Sunday, July 31

Middle Sister's Bachelorette!

Welcome to Santa Barbara and Middle Sister & Bridal Party's pricey (expensive because it's Santa Barbara) bachelorette party to celebrate her last days of singledom!

[source: Middle Sister's profile]

I agree with your face. I don't like veils either. I think they're a waste of fabric. I don't do 'Pin the penis on the hunk.' I don't bob for balls. I do eat penis cake, though. Just no coconut as hairy balls. I don't like anything coconut.

[source: bridesmaid's Facebook]

But I can be so proud of excessive drinking as celebration! Not only is she smiling with a tequila shot in her hand (who smiles when told to drink tequila??), but the caption was "Middle Sister+Tequila=Good Night!" I'm proud. Very proud.

It's the final countdown to the ol' ball and chain, and she's ready. Heck, we're all ready! She wants to get to it, and the rest of us want to boogie down and party with them. Reception's (according to Wookie & Co.) aren't for receiving the bride and groom, they're for receiving one heck of a party because of the nuptials. And I've yet to ask what kind of music will be playing, so I don't know how to limber up yet. Will there be limbo? Chicken dance? Crunk music? Do I need to bring a flat of cardboard to breakdance?

We can't wait for wedding week either. Mainly because we'll be back in Oregon and it takes nuptials to make that happen! Baby Sister, you next to get married? Destination maybe? And don't disturb me Wednesday before the wedding. I'll be with the bridal party getting my nails did. This blogger has to look good.

Saturday, July 30

Citrus Classic Balloon Festival

Tonight I was wine'd and dine'd like a somebody as I acquired a VIP dinner ticket to a local festival in the county that idolizes organic fruit, wine, and spending money. Yes, I'd love to attend an event that has wine tickets and tasting. Yes, I'd love to have a double helping of vegetables with tri tip. And yes, I'd love some made-from-local-lemons lemon bars. They were so good Stephen Hawking thinks they'll cure his condition.

On the schedule for the opening night was a lighting of the balloons. This festival runs all weekend, with tonight being the lighting, and the rest of the weekend playing host to the typical fair-esque vendors like woodworks, candles, funnel fries, old people in skimpy outfits, beer gardens, and bad cover bands. But hot pajamas. Tonight was so cool.

How cool? This cool.

If a hot air balloon ride isn't on my bucket list yet, it is now. Who wants to sponsor me?

Wednesday, July 27

Uhh...are you in the right place?

I'm just out for a leisurely pooping stroll with Miss Sweet Pea when there was something out of the ordinary. In our neighborhood, homes can have private docks, and those private docks house yachts that cost more than my parents' house, my Brother's house, and our current condo combined. People have some money, yo. Or they have mad trust funds.

But a paddle boat? I don't think they're in Kansas anymore...

Friday, July 22

Where did the Friday Fill-In come from this week?

This week has been something else, and it's not because I've been in an alcohol-fueled trip the beach with my favorite SPF 8,000. It's been a long week of working, birthday present perusing (there are some things I'm eye-ballin'), and not too much Jeopardy (wah wah).

But I'm usually presently surprised when Friday rolls around. Yay, the weekend is here, time to lounge with Mr. Wookie, Sweet Pea, and let's watch some movies! Then Uncle Sam enters the equation...Yeaaaaah.....Mrs. Wookie....I'm going to need Mr. Wookie to come in on Saturday. Mmmkay?

[Office Space, anyone?]

Okay, well let's those questions. They won't just answer themselves (I wish!).

Do you eat raw cookie dough?
It depends, what kind is it? But theoretically, no, I don't have an issue eating raw egg that's in my food. If my body can handle nasty tequila shots, I can handle a little egg...

When you get online for the first time of the day… what site do you immediately head to?
My Gmail account - it's where all the business's just sometimes those replies get delayed when life gets really busy.

What was your favorite pet as a child and why?
The Sheriff brought home 4 hermit crabs from a business trip to the South once. They were awesome...yet they only lived a few months (captivity isn't their strong suit).

