Monday, June 30

Passenger of the Week

So my dad had a gig to do in Boise this past Saturday, so instead of driving 7 hours both ways, he opted to fly. Ya, he's a pimp.

Well on his way back, instead of going Boise-SeaTac-Medford, he pitstopped in PDX.

His departure time was 750am, and as it crept closer he kept thinking, why aren't we boarding yet?

Then this voice comes over the PA system. "Will passenger Ryan Fields please come to desk...." Ah, crap.

"Are you ready to go? You're the only passenger."

So here's my dad in his own 34-passenger jet. He almost asked if there was another plane with a couch in the back so he could stretch out.

One of the kickers is that the stewardess still had to get on the PA system to do the safety briefing. I mean I realize the safety briefing, but the PA system...for one person? Okay then.

Another kicker was when they touched down into Medford, and you know how they always say..."Welcome to this place, the time is currently, the weather is blah blah, etc." Instead it was, "Welcome to Medford, Ryan." Hahahahaha...

Here's a picture of my dad's personal pilots. "Hey where's your hat?" "Shh, I left it at home."

And the ultimate kicker is that my dad scored a bottle of merlot for being "passenger of the week." I want to know is how you compete with that? Everywhere we go, 'hey, be nice to me, i was passenger of the week.'

Sunday, June 29

Vehicular Update #2

So I've currently been sportin' a Saturn Aura with hope of having a new one in my hot, lil hands.

Well this afternoon my dad and I went test driving. We only hit up a couple lots, but ended up taking out 5 cars. Our first salesman who took us out was pretty nice; kinda liked him. The second guy was a bandwagon Duck fan. Can you guess who we prefer, lol?

So my hope is to have something by the end of this week. Am I counting on it? No. Things happen; car's get sold, etc. But at least we're getting the ball rollin'.

And the first salesman we worked with was even willing to let us "borrow" a car for a weekend for a test drive in our own natural habitat (i.e. driving to the lake, etc.). "So what's the catch?" I asked. Nothing. Just a copy of my insurance paperwork. That's pretty cool.

Friday, June 27

Vehicular Update... car is currently parked down the street...with a crumpled rear...still.

It was taken into the shop requested by the other insurance company. Right now we're playing a waiting game whether or not they wanna fix it or consider it totalled. While having the Cruiser back in one piece would ease my mind of choosing a flippin''s not exactly a likely possibility.

So for now I have a Saturn Aura. It's what was given to me. It's big compared to the Rio, but wook says that's what happens when I get into a real car.

And while bloggin' options won't be possible, just cuz ya never what will be on the lots, what colors, the test drives, the prices, etc., I'm determined to find something with:

-fabulous seats. My hiney's comfort is key.

-a decent color. No red, yellow, orange, "desert sand granny panties."

-A/C and power steering. Gotta upgrade a lil from my beloved Cruiser.

That's pretty much the basis to my hunt. I know it's not exactly scientific, but it works for me. Besides it's just a car. They die (or get murdered in the Cruiser's case), so it's not something to get too attached.

Bloop-bloop, eh; sun roof, not needed; stick, don't care. It's all about what's in my range, essentially. So hopefully the car gods will make this decision easy on me.

And boo about having to grow up and take out a loan to finance a car. Boo. Did I ask for my car to be annihilated while allowing children to cross the street? No! But at least my car died doing something she believed in - pedestrians in crosswalks.

So ya, interest rates, and credit scores, and monthly installment plans, and blah, blah, blah. Where's that sugar daddy I ordered? He should have been here months ago.

My goal is a month to find a new set of wheels. We'll see. Hopefully the clouds will part - *angels singing* - and make it easy on me.

Wednesday, June 25

Tag this..

So as I answer Sarah's tag, I'm thinking of my own to spread around. Mine will be more fun. :) I hope, lol.

1.) Before "Marshall" (of How I Met Your Mother) made it big, he really was writing a Rock Opera based on Dracula (the key laugh factor in Forgetting Sarah Marshall).

2.) Christopher Walken was aboard the yacht the night Natalie Wood mysteriously died.

