Thursday, October 4

It's official: We're less than 48 hours out from 29. *gasp*

My heart yearns to be unattached to Uncle Sam and to live in the state that will forever call our names.

My heart fills with joy as I make it another year older while cringing at the mirror noticing the subtle eye wrinkles that are starting to formulate their non-departure status.

My heart worries as travel plans always require utmost patience as traffic happens, delays happen, and the bar might be full.

My heart is excited to see my family tonight after many months of merely Skyping.

My heart is thrilled to meet up with old friends, sharing in the love that is college football.

My heart skips a beat knowing Mr. Wookie and I are going back to our roots.

My heart knows I must bring my "A game" to properly celebrate my birthday (at least in our family).

My heart is thankful for the birthday love already received (thanks Dad #2 and Tay, love you guys!).

My heart realizes that these trips are becoming limited with that looming deployment.

But my heart couldn't be happier. I'm turning 29 with style, some kick-ass confidence, a liver meant for business, family who (usually) loves me, and a boy by my side. 29: Let's do this. Let's make it legen-dary.


  1. Sounds like a great birthday coming your way!

  2. This weekend will be legen.......wait for it.....dary!

  3. Happy Birthday! Kick 29's ass! :)

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have a great weekend with your friends and family :)