If you had a snail that could magically grant wishes, what would you name it?
Herbert. That's the firs t name to kick in my head pre-coffee. That's asking a lot.

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?
I'm not a licker. I'm a shover-into-the-cheek-and-let-it-slobber kinda girl. ;)

Happy Friday bitches!!

Tuesday, July 19

Today, I will not complain.

Last night I was grumpy. So today I was going to pity party this blog into making people feel bad for me. But then I showered, started tackling my responsibilities of the day, and realized I can complain tomorrow.

Mainly because I had a 2-minute photo session with a treat-wanting English bulldog that about broke my heart in adorability and omgyou'restoeffin'cute-ness.

No, really...she's a heartbreaker. If she were a 16-year-old daughter of mine, I'd be polishing shotguns....mainly because she'll do anything for food. And that's not how I'll raise my human children. They'll know better and ask if the meal is produced from local produce, non-hormoned animals, and carried out of the grocery store with polypropylene bags.

I've got the leg up on the ASPCA and Sarah McLauchlan. Any lesbian can sing a song. But this milblogger makes your eyes water and hearts melt with pictures of this adora-bull (pun INTENDED) face. I literally squealed with delight when I upload'd these pictures!

Listen readers, this bitch makes me sit while hovering a treat above my face. Don't give in. She's evil. She only pretends to love me. She only lets me sleep with her when that giant caveman is gone. What the heck is up with that? I deserve plushness every night...

It's rare when we get the quintessential bulldog look out of her. But when she does, she delivers. It's her Zoolander Winston Churchill face...and yes, that's a drop of drool.

And yes, comments will make my day better. ;) Go ahead, tell me how cute she is!

Sunday, July 17

My first Change of Command

Can you believe Thursday was my first Change of Command?! At least, I can't believe it was. I don't remember when/if there was one in Virginia. I wasn't a regular inhabitant of Florida (thank goodness), so there was never attending a Change while in primary flight school. So this is it. Our first real squadron, and my first Change of Command.

Thankfully I was able to grab a seat near the few wives that were able to attend (I won't say kids weren't allowed, it was just expressed that unless your kid can keep his pie hole shut...find a sitter). The speeches were humorous and light-hearted which was nice to break up the monotony and seriousness that it was. The (now ex-) Skipper even scanned the audience to chat with everyone...from the podium. "Oh, I see the wives have made it...(squadron wife), Mrs. Wookie, (other fellow squadron wife), great to see you." Hahaha....actually not.

Now I can understand why no one likes to attend these functions. They get to stand at attention at the back of the ceremony while I get to sit down. But everyone did look fantastic in their Whites. And Running Buddy's husband was even honored with an award because he's awesome! Woohoo!

But then it was all said and done, and before the cake got ravaged, we moseyed around the hangar...until I realized the planes were outside. And I had a camera. "Omg, Mr. Wookie, look!" Then he reminds me he sees them every's not that big of a deal. So I remind him when he brings the short bus (aka ME!) to events like these, you need to be prepared. I get excited over this shit. How can you not?

The E-2 Hawkeye. Mr. Wookie's beloved structure of an aircraft. I'll be honest, I'm very partial to this plane. I adore it. Maybe it's because it's kinda "ugly" with the dome on top, but when you see it actually flying...hovering...with the hum of its's gorgeous. And the E-2 community of pilots, NFOs, and families is so small we're bound to know everyone throughout his career, which is a nice way to not be so foreign no matter where we move.

And just to place importance of this Change of Command, we had aircraft show up from all over the country. These hovering scraps of metal (aka helos) were up from San Diego, there were a few jets that arrived (jets!), and a few others [I didn't know what they were].

 One of these is not like the other. ToTheNth, no helping. ;)

Am I the luckiest girl in the world? Eh...I hate sayings like that. I'm one happy girl though. I've had more fun in the years I've been attached to Mr. Wookie than I ever would have thought. Who knew we'd live bi-coastally before taking up small roots on the Southern California beach? And who knew this we-heard-very-bad-reports-about-this-squadron would turn into a great squadron (false reports!) as we settle into real military life with work-ups and a deployment in our future? The Navy...they know how to throw you off the scent!

