Sunday, October 5

Goodbye 30.

"Our wrinkles are our medals of the passage of life." -Laura Hutton

My thirtieth year in life was an event. Last night was too - we crushed The Legwarmers at the NORVA.

The 30's. It's definitely not a young person's game. You have to earn 30 (gag). And I've never been happier to accept another year into this decade that was built with an amazing round of 20's. Yesterday I honored my birthday with a trip to Ulta and picked up of a couple things:

It's my thing to pick up a new lip color on my birthday. And at $16, it was a dollar cheaper than advertised. Hello fall-esque deep pink!

I'll gladly accept wrinkles based on one condition - they were earned for laughter and smiles. Though I won't accept them without a fight. Thank goodness I've still got time for the Real Housewives of Hampton Roads amount of Botox, fillers, lifts, lasers, and such.

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