Friday, March 15

The Wookies Make-Shift POM Leave

POM Leave     noun \ˈpämˈlēv\

1.)  Acronym Definition: "Preparations for Overseas Movement"
2.)  Typical Duration: Two (2) Weeks
3.)  Not guaranteed


So we're doing this...unofficially. Currently I have eye boogers, coffee breath, and the house permeates of blissful swine strips crisping to the perfect "bookmark" stiffness. And there may or may not be a feline lounging across the length of the bed since human legs have been removed and are no longer impeding her space.

And because no blog post is complete without a picture. Here's our cart from our latest mini-Costco trip. We've got the essentials for that day's meal. Margaritas (hers) and Bourbon (his), shrimp cocktail and salad (dinner), Swiffer refills, and apples. Oh, and an undocumented case of Moose Drool. Calories don't count when deployment is pending. It's just preparing for your deployment projects (i.e. working out).

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