Tuesday, October 9

What's the best way to gain another year?? With friends and family.

Let's just say 'uneventful' would not be the way I would sum up this birthday. It was filled with intense laughter, one tear, a headache (though not mine), Orange and Black, donuts, new purchases, a stuffed carry-on bag, and the Travel Gods that were unbelievably kind.

Yay to another year with health, happiness, and the ability to take life by the horns (impending deployment and all). I've taken for granted the ability to tell my story as I fumbled through my soul-searching thoughts in September. I still don't know why the fall is the time frame to trying to find myself (yet again). But luckily that cloudy sky has passed for much greener, more beautiful, pastures.

Nay to United being a terrible form of travel. Nay to the email notification of flight delay. Nay to the buzz that was wrecked with that information (we were at the Rogue Brewery in PDX, Concourse D representin' y'all!). Nay to the knot that my stomach formed when I dreamed of being forced to sleep in SFO on our layover and missing work today (we connected to avoid paying the $200+/ticket prices that were running around for non-stop flights). And Nay to seeing the clock tick, tick, tick as we descend into SFO and realize our chance of making our connection is zero.

Yay to the Travel Gods for holding our flight (without request) as we're the last two passengers to board. And thankfully only had 2 gates to speed walk to with the meager questioning, "Have the doors closed yet?" Although an extra hour of layover would have given us time to eat - so instead we went hungry on our original connecting flight.

Yay to getting into the 10th Layer of Hell (LAX) on time.

Nay to the hour-plus drive from LAX to Casa de Wookie & Co.

And nay to the less-than-5-hours-sleep that was had. It made for a very interesting day today where I dreamed of toothpicks, naps in my car during my lunch break, and the glorious sleep tonight.

Yay to the mini-vacation that was had before this next stint on the boat. There's a certain routine that's come about each time he leaves dry land for the USS I'm Tired of Work-Ups Already. There's always lots of hugs, kisses, and dinners out to the favorite eateries since boat food resembles prison food. And the last night is no exception as we fine dine on local pizza since, "You can't get good pizza on the boat." Plus this allows me leftovers for a few days while I rock the sweat pants and sing, "All by myyyyssseeelf" Bridget Jones-style.


  1. Yay for good birthdays! That's all anyone can truly hope for on that day isn't it?

  2. We didn't get to see you guys while you were here! Sad! But so glad to hear you two had a good trip (aside from the hiccups).

  3. Super cute pic! I'm loving your hair and shades!!