3.) As of June 1, 2008, China has begun charging consumers for plastic bags at grocery stores.

4.) A chocolate bar (donut) only has 155 calories, but half is fat!

5.) According to sexual practices studies, Med students are the most promiscuous; Theology and Philosophy the least.

Sunday, June 22

Ugh, poor Ashley

So living at home has it's moments. My resorting back to a messy 16-year-old is not one of my favorites. I don't know how it happens. (I mean I do, but seriously, I don't know how it really happens).

Well each weekend I vow to maintain the cleanliness of my room. My one room. My 10' by 12' jail cell of a bedroom, with one closet by the way (such a step away from Oak Park's angels-singing-from-the-heavens closet), is what I live in. That's been the only stressful part about the move (minus being displaced from my navy boys, my favorite apartment complex, my belongings still stuck in a corvallis storage unit. So not much, as you can see, lol).

Unfortunately this is a shot of the floor. It's been picked up a bit. I'm proud that the carpet is visible. My dad even commented on how it got better (but this was after two gin and tonic saline drips, so his eyesight could still have been recovering).

Ahh, yes. My bed. Where I'm supposed to sleep. Usually I'll just crawl in and hope stuff doesn't fall off at night. And that cute orange chair, stolen from the That 70's Show set, is where I envision myself getting dressed in the morning. Yea, it's usually a second dresser. :-/

It's been a couple weeks since my mom and I intended to put in the closet organizer. I haven't really pushed the issue just because my room would have to be clean to put it in. Besides, I've been having second thoughts about how long I'll be living here.

My first goal was out in three months. I then realized Uncle Sam took out more I wanted him to, so I had to push out the timeline: by my 25 (gulp!) birthday. But now I'm not so sure on that. I've been having fleeting thoughts about buying my own place. My dad had a good idea of just sacking away the money I would spend on rent each month, and have a nice down payment for my own place. One I could prime, paint, and prettify. Not too bad.

It's definitely something to consider. Besides, I have to become an adult sometime. Why not do it in my own place, after restoring the wood floors, hanging new light fixtures, painting the walls, and cracking open some champagne?

Saturday, June 21

Aww, my poor daddy

So as I debated what to post about today, considering today was highly uneventful at the watering hole this morning (tried different bait configurations, but zero bites. Zilch. Boo.). took a turn...

My Sheriff-looking-hooligan of a dad was rear-ended today while coming back from Office Depot. Let's preface the story by saying that my dad loooves driving my car because he thinks of it as a Miata, lol. Anyways, he had stopped for some kids at a crosswalk and screeching tires...boom!

"Ashley, we're sorry, but your dad was rear-ended while you were napping."

"Uh oh, is my stuff in the trunk okay?"

"Ashley (said sadly), your dad feels bad."

"Will I get reimbursed for a broken humidifier?"

Poor daddy. Do we need a gin and tonic? Nurse Bombay Sapphire will be right there to assist you.

Just so you're well informed when the FBI comes along and asks if I deserve a new car. And I know you're worried, but the Beaver alumni plate is okay. :)

Oh ya, I forgot to say that it was a Suburban who creamed into my lil Korean car. I should let Kim Jong Il know that someone offended his country. Maybe he'd get me a new car.

So my dad feels really bad. Eh, it's just a car. I mean, I love the Cruiser. She's been good. But in the end, it's just a car. My dad's okay now. We've got him on a gin and tonic saline drip. He should make a full recovery this weekend.

Looks like we're not going fishing again tomorrow since the car is decomm-ed for the time being, and my fishing buddy is recovering. Oh well, there's always next week.

Friday, June 20


So last night was actually a really good night for wook and I. We actually got to talk, for more than 5 minutes, with more than texts; and I loved it. Gosh, he's funny. The greatest. I hate when he makes me miss him because it's not like we can do anything about (but we're trying. Anyone know the rules on abandoning commission of an Officer and living in international waters? Anyone?).