And because I'm a proud Navy attache, I was beyond ecstatic to see Mr. Wookie's name on the side of the plane. Eeeeeek! It looks so good! Congrats to Mr. Wookie!

Mr. Wookie's family...if you want a picture of his name, unmasked, just email me and I'll get them to you! I know the importance of the Wall of Fame in a house!

Saturday, July 16

Only Californians would brace for a Carpocalypse

It's made national news. A major LA freeway is closing...Christ is here! Drink the juice!

No, you dumbass locals...wait, if this will help with population control, then I'm all for it.

Anyways, since we're [we're thinking] the closest in the milblogging community to this "catastrophic meltdown," we'll do our best Anderson Cooper to inform the masses.

The 405. That little strip of black. 10 miles of who the hell cares where it goes. As you can see, we reside far from the 405. When's the last time we ventured inland? Umm...LAX for Oregon. That's when. The fact that we live out in the beach means there's no reason for us to go inland, except for REI, IKEA, Middle Sister, and LAX. Where's Middle Sister? Pasadena! A 60-mile adventure which can take an hour or 2 depending on the idiots that have obtained a California license.  Then come August, post-honeymoon, she'll move her possessions down to Santa Ana...and be even longer drive for us to visit. Gah!

News releases have begged/pleaded/ransom'd that Casey Anthony will kill your children (too soon?) for Californians to stay home. But native Californians are a dense bunch. They'll commute from my black-box'd neighborhood to DOWNTOWN Los Angeles. And this isn't like commuting to the District from neighboring D.C. suburbs where they've nearly perfecting slugging, HOV lanes, and massive traffic. It's a shit-show here. And I want nothing of it.

Where will I be this weekend? Where I am nearly every home. I'll probably crack the doors and windows, enjoy the breeze as I live a mile from the beach, and maybe whip up some baked goods. Oh, and maybe shower. Maybe.

At least this weekend is starting off right. The dog got her walk and I got my coffee.

In your face, LA, in your face.

Friday, July 15

Friday Fill-In to the rescue!

It's Friday! Yay! Mr. Wookie is gone! Yay! Why "Yay!"? Well...he's on a camping trip with squadronmates that will involved a 5-hour drive to the trailhead, a 8.5 mile hike to the Wilderness, and a lot of male bonding over the weekend. And when dudes get together, you know there will be foolish antics and most-likely nudity. I'll pass on the 5-hour drive and the nudity. I'm a true Oregonian. We don't drive more than 30 minutes for a trailhead. That's how we do it.

Oh wait, you don't care about that. You want my answers. And besides my usual of "Cadillac margarita on the rocks, no salt, please" or "Stoli and tonic, lemon wedge, please," let's get to them. I always look forward to Fridays...and even more today since I have a slobbery dog as a bedmate for the next few days. And a dinner date with Running Buddy since her husband will also be on this trip.

If you could have a private concert with any singer, who would it be?  submitted by An Air Force Wife’s Blog
Well, I have a certain love for the "August and Everything After" album by Counting Crows. But Brad Paisley is pretty cute to see in concert. But I do love me some Beyonce belt-outs. Hmm...

Is there anything you do to supplement your family’s income? submitted by Our Life, One Adventure at a Time
Well I work, but I don't define that as "supplementing." I'm an able-minded individual with a college degree and the desire to scour for work even if it takes 4 months in a (still) shitty Californian economy. It may not have been pretty as I temp'd my way to my current job (the job I had in the fall I hated, but the money was good. Too bad I can't survive off just money alone, I need to love everything about the job).

As far as supplementing, I don't sell my eggs, I don't moonlight as a bartender, and I don't dabble in porn. I work because I love being independent, making my own money, using my degree, and being a contributing member, both financially and physically, to our home.

Sometimes my inner feminist gets the best of me.

