Sunday, May 31


In just over a week marks the Quarter Century Birthday for my Medford Partner-In-Crime, Dr. Stacey Kevorkian.

I've been planning her gift for a couple months now.  It's awesome.

It should be there by the end of this week, which will allow me then to post said-awesomeness for the rest of the blogosphere to enjoy.

Until then, I'm giggling to myself.

And Stac, call me when you get it so I can get a play-by-play.

Friday, May 29

A Throwback to the Simpler Days

For those who remember the times when there were more performers in the basement than audience members, here's a little trip down Memory Lane.

And for those not clued in.  Back in the day, in a darkly lit basement, 3 guys would jam out to Old Hairband Classics with tiki torches.  This tradition continued on even when the audience exceeded basement capacity.  It was legen...dary.  So I give you a slight reunion.

Like always, alcohol is a factor.  As you see wook reach for his drink more than once.

And as you can see, it was still daylight here with this level of inebriation.  The night didn't stop here.  We went out for celebratory mojitos (both because of the Beavs and the New Insignia) and rolled back into the apartment much later.  

How later?  I don't know. :)

Beaver Nation Outpost Station

Just a little evidence of our watching the game today in our best Beaver Gear.

"Woman, stop taking pictures of me."  But my stalkers need evidence.

The Mr. Joe Cady, himself, stalking Mike Parker in the pre-game.  In the little football crockpot were "whiskey weenies."  Little smokies in BBQ sauce.  De-lic-ious.

This is how we tune into sporting events.  Via a non-HD webcast from Texas.

Wook relaxing in his desk chair out of uniform with a tasty beverage.  One of many.

Hippie nachos.  Yes, those are blue corn chips.  With beans, cheese, peppers, olives, and lettuce.  And my empty glass.  Looks like it needs a refill.  Again, one of many.

Feeling festive, Joe?  So do the rest of us.  That and the Beavs were up 9-something.

And then again, we spoke too soon.  A 3-run homer puts us only up by one.  Oi.

And to update you further, the Man Date continues.  A Facebook-stalking date.

Something Shiny And Silver

What I thought was from 10-Noon, turned out to be Noon-2pm, which was then rumored to change to 2-4pm, but then was returned to the original Noon-2pm.  So are we ready yet?

Today's promotions brought to you by Sam Adams.  It was actually Miller Lite.

Trying to get everyone alphabetized.  Which ended up taking a little while.  Didn't really think it was that difficult.  Neither did wook.  Thus he found his fellow "R's."  Everyone else was slowing down the process.

Now they're waiting for the Big Cheese to do the oath.  You know, the whole 'raise your right hand and repeat after me' stuff.  And it was different than the Commissioning Oath, if you didn't know there were more than one.  (I didn't.)

Jess, the lone girl in the boys' class, took initiate to capture some of my fumbling over the new bars.  I was pleasantly surprised to have some documentation in wook's uniform getting new jewelry.  As you can see, the Big Cheese assisted me with the other side since I was slowing up the process.   But I would like clarification that this was my first time working such an operation.  So that's okay.  Plus wook says the guy is really cool.  So we're all good.

What would a celebration be without more beverage?  Well, boring, that's what.

Cameron, the son of one of the guys in wook's class, is perfecting his breakdancing moves after the crowd dispursed.  He's really a character.  I'm surprised he slowed down for a picture.

You're done!  Enjoy your shiny new paraphenalia.  And let's get outta here.

But let's not forget the class shot.  You'll be seeing more come Wetting Down.

Thursday, May 28

Tomorrow's Feature Presentation

Tomorrow marks the unofficial day in which wook has been in for his 2 years of service.  I was there for commissioning, and I'm excitedly here for tomorrow.

No longer a "butter bar," he's now a shiny little subtraction sign.  And with this comes the Wetting Down Party, which will be occuring June 13th.  While I assume this will be Drunk Fest '09, the actual status is TBD since wook's not sure whether the people signed up to plan will actually plan something of luster and excitement.  Either way, my camera will be there.

Wednesday, May 27

Hold The Phone!

Welcome to the blogging community you vegan pizza-hating little sister of mine.

You know you can't wait to indulge.  It's going to be good.  At least it should be.  We come from the same gene pool, which I realize to some can be a humorous point.

But I'm excited.  OMG, I've been dreaming about this day.  Next up: Tracer!

I'm Not In Kansas Anymore

What's known as "sheer toe" on the WC is known as "sandalfoot" on the EC.

Talk about confusion.

And for those still confused, I'm talking hosiery.

And for those still not in the loop, I only wear hosiery for one reason.

And for those still not catching on, I've got a handful of interviews this week.

Good thoughts, great chi, and 5 minutes of uninterrupted eye contact!

Tuesday, May 26

Beavs and Baseball

Because my dad is way too on top of things like these, I thought I'd pass along the info.