Anyways, amidst our phone conversation, a random number pops up. Ugh, leave a message if it's important. "Hey wook, lemme check my voicemail. Standby for 30 seconds." Ohhhhh yaaaaa, the new spectacles are in at Costco. Dude, that was only a week. They're supposed to take two. Bitchin'.

So my plan is to go in after work and pick them up. Or maybe at lunch if I'm feeling ambitious. But then again, What Not To Wear is playing reruns at noon (how perfect is that lunch hour? (: ).

I also wanna go shop some more, but we'll see. I need to make up my mind on those shoes, check my financial situation (I have money, but I don't wanna spend a lot of my money, lol. Looking forward to that whole "moving out of the parents' house" situation.)

Plus, I've been hitting 11pm or Midnight this whole week (I blame Sarah and the need for bloggage), and so I'm quite pooped this week. I really should have thought about my future employment means when I was in college. I love jeans and t-shirts; definitely should have thought Forestry or Environmental Science. Dude, you're job is hiking...reeeal hard.

Baby, Oh Baby...

So holy crap, today was about babies...

This evening after work, I got to meet the newest arrival to my high school friends' procreation efforts: Baby Girl Miller. Born this afternoon, weighing in at 7 lbs. 8 oz., this lil creature was cute (unfortunately, some people aren't as lucky). Wow, another friend having kids. What's in the water? I mean, we're all so young. (Yes, I realize I'm the matriarch, all old and saggy...but crap, I feel too young for spermination, stretchage, and squirtage).

I was thinking 28 is about the time I'll maybe be ready. Yes, I realize that's "old" for prego-ness...but hello, I haven't traveled the world yet (something I don't wanna do with stretch marks, lol). But then again, that's in 3 years *tear.* I can just feel my skin sag. I'm about to play hacky sack with the girls. Ugh.

Then this evening, not my favorite movie, but one of my favorite movie's sequel, Father of the Bride II was on tonight. Seriously, mother and daughter knocked up at the same time. Not buying it. Anyways, that was round #2.

And holy shit, y'all have to read this story. Nuts. F***ing nuts! Beyond. Seriously, read!

So ya, talk about alien subliminal messages. I got the message, but am shredding it. I think I'll start with a cat first. Sounds smart to me. I know my mom is dying for wook and I to settle (read: commitment via jewelry, lavish party with religious undertones, ridding of preventative procreative measures "which will do a number on women's bodies, mark my word...*continuing drone about BC causing cancer, blah blah blah." I'm not opening the can of worms. Strictly labeling the can of worms. My opinions are not that of my mother's...let's just let those statements stand, lol.).

So lemme get this straight, want me to pop out puppies. A.) I can't even keep my room clean. B.) I can't decide which shoes to keep, and whether or not I like their fit, and C.) I'm too young. I still have years of selfishness ahead of me. Machu Pichu, hiking the Alaskan wilderness, enjoying Grey Goose tonics with lemon on the rim. Besides, I've aaaalways been a huge advocate of having your friends have kids first. "Sarah, it's crying. Here."

But then again, they always find a way to get back at you. "We should only be gone an hour an a half. Oh, and I think Braxton needs a diaper change. Bye!!!"

Thursday, June 19

Oh, the life of a Libran...

So this evening, with my mother in tow, I set out to find a cute pair of shoes; something casual than can go with skirts, shorts, capris, etc. I've been searching for this pair since...well...September, in Pittsburgh, with Sarah, Braxton, and brewing KQ. Ya, I know.

Well, as I hit up JCPenney (which I realize isn't Saks, but daaaayum they have some cute "look at me, I'm a hot, working professional" clothes, so ya), I find a cute pair of what I'll call "rompin'" shoes. Yes, I realize I don't have recess anymore, but that's essentially what I'm going for: the "I'm running out the door, I don't wanna actually put shoes on, wow, these are fabulous" kinda shoes.

So what I bought to walk around the house in, since I wasn't sold on their comfort, strictly their cuteness are these
They're Mudd. On sale. Kinda squishes the toe, but I don't know if that was just residual pain from the shoes I wore all day, lol. Can you sense why I'm going for comfort here?

