Thursday, January 3

If made profiles for homeless animals...

Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but I am homeless, so bring me home...maybe....

Name: None
Relationship Status: Currently Homeless
Age: 6 weeks
Date of Birth: "Good Saturday"
Have kids? No.
Want kids? NO! Spay and Neuter your pets, people!
Ethnicity: short-hair "junkyard" cat 
Body Type: Runt

What would you do if the above picture was texted you? Would you swoon? Would you instantly fall head over heels in love with this little fluff ball? Would your heart cry out in shame for wanting to love another creature after your first love (and pooch) tearfully passed away??

There's been a reason for the very quiet blog front.

I. was. in. pain. I. was. depressed.

Never had I felt like I was in a void of thoughts. It was so cloudy in my head that it's difficult for my to remember the time right after we lost Sweet Pea. Two words: It sucked.

And being one to not really delve forth my feelings until after I've had plenty of time to process them (I'm like a man, I "go to my cave and dwell"). But now, with 2013 being upon us - I want to shed a new light on our new life.

There were many aspects to bringing home the cat. Okay, there was one.

Would Mr. Wookie kill me if I did?

He knew I was absolutely miserable. I'd come home from wagging nub to greet me. I'd cry. So I find a reason to come home after Mr. Wookie did - however late that was. I'd go shopping - help numb the pain. I'd go grocery shopping every night - anything to keep me coming home first. Even then, the door would crack and the house would be quiet as I walked into the kitchen, greeting Mr. Wookie already at the helm of the stove. I cried constantly. I stared at Sweet Pea's spot on the floor. I hated life. I hated everything.

But then this little thing was calling my name. I just needed to be continued....


  1. What an adorable little ball of fur!!!!!!!

  2. So adorable! I feel a similar hole in my life. Max, my bullmastiff rescue "puppy" passed away on Thanksgiving with no warning. It hurts so much still. I hope your new friend can help you.

  3. This makes me so sad. I can imagine your pain and it kills me to think that you or anyone else ever goes through that pain. But now that you have a new furry friend. I hope things are getting better!