouffer's enchiladas = eh.  Anyone have any great, simple ideas for us since most of our kitchen is in storage?  Thanks!!!

Hi, Little Man again, what's your poison?

Sunday, August 22

Remember that one time I moved from Virginia to California?

I promise I didn't forget about you.  Things have been a little busy here in the Wookie & Co. Navy Lodge suite.  We got into California on Friday, and had a warm welcome to the area with some intense LA traffic before Pasadena.  It was love at first sight.  Thank goodness I learned how to road rage like a true East Coaster.  Thanks Virginia for that.  And good things my windows were up. ;)

Our current mission is Location Destination...and so far haven't found much.

Well...scratch that...I LIE...we've found where we don't want to live.

This weekend was a lot of driving around and surveying the areas, the beaches, the neighborhoods, the ghettos, and the beach bum culture.  We did find a brewery, which is important.  Obviously.  Remember, hydration is key to good health.

This house hunting trek isn't as successful as Mr. Wookie's search when he first arrived in Norfolk, that's for sure.  It took him maybe 2 hours to find where he wanted to live.  And it was perfect.  So far, we've been looking for almost 48 hours and aren't any closer to unpacking that pesky Uhaul.  The luck apparently stops at the Mississippi.

But we have faith.  And time.  And money.  And we know it's better to wait it out for a week than rush into a bad decision just to have an address to our name.  So until then, please continue with any good thoughts you may have just laying around next to your laundry pile.  We'd like them.  Because once we secure a place, Wookie & Co. blogging can resume to it's regularly scheduling programming.

And so I leave you with this...as collateral for your good thoughts our way.

Hi, I'm Little Man, and I can't wait to visit my Auntie Ging in California!

Friday, August 20

Happy Birthday to Middle Sister! The Big 2-2! What up??

So today is the day my mom welcomed her second daughter into the mix.

Next week, Middle Sister will be navigating I-5 (the freeway from WA to CA) to SoCal to take on nursing school in Pasadena, California.  Yay, another SoCal bum!

So unfortunately no modeling career for her.

Instead, she'll be super close to me!  It'll be a couple hours (depending on traffic) from her place to our digs (which are still TBD), but the hosting will be worth.  We'll go celebrity sighting, watch her boyfriend try to surf, and have margaritas.  Did I mention celebrity stalking?

Maybe we'll have more intense close-up photos of her.  Or not...

Happy Birthday Sister!  I can't wait for you to visit!  We'll have a guest room, with empty drawers (she LOVES to use the dressers in hotel rooms!), and a robe for you.  Breakfast will be slightly hippie, but mimosas are available on request.  And please sign the guest book before you depart.  Thanks and have a Romy & Michelle Day!

Baby Sister, you've obvi invited also. Get your ass down south and will have drunkfest sisterly bonding.  And how good are you at driving a Penske truck?  I still have my shat in storage I need to relay down.  Are you for hire?  Cheap?  Will you work for beer?  If so, please call my agent at 1-800-555-GING.  You can schedule your interview at that time.

See you bitches soon!!  Viva the West Coast!

MilSpouse Fill-In Friday #9 (from Kingman, AZ)

So I swear these Fridays are ganging up on me...but whatever.  Here's Wife of a Sailor's Friday Fill-Ins for those who want to link up!  Join us!

And a secret, I totally woke up at 5am and can't go back to sleep.  It's my first day back in the Pacific Time Zone and I feel the energy to be up.  Okay, okay, it's totally because my body thinks it's still on Mountain Time...but I like to twist reasoning when available.

If you could be a fugitive from the law for whatever reason, what would your crime be?

Well...greywater is technically illegal in Oregon. :)  How's that, Thelma??

Greywater is domestic wastewater from everything except toilets.  In Arizona, you can collect the excess water (from washing your hands, doing the laundry, etc.) and re-direct it to your garden outside.  There are limits on the time frame the water can sit (i.e. mosquito prevention), and there can't be any human waste contact (this is referred to as black water).  But this is a way to keep your energy bills low while recycling water efforts.  

So what if my vegetables get a little run-off from Tom's of Maine mouth wash...don't worry it's made from corn and birch trees.  Maybe they'll get the inspiration.

How long do you think you will be a military family?

This is still TBD.  Mr. Wookie's initial commitment is longer due to the air platform.  So by the time he's up for getting out, he may or may not.  We'll do the analyzing of the current economy, joint needs/desires, and assess from there.  He's not opposed to "careering" it.  But it's got to be worth it.  And hopefully there's an OCONUS to Scotland in there for us sometime. :D

What's your favorite recipe?

Can I be honest?  Technically eating yogurt and granola is a recipe.  It's breakfast.

