Saturday, June 22

"Skyping" with the USS [Wait] Where's Your 'Stache??

I know, I're thinking a multitude of things...

Mrs. Wookie, why do you keep ninja-smoking it? (aka disappearing)
Mrs. Wookie, where's his 'stache??
Mrs. Wookie, what the heck is this videoconference crap??

Someone doesn't like it when his picture is taken

I don't know how...minus I was told it was something to do with Hawaii and a videofeed with the boat, but the families of our squadron were invited to enjoy 10 minutes of 'face time' with their better halves. In the week leading up the event, I was sure we weren't going to just because we're kinda different than your average Navy couple (I didn't visit San Diego when the boat pulled in for 18 hours because we thought it was a GIANT waste of money, time, and energy). So when the texting/emailing occurred that morning that I needed to be on base (groan) to see his smiling, non-'stached, face I was...well...irritated.

Ummm, hello. This email about a video feed has been on the radar for weeks. Then with an hour left until I need to be on base of all places, I'm supposed to drop everything to spend 10 minutes talking to you via a 4-second delayed video feed?? You couldn't have told me you wanted to do know...not the day-of?? I said, we're not your average Navy couple. We're not enthralled in Navy swag, shopping solely at the Commissary, I don't wear the "wings" necklaces that so many spouses/girlfriends wear (I haven't earned any wings, so why would I wear them?), and we don't advertise his occupation.

But I went because I didn't want to seem like a bitch. :)

Yes, he's deployed. Yes, he sees the same faces every day without the relaxation of a 5 o'clock that's on land where your awesome Mrs. Wookie pours you a Bourbon and asks about your day (despite her day being equally awesome at her job). So yes, I went to give him a little 'pep in his step' since our gChat in Thailand sucked because that country's idea of "good wifi" is 1992 dial-up.

So there I sat for 11 minutes actually. We exchanged our most recent days' events (his sorties, my sales). He asked how the Sheriff was (since it was Father's Day) and that he needed to email his dad also. We also talked home life, responsibilities, post-deployment traveling plans, that move that keeps being pushed further away, and how I'll be expecting post cards from Thailand. :) (Yes!)

And why is the 'stache gone?? Sweat + 'stache apparently isn't appealing. Shucks.


  1. I love your take on being a military spouse. It's exactly like my friend Shanna who is currently stationed in Germany with her Air Force husband. While the wives on base do things like wear FLIGHT SUIT DRESSES (their husbands are F16 pilots), and give themselves call names they didn't earn, Shanna is drinking wine and wondering why these women define themselves by their HUSBANDS jobs.

    Ahhhhhh refreshing to have normal ladies out there. You guys would love each other.

  2. I love how modern you are - makes me feel a little more "normal" for not being the Navy wife clothed in my husband's PT gear all day clipping coupons to drag my 4 kids kicking & screaming through the aisles of the commissary :)