During your pregnancy (whether past, present, or future), what did you nickname your unborn baby before you knew the sex? submitted by Explosions of Love
Hahahaa - well if the Wookie & Co. household were to procreate, the nickname could only be Star Wars related. Better start that therapy fund early then...

Have you ever won a blog giveaway?  If so what did you win? submitted by Mrs. O’s Life
No. Gar. Who wants to rig one for me?

If I looked into your refrigerator right now, what would I find? submitted by Married to the Army
Lots of produce (corn on the cob, wax beans, foliage, etc). 2 slices of leftover pizza. 2 bottles of Somersault Ale. And a fresh block of cheese. Woof.

Thursday, July 14

Mrs. Wookie, where have you been?

Let me be honest. Living in California has turned into California-could-be-Hawaii. There's lounging when not working, there's this amazing amount of sunshine that's been around, there's Mr. Wookie when he's home, there's Jeopardy, and there's a great neighborhood with plenty of Mr. Wookie's squadronmates.

Life's not hard at the moment. I've been enjoying life-away-from-the-blog. I apologize for not informing y'all of my every movement, but sometimes I just want to escape.

But one day that actually went decently documented was the 4th of July. I love the 4th. It's my third favorite holiday...the first is Christmas...second is my birthday (hello, presents!), and third Viva 'Merica!

The day was gorgeous. It's days like these that we love living where we do. Now if only I didn't have the motion sickness I do, otherwise I'd enjoy boat rides like Mr. Wookie does with the guys. At least I'm not kayak motion sick when paddling around the neighborhood, because that wouldn't be any fun.

We've been barbequeing it up with the whole squadron at the Skipper's Bail. We've gone to the beach and have visited Santa Monica and Malibu. Mr. Wookie and I are even planning a romantic trip up to Southern California wine country to entertain our love for expanding our wine country...and our love for dry reds.

And Mr. Wookie's been fishing, on this particular boat too, but hasn't been too successful. This boat is what happens when you're a prior-enlisted-turned-Officer with no girlfriend and making loads of money. He even asked Mr. Wookie to join as co-owner. Good thing Mr. Wookie is financially smart and said 'no.' To prove his point in not co-purchasing, there's already been engine issues. Point Mr. Wookie.

But unfortunately the local city's fireworks were super weak. I would have rather stayed home and gone to bed (since I had to work out of home the next day), and snuggled with Miss Sweet Pea. Yes, there's more to patriotism than fireworks, but at least humor me with more than this half-ass attempt of bottle rockets. So instead I made the half mile walk from this house while Mr. Wookie partied on Wayne. And then I cuddled with the dog.

And there's been a lot of this lately. We're enjoying the great weather, so much that the back door and windows have been permanently opened. Oh, you think this little lady is cute? I agree. Oh, and see that pink toy? That lasted maybe 2 hours. She's brutal with that powerful jaw...she's going to cause bankruptcy. Just I look like a Real Housewife of New Jersey? ;)

Saturday, July 9

It's been 6 months, and she's still alive. Yay!

Six months ago, we did something crazy. We got an effin' dog.

Well it's been 6 months and she's still alive. Go us! I, being a cat person, never thought I'd actually own a dog one day. It was surreal when we first got her. And we only wanted to sell her on Craigslist a few times in the first couple months. She was overweight, but that's because she was kept in a kennel because no one wanted to adopt her! Assclowns! So now after 6 months of living with two crazy Oregonians, she's looking good, lounging it up, still killing squeaker balls, and (kinda) staying outta the bathroom trash.

She's excellent at keeping company when Mr. Wookie is away on assignment, so much that her farting and snoring at night when she sleeps next to me make it like he never left. Perfect.

Sunday, July 3

Middle Sister's bridal shower!

A week ago, I came back from my fabulous state. Minus having to fly in and out of LAX, it was superb. I had a beverage on the flight up (standard), I had a ride home, and my state doesn't have sales tax (just had to rub that one in).

But the real reason I was in town: Middle Sister's bridal shower!