Throw some fresh blueberries, mini chocolate chips, some honey or almond butter, and some sliced strawberries.  It's heaven.  Too bad I ran out of greek yogurt and fruit in North Carolina.  Blasts!

What would you want your last five words to be when you leave this life?

A Ging is worth it.

Where do you hope to retire?

In the mountains of Oregon.  With a cabin.  And a stream nearby.  Where even the Sheriff's Department is too lazy to check for my fishing license.  And greywater maintains my garden.  And enough sun to salutate my morning coffee.  And wifi.  Got to have the wifi.

Tuesday, August 17

North Carolina treated us well...

Friday night wasn't what it was supposed to be.  It was supposed to be a long weekend in the back hills of Carolina with Mr. Wookie's dad and sister.  Instead, it was a tiring day of packing and driving...and us calling it a night with 2+ hours to our mecca of a weekend.  I was done for the day.  But we ended up making up for the lacking of one night with an immense weekend of beverages, home cookin', and movie quoting.

Mr. Wookie's always stern in his disinterest in appearing with the blog.

And Mr. Wookie's Fajah isn't either!

This is Mr. Wookie's sister.  And she just got her permit.  And we had to go to the market. And I was volun-told to accompany her.  But it was okay.  And her smiling didn't hurt.  I didn't die (thus the blogging).  But we did drive by a just-finishing funeral.  Like just finishing...like the digging machinery was there.  Gross.

And while running around town (this time for turtle food for SpeedBump!), the rain happened to sneak back into the area.  And because there are only 3 seats in the pick-up truck...Mr. Wookie got shafted to the bed like an illegal alien picked up at Home Depot in Texas.  Minus, he was incredibly spoiled with that umbrella.  Now tell me, "Gracias."

But alas Monday came...and we needed to hit the road West.

But what's this???  Someone wanted to come with??  Why yes!  However, the only room in my car is the driver's seat.  And unfortunately, I need to reach my peddles so this area is off limits.  So...for now, I'll leave you with your rightful owners.  This time...


I wish we could have more time there.  And my hiking gear.  And an innertube to float the river.  And loads of sunscreen.  And unlimited flights to Awesomeville, North Carolina.

A big thank you to the extended Wookie & Co. family for their unlimited hospitality in our trek out West.  The invitation stands to visit us at ANYTIME.  But during Oregon State football, please leave all Ohio State gear at home.  Otherwise, previous offers will be revoked. ;)  Thanks and have a great day.

Monday, August 16

On the road...again...(California, here we come)...

So it's Monday...again...oi...which means we're back in the driving saddle on our never-ending journey to the Left Coast.  Man, I used to be so excited for this experience.  Then my ass cheeks when numb, then my brain went numb, then my forearms when stiff with the constant clutching of the steering wheel since I hate driving long distances in the first place.  All in all, this is a magical time.  And by magical, I mean that I think I should have bought stock in Red Bull before I left.

I didn't wander around our empty apartment before we left, since I didn't feel like crying over a freakin' empty apartment.  I think I'll always be attached to that place.  Since it's the first place that Mr. Wookie and I got into the cohabitative regime.  But people keep telling us we're on to bigger and better things.  I (hopefully) agree.

Umm, Sheriff, totally not a safety hazard.  I can see...sometimes.

And I never did blog about this little guy, but this little turtle was found by Mr. Wookie in the middle of the road on his walk back from breakfast one morning.  He was tucked into his shell, perhaps born the night before, but on the brink of death or dismemberment via vehicle if "Wookie Nightengale" hadn't acted.  Well he's now known as "SpeedBump" and will be inherited by Wook's sister on our way across California.  Yay.  And he looks menacing in the picture, but he's in one of my plastic shoe boxes and measures just a little over an inch.  He's a small guy.

I will say that moving out of an urban apartment environment is not easy.  Not only were we paranoid that Crazies would take off with our stuff, but we were on the edge of a "NO PARKING" sign.  But thankfully the City of Norfolk didn't write us tickets.

New purchase ala Costco.

New audio book purchase ala Barnes & Noble.

And we're off...

Goodbye Norfolk!

Long story: I was up at 3:41am on Friday.  I slept like crap.  On the floor (remember the bed was packed).  And I was so anxious about getting moving, I didn't eat until after 3pm.  And it was only this thing...

So sometime past 5pm, we opted for a quick dinner.

And yes, I realize that this is NOT healthy.  But I was dying.  And Taco Smell is so good.  And I hadn't had it in MONTHS.  And I needed caffeine.  Because apparently not eating all day, mixed with extreme exhaustion, topped with driving 7 hours is a recipe for a Taco Bell dinner. :D

But here's where life failed me.  This drink...SUCKS.  Pla-Ce-Bo!  Fake!  I waited over an hour to feel "something."  What I felt was the need for a Red Bull.  So while loads of vitamins can keep some people awake and aware, this Ging needs caffeine.  In the form of a light blue, sugar-free can with 114 mg worth of substance.  Thanks.