Then...the second favorite place in the mall, even though it's sliiiightly above my budget, is Macy's. They have a to-die-for shoe section. (Okay, again, not Manolo's design study, but crimany, it's Medford).

These are Roxy. Super cute, but a.) too juvenile? (I guess that question could be had for the previous selection), and b.) would this be able to go with a lot since it is half black? (And something I just thought of...Ashley + white shoes = every mother's first thought with white shoes. "You're just going to get them dirty.") Shucks.

And lastly as I was perusing G.I. Joe's (no, it's not "Joe's" to us [bull**** marketing campaign] excuse my french, lol, but not really) on my way to Fred Meyer for Cheerios (we would have had a Code Red in the morning if I wouldn't have stopped for more), I came across these faaabulous beings (about time I get to the end of the sentence without another sub-thought, right? lol).

And although these aren't the exact ones I found (they were actually khaki), I'm loooving the red. But my question is, too predictable? Does it scream "where's your recyclable grocery bag?" Lol, I mean, it should, I have like 5 of those things. Love 'em!

So ya, so far I'm leaning toward the red ones. They're beyond comfortable. And besides, the company slogan is, "Find adventure! Live for comfort!" Well crap, I love comfort. I feel like I should propose to the shoes. Too bad G.I. Joe's doesn't have the red ones in stock. Leave it to me to find a pair of shoes in someplace other than Medford.

So as I explain to my mom that khaki was probably the best choice since it can go with everything, she throws a curveball. "Well you know, everyone should have a red pair of shoes." Freakin' devil's advocate. Ugh, that's what I get with a mom who works with lawyers.

Tuesday, June 17

Mr. Canadian becomes Mr. Ensign

So this weekend marked the ending of an era for NROTC. Mr. Crowe commissioned. Yay!

Being the delegate from Iceland I am, I was there to commemorate (along with my Rent-A-Boyfriend Collin...minus the *good stuff*, lol). I definitely felt a lil nostalgic, a lil misty-eyed, and quite a bit happy. Although Crowe didn't go aviation like the boys wanted him, he'll have some fun stories about Power School and great stories about deploying on a sub (and coming back a gay man, lol).

Oh Mr. Crowe just looks so handsome.

His parents are so nice, and his mom was cute as she struggled with the darn shoulder boards.

Muahhahaah, a blogger paparazzi! (Yes, that's Mrs. Christensen, in her smokin' dress).

Crowe's family made it down from the land of Canadia (including his creepy chi-mo (child molester) Uncle Ray, who just had to hug me. *shudder*).

Representing Corvallis the best we could as the only Oregonians left.

The day went well, as we enjoyed champagne after commissioning (I had four glasses, along with Sarah Furrer and Mr. Crowe Sr., no judging). After that, we hit up Trysting Tree for golf and beer. I drank more beer than hit balls. Like a third of the pitcher of beer. Oh well. I have to work my tolerance up somehow.

It was great to see people come back for Crowe's commissioning (i.e. Abbott and Linard [who drove from IDAHO for CROWE. I sense a man-crush.]).

And as he leaves in September for S. Carolina, we'll be trying our best to get camping adventures in before he heads off to the sad life of the navy: separation. But I'll leave that can of worms for another post. Needn't depress this joyous post of Mr. Crowe joining the ranks of other OSU alumni. Go Navy, Beat Army.

Monday, June 16

Yay, last one!

So for those who don't know, my baby sister graduated from high school a week or so ago. It was painfull long, but that's the last of high school for our family. Woohoo.

Plus no one got pregnant in high school, which some families aren't that lucky.

So here's Hayley and her goof troop (Brad, her, Lyndsay-yea, and Ape). Brad and Hay are headed to Portland State University, April to OSU (Go Beavs!), and Lyndsay's going some place exotic. No, not the local community college. I just can't remember.

This picture sums up our family in one caption: functionally disfunctional. Can you tell we're all related?

Friday, June 13

And the winner is...

So, after debating how I'll reveal the winning only real answer is just to blurt it. After all, I think blurting is the truest form of revealing information. "I'm pregnant." "I love you." "Dump him." "Vodka tonic, with lemon."

