Friday, May 31

Deployment Update #1?

I think technically that's correct since it's been good, ol' fashioned crickets on the blog since that boy took off for yonder seas and potentially swampier temperatures (all port calls are up-in-the-air).


So I'll just leave you with our "Donut of Misery" (or as I like to call it, "Countdown Until I Have to Stop Living Like a Frat Guy"). It's not too bad for someone (me) who's gotten used sleeping diagonally, leaving a stack of cereal bowls on his desk (muhaha!), avoiding dishes until the weekend, and sitting on the back deck after a kick-ass day of work Cheers-ing myself with a glass of wine and a cigar.

Yes, I realize I should have been a lesbian.

Here's to Friday! My second one this week...after I woke up this morning, with an extra pep in my step, thinking, "Finally, Friday!"

Screech. And not the Saved by the Bell character. Well that sucks. It's only Thursday.

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