While there, I tagged along with Baby Sister for her bridesmaid dress fitting. No, she's not Pippa-ing it up. The bridesmaid dresses are being made by Groom's mom with the initial mock-ups being made out of old bed sheets. The actual dresses will be a chameleon fabric of emerald green to dark green and super cute.

But let's get to the shower! Baby Sister was effin' fantastic in her coordinating of the entire shower. As someone who spent a year coordinating for a Legal 100 (that's like Fortune 500) law firm, it takes time, effort, patience, comfortable shoes, adult beverages, and a good clean-up crew to make an event a success.

She kicked ass. Middle Sister had a great time.

The bride arrived fashionably late to a guest count of about 18 ladies. The weather was fantastic for the area (it was around 80 which made me bitch because it was "sweltering" while the locals were applauding that it wasn't 90) and I didn't get sunburned (Mama Ging didn't fair that result at all).

Brother and Sister-in-Law were the most gracious hosts in letting a bunch of gaggling hens take over their yard. And thanks to their Church for borrowing the tables, chairs, and linens. Thank you guys!

Baby Sister made one tasty buffet run with homemade sandwiches and salads complete with gourmet cupcakes from a local cupcakery in the area. I definitely at well that day and drank enough water to counteract the surface-of-the-sun-like temperatures that plagued my time in Oregon. By Day #2, I wanted to be back at the beach here in Southern California. Call me a wimp, but I can't do the heat of my Hometown anymore.

Oh, and I went for a run while in Hometown as well. My current home in California is roughly 3 ft above sea level. Hometown is around 1,500 ft above sea level. Needless to say, I about d.i.e.d. on a simple 3-mile run. So that's a 'no' to running a Hometown half marathon. Thanks, but no thanks.

My gift to the bride-to-be. I have a thing for giving gifts that are useful. I can't just give you trinkets of bullshit and fairy dust. So what better way to remember me than to wipe yo' nasty shoes before you come into your house? 'Honey, I'm home...and I just wiped dog shit on your sister's gift!'

But what's the real reason for a bridal shower? Food? No. Lolligaging with family? No. Gifts? Of course! Middle Sister made out with some good swag, from gift cards to a vacuum, wall decor with her going-to-be last name, and kitchen gadgets (the girl loves gadgets!).

New apron!

And the icing on the cake: a sewing machine! Middle Sister doesn't know how to sew yet. But with the horizon of nursing school not yet in view, there's time for new hobbies after she moves down to Orange County with her future husband. Who knows? Maybe she'll take up quilting with me! [That's on my schedule with the deployment that's on my horizon.]

I can't wait to get back up to Oregon for the actual nuptials. The Wookie & Co. crew will be doing an efficient job of being perfect wedding guests. We'll eat your food, taste your cake, and dance along to your DJ so the dancefloor doesn't go unused. We'll also throw eco-friendly devices upon your departure and wish you a sunburn-free honeymoon. Then we'll get a ride home with the Sheriff (hehe, you know why). Then there's the time not spent with the wedding. That'll be spent outdoorsing. Because Oregon's good for that.

Friday, July 1

July = Mr. Wookie's Birthday = Funfest!

Why hello new month! What brings you here? Is it that "June Gloom" hasn't been seen for the last few days and I'm LOVING the gorgeous you and 8-lb. Baby Jesus are bestowing on the area? Yes, yes it has.

But I'm caught off-guard...I thought yesterday was Wednesday, so naturally I had an additional day to lolligag and not fill in my Friday Fill-In answers. Maybe that's because yesterday I was busy saving the world. And that translates to "Ginger speak" for going to Fossil for a new watch battery, taking the dog in for a nail trim (we're still working on how to do that in home and save the money), and mailing off packages meant for Ann Taylor Loft, Bare Necessities, and Running Warehouse (goodbye things-that-didn't-fit!).

Oh, you're tired of my rambling?? [Story of this blog...]

Have you (spouse) ever considered joining the military and what do you think of dual military couples? submitted by Project Army Wife

No. NO. Nein. Nilch. Nope. I have  something against wearing a uniform personally. I don't want to. I don't want to look like an evolved Catholic schoolgirl where I order all my clothes from I semi did that in Virginia when working in the Catering Department. Now all those clothes are in the donate pile so someone driven for a career in hospitality can pick up some black pants, black shirts, and dress the part.