Congrats to Kerby for accurately voting for the winning pair as her #1 choice.

And to further talk up the winning pair before I reveal their designer (and stall before I reveal so Sarah can squirm some more in her chair): The choice was made based on a.) they look good on, b.) the style is a bit more modern than my usual boring self, and c.) they remind me of a certain someone's glasses.

The key trait in this glasses, besides having a black exterior, is their shocking lime green interior.

(Yes, Sarah, I said lime green).

So the winning glasses are the Jill Stuart's from Round 2. I'm planning on a photo shoot when I receive them, in about 2 weeks. So stay tuned!

Should I? Or shouldn't I?

So I made it! Down to Costco to order my new specs! Woohoo!

But the downside, I didn't get to snap any of the shots I wanted of the glasses. I'm in contemplation. Reveal the chosen pair? But the pictures are needed to show just how darn cute they are.

Hmm...(as this one particular person on the East Coast is gritting her teeth, lol).

I think I'll have to sleep on this decision. (And this is just a taste of what it's like to be a Libra, lol).

Thursday, June 12

Are you people serious?

So last Saturday evening...well, no...night, after the family got back from Hayley's graduation (woohoo, last one! I'll post of that later), I gave Collin a call because we were supposed to hang out around 930. Well ya, that didn't exactly happen. But he wasn't too butthurt, so no worries.

Well we're chit-chatting (my new favorite hyphenated word combination), and after much deliberation, and against my original plan, but according to the Rent a Boyfriend: The Handbook, it was now my term to grace his parents' house for a night of cheap beer, Porky's, and sleeping. (No, not passing out. Just sleeping. I only had two beers, sadly, before I grew tired. Woohoo, lovin' these mid-20's).

So here's the conversation with my mother:

Me: "So here's the plan. I'm going over to Collin's, we're going to watch Porky's, and I'm going to stay the night over there."

Mom: "You're going to stay the night over there?"

Me: "Uh, ya." (Not like, "ugh, ya," more like "duuuuh, ya.")

Mom: "Umm, what does wook think about this?"

Me: *laughing* He's fine with it.

Mom: "Ashley, I'm being serious."

Me: *serious face* "No, he won't care. He's [Collin] slept over here before." (Which makes it soo much better, lol. Crap could have still gone on downstairs if it were desirable).

Mom: "Ooookay, well as long as you think he's okay with it." (Ya, that guilt trip worked about as well as Dick Cheney going to Gun Safety class).

So then I told my dad where I was going, as he commented, "Porky's a classic," and I was off my way.

The kicker of the story is that apparently Collin's parents fliiiipped a liiiid; something to the tune of, "Are you and Katie okay? Does Katie know who she is?"

oh parents...

Wednesday, June 11

And just because...

So I've fallen in love with a song...this enjoy the video...of that song. It reminds me of college.

At least parts of it. Legen - - dary?

Some. ;)

And this song just screams...well, great song writing skills.

It's called "Ur so gay" the same girl, Katy Perry.

I could name name, but it's more fun not to. :)

Round 2.....FIGHT!

So I've finally gotten around to transfering the new pics of the second round of Costco. Just an fyi to everyone, I've pretty much solidified what pair I love. They were a surprise choice by my mother. I loved them on. I loved them again in the pics.

Let's see how good you all are. :)

Again, my hair is post-work. I'll try and get pics of it while it's fresh (I'm shooting for this weekend at Crowe's commissioning).

Jill Stuart

I didn't write down this Designer label...woops.

Bulova, frame 1

Bulova, frame 2

So this is actually the first shot of the night. My mom thought "head shot" meant...just your head in the shot. That's why she's not Leibowitz.

If she were, Miley Cyrus would have been in a moomoo.

Bulova, frame 3

Bulova, frame 4 (ya, I don't know why I chose so many. Not a clue.)

I'm thinking this is my mugshot. "Sorry officer, I didn't mean to steal all those books from the library. Will you still handcuff me?" ;)

Dior, "damn they don't make 'em like this anymore" (haha, had to throw a lil Kanye in the mix.)