The Beavs made the Playoffs and this'll be the schedule.  Hope you guys can pony up a barstool, a couch, an ear to a radio and indulge in the game.  We'll be at Gators Downtown (the only place in Norfolk to host Pac-10 teams).  And they do have Killian's and Guinness on tap. :)

And The Rockets Red Glare...?

It's Friday night, we're making dinner, maybe starting on the first cocktail of the night, when wook asks, "Is that fireworks?"

Umm, I didn't hear anything.  But not really convinced that wook's crazy, I went outside the back door to investigate.

Well, holy Batman.  Apparently the years of first-person shooters hasn't corrupted his hearing yet.  And there was enough time to dash back in and get my camera before the fun ended.

This is why I love 4th of July.  But we couldn't figure out what the fireworks were for.  Memorial Day Weekend?  Chinese New Year?  (We later researched this theory, but found out that the "No, I ajian" New Year was in January.)

Either way, we had dinner and a show. :)

My "Brother" Bradford

I think an asteroid has rocked the small hemisphere that surrounds the head of Bradford.

He's gotten a blog (also established in my sidebar of "Familiar Stalkings").

For those who don't know, he's Hay's Gay.  Or in other words, he's one of the best friends of my baby sister, who also lives with Hayley in Portland.  He goes to PSU, although his first college football game was the legen...dary second destroyal of USC in Corvallis.  What luck.

So let's give him some love and attention, with hopes that he'll continue the entertainment.

And hopefully his future doesn't sound like this:

"Hi, my name is Ashley, and I'm addicted to blogging."

Monday, May 25

School Spirit

Another successful webcam session with the Sheriff.  He showed me the newly rebuilt raised tomato/green bell pepper bed.  The back deck's new decor.  And his infamous Beaver Bubba-Keg.  It's literally the size of your head, at like 72 oz.  I know.

This novelty device usually houses his standard Lipton Raspberry Ice Tea.

But I'm pretty sure one helluva Rum 'n Coke could be concocted.

Sunday, May 24

Basically A Nightmare?

Sometime after midnight, I wake up to:

"Currahee, 3 miles up, 3 miles down!!"

Really, was I just woken up to Band of Brothers from a dead sleep??

Saturday, May 23

Fun Fact

My birthday, Oct. 6th, is International Mustache Day.  Yay.

Happy Memorial Weekend!

Just wanted to fill you in on our amazing plans for the weekend.

Nothing. :)

Yesterday afternoon we started the weekend with a trek to see Terminator: Salvation.  Then we perused the mall (it's where the theater is).  Stopped by Harry & David, but I didn't want to drop $12 for the Bridgeview Merlot which you can totally get for $6 at Bi-Mart.  Call me stubborn, but I think I can hold out or at least find other local finds for under the $10 mark (where are my recession sales?).

Came home and then I convinced wook to go out grocery shopping with me.  Lately, I've been in a huge knack for grocery shopping.  It's even topping shoe shopping right now.  I know.  There must be something wrong with me.  But alas, nothing that a Dr. or Shrink could find.  So out we went to gather the arsenal needed for baking.  Because no straight man would have baking powder or soda, or vanilla, or condensed milk, we needed to hit the market a half block away.

And maybe a couple steaks found their way into the cart for dinner.  Delish.

Today started out a great, lazy one.  Woke up around 10am to my dad texting me, "Get up lazy!"  and "Get Vertical!"  (This second comment was introduced Hayley's senior year when my dad would yell at her to "wake up," well like any smart Senior, she yelled back, "I am awake."  So then my dad had to get more creative.  Thus the "Get vertical.")

So I made some awesome pancakes for breakfast, with a little peanut butter on top.  Then I threw together the ingredients for banana bread.  Those dead bananas finally came into use.  But there's still 20 minutes left on the timer, so there's time to wait before the taste test.

The rest of the day will probably be spent lounging.  Maybe watching Get Smart.  Probably writing more cover letters.  There was this one place that didn't accept resumes/apps on Fridays.  Okay then.

Wook just informed me he'll be hitting the gym now.  I should too.  But I have to babysit the bread till it's done.  So maybe afterward I'll find the motivation to get out and run.  We'll see.

Tomorrow should be a fun day as we head over for a Class BBQ.  It was supposed to be a potluck, but I think the boys put a stink fest because most men don't like to be responsible for food that has to be eaten by others.  Out of the class, 2 guys are married (which makes 2 wives).  There's 1 girl in the class.  And there's me.  4 women total affiliated with these boys.  Makes sense why a potluck would be nixed.  But I still plan on bringing some cookies over.  Or maybe some bars.  Not sure which.  I'll pick through my cookbooks and see which catches my eye.

Friday, May 22

Tour Guide Daddy

Even though he had business to tend to in Dallas, he still was able to get some sightseeing within the city.