Military couples are part crazy/part badass. You crazy to be stationed at 2 completely different locales and make it work. You's a badass because nothing screams "America, F*** Yeah" like a couple in joint BDUs, flight suits, dress whites, or the like.

What is your idea of a perfect Sunday afternoon? submitted by A Few of My Favorite Things
The dog would let herself outside for a bathroom break in the morning, then she make Wookie & Co. coffee and not eat the bacon while preparing it. But in reality, she's not a morning dog. She'll wake when you do, lick your legs, realize you're just as effin' tired as her, so she'll return to one of her beds. Just as long as you know she gave a diplomatic appearance in the morning to look sociable.

What do you usually do for the 4th of July holiday? submitted by Anchor’s Away
Watch fireworks! In Oregon, they're illegal in Hometown (let's say it's a bit dry so fires are muy easy to launch). So we go to  them! In 2009, we spent the day camped out on the National Mall by the Lincoln Memorial for the greatest seats known to pauper. This year, we hear they're launching fireworks about a mile from our home - so we'll probably keep Sweet Pea indoors with a stuffed Kong to occupy her while we indulge in our massive patriotism on our back porch. Easy peasy.

If they could make an Olympic event JUST for you that you know you’d medal in, what would it be? submitted by Pants are Confusing
Having the most PowerBar wrappers on the floor of my car? Having a freckle that looks like Mickey Mouse's ears? No wait, I got it! I'm 5'11" (that's the 95% percentile right there!), a redhead (that's 4% of the population!), with AB blood (that's between 1-4% of  the population!

Obviously being a gangly redhead makes me a minority.

Tangent: Are you an rH factor guru? Help me out! I know I'm AB, but not + or -. My mom is A+ and my dad is I want to assume I'm AB+, but am not sure. Help?

What have you been doing to get yourself bathing suit ready for the summer? submitted by Not Just an Army Wife
You mean besides that whole running a half marathon a few weeks ago? ;) Just that. Running. I signed up for a 10K in a few weeks to keep the gears turning. The only downside to training is that the single sportsbra has yet to find friends to join the entourage. I ordered more from Bare Necessities, tried them on, and am still configuring my size with the new styles/brands. Let's just say this might take awhile - both in the time spent shipping and orchestrating an exchange. Boo for having a size 30 ribcage.

But that's the party here, people. Nothing much, other than Where did Friday come from? and July, really, here already? I joked with Mama Ging already that I should start working on my Christmas List, it'll be here soon enough. But I have to turn 28 first. Gulp.

[Nothing clever for a post title]

That's one toaster. One toaster purchased when Mr. Wookie moved out of the dorms his sophomore year of college to live with a fellow (but future Drop on Request) ROTC boy. Where it came from? Not sure. But considering our lovely alma mater is a small-ish rather redneck town in Oregon, it was either KMart, Fred Meyer, or Target (if you made the 12-mile drive to the neighboring, slightly larger town that had a real "mall").

Now to toast...well, need bread. Ahhhh, that's the missing link between wake-up and breakfast. There's nothing to house the butter (the real stuff) and jam while indulging in my coffee in the morning.

Life's been a little jostled since flying the SoCal area for Oregon last week. I've been away from the world, much like the "digital hiatus" that's making it's way through the blogosphere. Sometimes it's nice to just...get away. I like not having to report my every fart, heartbeat, booger, and cocktail. Sometimes life's just a boring piece of shit where the sun shines on the beach and temperatures reach 77 degrees. Sometimes all you want to do is take the dog in for a "pawdicure" - no, I didn't name that. Sometimes all I want to do is throw on my pajamas, contemplate the pain-in-the-ass nature of buying bras online, and how I need a pedicure but just got one while in Oregon.

Oh the life of Mrs. Wookie. Oh so difficult, but oh so easy.

But let's get back to needing bread. Friday's schedule includes something to rectify this.