Monday, June 9

Woohoo, how cool!

So the other day while I was at the Rummage Sale for the RVML, the Volunteer Coordinator's husband (who's an artist) asked me if I'd be willing to sit for him. As in, sit as a model. As in, how cool!

Well anyways, as I Googled his name to see if I can find out more about it, turns out he has a blog also:

Turns out this guy is seriously, really good. Like award-winning and national-recognition good. Yay!

So yours truly will be an upcoming piece of art; totally blog-worthy!

Sunday, June 8

Yay, rummage sale! :)

So my Saturdays, I enjoy spending them how I like; usually, lazily. :)

But instead...against my original desires...I volunteered myself to assist in the set-up of the Material Sale for the Metaphysical Library. (It's a non-profit, bit-earthy establishment with great "typical Oregonian" material. I like it because I can dress like a hippie for a couple hours, lol).

Anyways, I didn't wanna go...but I did.

Well, what to my wandering eye did appear...but a box of Charles Dickens' Complete Works, all 25 books, all gorgeous, and all free. :) *cue clouds parting, angels singing*

As they sit beside my desk, 'cuz it's not like I have room for them while I still live at home, they're beautiful. Great Expectations is on my mental list of things to read. But so is much more. Every week during my shift, I find more stuff I want to read. It's nuts. It's a never-ending cycle. But at least, when my shift is quiet, I get 2 hours to read what I want without interruption. Love it.

Friday, June 6

Tag, I'm it...ugh

So this morning as I pleaded for the phone to ring after completing the tasks left on my desk from the night before, I racked my brain for the last 10 books I read.

Well, here's the last 9 books, and 1 magazine, I read. :)

1.) Women's Health magazine.

Oh, get over it. I needed something quasi-stimulating in hopes of inspiring me to start lifting and running, in addition to my yoga routine.

2.) The Garden of Vegan (Tanya Barnard & Sarah Kramer)

I've debated the idea of going veg-head, and this cookbook has a lot of delicious-sounding recipes. Now it's not that I am against slaughtering bacon or's that I'm a girl, and the grill is a man's world (yes, I know I'm reversing the years women have come in the struggle. But men are much better handling meat.)

So in other words, I'm too lazy to cook meat.

3.) Eat Right for Your Type (Peter D'Adamo, ND)

This crazy book is about eating right according to your blood type. Nuts!

This guy used to work at a cleansing day spa place and saw that not everyone lost weight with the lean food they were served. He then went on to study the blood types and how different foods reacted with the chemicals and yada in them.

4.) Marriage, Divorce, & Astrology

Ya, this one was really cool, although short and sweet. It breaks each astrological sign down into the good, bad, and ugly about you (and you can also look up your partner's sign) as a boyfriend/girlfriend, man/wife (i had to say that cuz i know Sarah hates it, lol), and divorcee, lol.

Let's just say it was quite on the ball.

(If anyone wants, I can scan their signs and email.)

5.) Voluntary Simplicity Movement (Kim Edwards)

Exactly as it sounds, it's teaching to reduce the ability global consumerism has on the world. I deem this important because I'm attempting to tackle my own finances, thus desire to spend when I need and save where I can. I don't wanna have a pitiful nestegg when it's time to retire.

Also, zero clutter = much lower stress. (This a goal of mine but probably won't be seen through until after I make the leap outta the nest. It's hard converting into a 10'x12' jailcell into a viable living space after having 900+ sqft in an apartment).

6.) What Color is Your Parachute? (Richard Nelson Bolles)

Holy crap, awesome book! It breaks down the stressful job of job hunting into manageable tasks. It's been published each year since 1970-something, so it's not like they leave viable information out. NOooo. Chapters on salary negotiation, interview techniques, the ways to get a job that not many know about....well worth the beer I will buy Collin in favor.

7.) Bluetooth's Owner Manual

Yes, this is a book. Do I need to explain why I read it?

8.) Long Distance Relationships for Dummies

Again, is an explanation needed?

9.) The Historian (Elizabeth Kostova)

Wow, this book...amazing.

