Monday, November 18

Deployment Survival 101: Be Awesome

The sweet, sweet Ashley @ Eights on the Move threw out an email to me to see if I still had a pulse today. I know, I know, I've been dodging the blog front lately with due reason.
Clearly you're too busy drinking wine & loving up on your kitty to pay any attention to your blog :) So the rest of us want to know how you're doing & what's the latest with Mr. Wookster coming home?! And does 30 suck as much as I think its going to in a few months?
My dear blog and readers, damn, I've been enjoying myself as best as possible during this fun time in life.

This is me. This is my typical night...minus the unEarthing of the workout clothes drawer looking for a bright outfit for a night run. This is an example of the entertaining pictures I take of my cat.

Seriously. I haven't missed the writing. There are times where I think about telling my story, discussing my theories in deployment survival and such, but it's a subject that's been beaten to death like an Oregon Duck by a Stanford Cardinal. A Naval deployment isn't a combat deployment. The aviation community is a small, tight-knit community that has sufficed my social schedule beyond belief. I've emailed the boat, waited for responses, and sent the care packages as requested. And I've received the post cards needed to appease me during his duration away. Oh, and let's not talk about the sunshine, weekends, and wine tasting. :)

And that duration still continues. We have another Homecoming date, but I'm not holding my breath. A nasty typhoon hit the Philippines and I wouldn't put it past Uncle Sam to divert the USS Extended Past Schedule to assist in the recovery efforts. I for one, don't give two shits about humanitarian aid right now. There's plenty of assistance from OCONUS stations. Yup, it's a cold-hearted bitchfest right about now. I just don't care.

So seriously, don't cry for me Argentina worry about me. I'll be just fine. But I'll be sure to turn off my "bitch" switch and maybe start entertaining you with my Deployment Survival 101. First steps: Wine and Whine.

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  1. I die laughing. Err time. And I literally had to go back and find the kitty in the picture because I thought you were just showing us your pile 'o clothes! Thanks for the update, now I can go back to breathing again :)