Sunday, March 3

Sunday's Sweet Pea Throwback!!

 Would you believe I have to wait a whole year-plus to be the owner of another fabulous drool monster??

Don't get me wrong. Daaaaamn, I want to bring one home RIIIIIIGHT after deployment. Because reintegration would be a total blast with housebreaking another animal. And it's not like English Bulldogs create that much more laundry (bahaha!). But we're veeeeery rational, unfortunately. Our next love (canine love, that is) will be post-PCS to where ever Uncle Sam deems fit (the list is narrow though with his aircraft). So while a new English Bulldog would be the second best birthday gift ever (the first is an NYC trip with Mommy McD!), it'll be a post-settle'd in at our new zip code.

Pluuuus, the upside to leaving California - everything is cheaper. Cheaper to register her (<it'll be a girl again - we love da bitches), cheaper upkeep (food, treats, toys, vet appointments). Although there's still the need to mail Beaver gear to the new bitch, so that'll never change.

And for those who may be wondering: Will the Wookies rescue again?? This new lady is not up to me. I felllll for Miss Sweet Pea (hello, look at that face!!). This next one requires the heart strings of Mr. Wookie. And you better believe I'm going to be theeeeee most annoying housemate ever. "Can we get a dog?" "Have you researched local English Bulldog clubs yet?" "You know what's better than my meatloaf? A dog."

Seriously, most missed pet in my life!! She. was. the. shit. Cropdust? Check. Snort? Yup. And she's the reason I check #bulldogsofinstagram DAILY. I miss the short face. I miss the saggy neck-that-looks-like-a-vag. I miss the piles of drool. And I miss the Kongs. Seriously...Kongs for cats look like butt plugs. Not. so. cute. But yes, Mittens has a Kong too. That's how I know.

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  1. Awe... love this throwback. Can't wait till you get another furry canine to add to your gang!