Sunday, August 15

Late-To-The-Party (Sunday) Fill-In

I know y'all will forgive me as we have other things in our lives currently taking precedence.  But I'm here...not linking...but will at least entertain you with my answers.  Let's hope next Friday is a bit more organized.  It better be.  I'm dying living like a turtle.  I need a home.  And some normalcy.

What is ONE thing you’d like civilians to understand about being a military family?

Please don't tell me that you could "Never be attached to the military...that you're not here to be a solo parent...that you wouldn't trust him to not cheat on you...and that moving cross country is totally a vacation."

No, most people don't involve with the military for the militarily-single aspects.  And actually, it's just as easy to have an affair in the same town as it is on a deployment.

And NO, moving across this vast country is NOT a picnic.  I'm spending my day in a car, following a Jeep with a Uhaul, going slower than normal, sleeping in a random bed each night, and hoping that I don't run out of Red Bull.  Vacations involve sand, sunscreen, and swimsuits...not never-ending gas consumption.

What is your favorite mistake?

Umm, I can't really think of one right now.  How's that for sad?

What indulgence could you give up for a year?

Well we've already not had cable while in Virginia.  And come California, I won't be joining a gym (the YMCA is $50/month...wtf??).  And I've given up drive-thru coffee the first time I lost my job.  So how about shopping?  Does that work?

If you could be a winged animal, what would you be?

Magellan from Eureka's Castle.  The tail kills me...

What is one question you’d like to see asked in a future MFF?

Again, I'm not in the most creative mood at the moment.  I've had breakfast, but I'm still not all the way with it today.  Apologies...

Happy Birthday Mama Ging!

It's the one, the only...Mama Ging's birthday today!  Woohoo!  Cue the Chippendale strippers!

Okay, just kidding.  After all, I'm there not there to hand over some Ones, blog about it, and get some phone numbers.  Because everyone wants to ditch their military man for someone without body hair, right??  Umm, wrong, gross.  Pass!

Anyways, it's my mom's 26th birthday today (we're the same age!)...

Mama Ging's first time to England... 

I don't know if she got her fix for old churches or not, but I hope so!

And she has the ability to forget her glasses are on the end of her nose.

Happy Birthday Mamason...the Mama-rama...Mama Ging...hope your day is...well French Toast Sunday.  It's been FOREVER since I've had French Toast Sunday.  So be a bitch, and take a picture of it for me.  And I'll love you always.

I'll come up after we land in California, so we can grab some pedicures.  My "Too Much Sass" is peeling (I know, Mommy McD!).  That and we'll finish up the furniture shopping for your bedroom (you're welcome).  And how about you make me some pork chops 'n rice (delish!).  And then we'll go hang out with the ladies at your office.  Sound like a plan?

Happy Berfday Mommy.  Wish I could be there.  Loves you mucho!

Thursday, August 12

Our bags are packed, we're ready to go...

I'm taking a brief hiatus from the moving and shaking around Wookie & Co to let you in on our day.  It's naturally warm on this coast, so I have a good boob sweat going on.  This is on top of the expenditure of lifting and moving items.  But life is good.  We're getting out of town.  Soonish.

This is the bedroom.  Or what was the bedroom.  Sorry it's blurry, but taking pictures is not a priority at the moment.  I'm trying to consume water between being a pack animal for stuff to my vehicle.  And just to show off, the bag in the corner is full of all my polypropylene bags.  (There's like a half dozen crammed in there).  You can't have too many. :D

We had someone come through for a tour yesterday...mind you I was still in loungewear and looking hagard!  We haven't had one since so I assume he's liked it enough to have it after we're gone.

Guy: "Not to be nosey, but why would you move out of such a place?"  (We know, it's awesome too).
Wook: "Uhhh, military orders to California." (Uhh, buddy...it's Norfolk...isn't everyone in the military here?)

What was once a land mind full of Goodwill items is now a clear(er) hallway.

Mr. Wookie is hard at work before we run out of daylight.  I'm thinking of picking up some beer soon and mixing it with Gatorade.  I hear it's good.  At least you can get your buzz on while consuming electrolytes.  Health first.

And our personal safety officer to make sure our shat isn't stolen while we're both inside.  I never trust the hooligans that venture Downtown.  So his sole duty is to play games on his iPhone.  And ask us for a refill on his rum and coke.  Payment is due.

But you'll hear from me soon enough.  So until then, it's been swell.