First, a shot of the new Cowboy stadium (his team).  He says it was about a mile away.

A Six Flags rollercoast that was across the street.

California Screamin' is still fresh in my mind.  I.  Don't.  Think.  So.

And lastly a nice shot of the Downtown Dallas area.  Not too bad shabby, even for Texas.

Thursday, May 21

Who Wants A Clean House?

My intentions were to wake up, enjoy a cup of coffee, and get writing.

Too bad inspiration didn't show up.

So instead I cleaned house.  Like completely.  Dusting, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, laundry, scrubbing.  Maybe I'll just apply to be a motel maid.  I kid.  You couldn't pay me enough.

Okay, well maybe you could pay me enough.  But there'd be lots of zeros and commas.

Look at those countertops.  Pristine.  And that's a bowl of tomatoes infront of the well-stocked liquor collection.  Fruits and veggies and grains.  See, we're healthy.

You think I was lying about the incredibly small surface area surrounding the sink?

Look at those neatly rolled washclothes.  If only I had a bin for them.

NO MORE BOXES!  The recycling bin was finally empty and in place for me to dismantle the stack that clogged the hallway with negative chi.

And what do you do with dying bananas?  You make banana bread!

Colonial Williamsburg

About an hour's drive North is a wee ol' bit o' history.  Say it with me now, "Ye Ol' Colonial Williamsburg."  Or at least, that was the theme of the day.

And we're off.  Thankfully it was a nice day to be outdoors.

OOooooo, pretty flowers.  I don't know how many times I pulled over to take a picture, but the boys just kept on moving.  That's okay.  I'll catch up.

And the Man Date begins.

Ye Ol' Governor's Palace.  And Ye Ol' Big Ass Yard To Mow.

So he looks kinda cute in this contraption.

And he's good to go.  But getting out proved a bit more challenging.

Cute little houses.  I want a white picket fence.  Just not the poor insulation of these.

Ye Ol' Squirrel.  Ya, I'm telling you, this kept going on.

Upclose and personal with the Governor's Palace.

My only authentic picture of the day (notice I cropped the asphalt out of the shot).

I'm telling you, I'd stop and take pictures of everything.  

I love old graves.  The older, the better.  Too bad the 1700's were a little hard to read.

And Lutheran Joe sitting in his Episcopalian Pew.

And the Man Date finishes with Williamsburg Bottled Root Beer.

Jackpot!  Tasting by the glass?  An Australian Shiraz?  For $4.50 (plus that stupid measure called tax, making it $4.95)?  And you think we're awesome 'cuz we're from Oregon?  Score.

Now this time I really saw something shiny.  Me likey.  All three.

Wha'cha up to?  Writer's block?  Try the wine.  That always loosens me up.

Good Morning!

So I'm up with the sun.  Literally.  I was up when wook's alarm went off, if not slightly before that, and I held out as long as I could before dragging myself out of bed on behalf of my empty stomach to summon the Cheerios gods to delivering some angelic goodness into my body.  Okay, so I walked my butt downstairs and poured a heaping bowl myself.  Sometimes I wish that crap were true though.

Yeah, why am I up so early?

Because we went to bed before 9pm.  Before the sun had even gone down.  I was absolutely dead tired from our day's activities.  We went up to Colonial Williamsburg for a few hours, which apparently wiped out my energy stash for the day.  So after stuffing my face with spaghetti and meatballs, I proceeded to climb the  stairs and crawl into bed.  Makeup still on.  I know, I was that tired.

But now I'm waiting for the coffee to finish brewing.  After a night like that (9pm to 5am equals 8 hours of sleep, which felt sooo good), I have a feeling I'll still need help in waking up a tad.

The only thing wook wasn't up for was the going to bed before 9pm.  So he put on another episode of X-Files to watch before drifting off to sleep.

Oh, and another thing, wook has watch today from 6:30am - 2:30pm, therefore he was up with the sun also.  And that's the only reason why he would go to sleep at the hour we did.  Otherwise he would have been at the Midnight showing of Terminator: Salvation.  But alas, duty calls.  Or at least the schedule of the day calls.

Okay, coffee's up.  I shall sit and enjoy a halfcup while perusing the new Cooking Light magazine I got in the mail yesterday.  Yay.  And then back to the cover letter writing of Job Search '09.  Oh joy.

Tuesday, May 19

I Nearly Forgot

When I was moseying through Philly's Airport Security, I stashed my phone in my exterior McGyver pocket.  And when I took it out, a packet of gum came out also.

While it wasn't a bag of Cheerios this time, it's still a cute gesture from my dad.  After all, he's losing his "Are You Dehydrated?" (It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere) Buddy.  And his Partner in Crime for Cash Cab and Deadliest Catch.  And the Black Hole for Cheerios.

And yes, it's atop my Office notepad.  

No, this isn't a sad testiment to an obsession.  It's awesome.