Although it's historical fiction, I found myself really believing in the chases and tales between man and vampire. Beyond good. Bitchin'. It takes a lil while to get into the story, but once that sucks you in (well at least it did me). I would read it again.

10.) Colditz: The Definitive History: The Untold Story of WWII's Great Escapes (Henry Chancellor)

A must read for anyone interested in WWII, POW struggles, and the intelligence that came with being stuck in a maximum security camp and desire to escape. Some of the scenarios Hollywood wouldn't even come up with. I borrowed this from wook, and highly recommend it the men and fellow-minded ladies.

I even tried to visit Leipzig, Germany, but unfortunately it wasn't in the stars.

Oh well, next time!

Mission: New Spectacles

So after little deliberation, and successful inputting of paychecks, I've figured now is the time to get new glasses. Starting life as a "successful adult in the work force" (the quotes are cuz a.) it takes time, and b.) i still live with the rents so i'm not quite there yet), there's the need for a new image, a new feel,...well, a new me. :) I'm feeling quite pleased with my life-away-from-wookie-thus-trying-to-make-the-absolute-best-of-it mantra.


My dad and I made a trek to our local Costco, which happens to be about a mile and a half from our house...fabulous, and documented some of our findings. Feel free to comment which are "omg-noooo-so wrong!" or "eh, okay" or "love 'em." (Actually, please do comment. Thus the whole blog post with facial close-ups (excuse the hair, i just got off work and it was a lil lackluster. I'll post better pics of the new 'do when I can).

Round 1: Oscar de la Renta

Round 2: Prada (yes, I was chewing gum)

Round 3: Jill Stuart

Round 4: Georgio Armani (and I was talking here, yes, I know, great face)

Round 5: Geoffrey Beene

And FYI, all of these frame are a tortoise-shell of some sort.

And after what I felt was a pretty good trip for glasses (Walmart = huge bust!), and a conversation with wook about how I didn't like the way black frames looked on my pale ass skin, wook says he'd like to be the judge of that. grrr...

I should be used to this behavior. He's the king of changing plans, and for the most part I've done a damn good job at acclimating.

So long story short, this round is only "Phase 1" for new eyewear. I will have to drag my poor dad back to Costco to better sample (and photograph) the multiple of black frames in their collection.

Tuesday, June 3

There's a softer side somewhere...

Just some sentimentality from an otherwise stone-cold exterior.

Everytime I hear this song at work, I think of my favorite Navy wife.

"You find friends worth having, With every year passing, They mean more than gold"


So this past weekend my mom and I were glued to HGTV (story of our lives). Well we're watching one of those shows where the patrons are showed three varying properties, and then they choose from there.

Well...the couple was this psuedo-athletic, short-haired, medium-voiced pair of ladies moving to New Orleans. They were doctors who met in med school, had their residency together, and are making the move from somewhere in the northern sector of the East Coast to Lousiana. After showing their tiny apartment, we got to see the three houses for their options.

Then all of a sudden my mom asks, "I wonder how they decide who get the master."

I was speechless.

They just screeeammed lesbian. I swear a blind person would know just listening to them.

I mean, come on. Who buys a house with just a friend?

And this is even after I made a comment of how gay friendly New Orleans is.

Sometimes I wonder...

Sunday, June 1

As if I neeeeeded an explanation...

so you may ask, 'why the boomerang theory?'

a.) i live back with my parents. need we more detail?

b.) since wook's been moved back to florida, i've gone back twice...for a minimum of 3 weeks. there's no normalcy in deployment/relocation-stationing, at least on my end. the longest we've been apart was 16 weeks (which ended up being only 3 calendar months). and this next round with primary will be 17 weeks of class for him (so i have to try my best to tough this round out).

those are the two main ones. you could say i go through 'flaky' phases where i get buried beneath life which consists of stalking the MFC,, and Clean House marathons on the Style Network. i guess it's just me wishing life was back to the good ol' college days. (well, minus the weight gain, lol).

so there you have it sarah. you are now allowed to read about my fanatical cheerios eating.

now sush.

but seriously. post more. :)