Saturday, April 5

so wait, where are you living?

So yes, where am I living? It's an interesting story, it really is. Ready? Okay, we go.

I'm still in California, soaking up the sun, and living the dream....on an airbed. Remember that time where I was hustling like a pimp to keep my job remotely? Well, snap, this fish is still employed with her company! I'm "unfortunately" lagging behind in sunny, amazing California while he's caravan'd ahead to score us some digs and set up the Wookie & Co. Remote Office Space! It was a great mutual decision that technically leaves our family separated for a few months, but for the sake of dual income...WILL TAKE IT!

Woop woop.

The big news came after the New Year when I was called into the boss' office. I was told to take a seat and I was preparing for the worse. 10 minutes later my smile was larger than Kim Kardashian's ass and the text went off to the gorilla,

"Prep the champagne for tonight."

He probably assumed I scored another huge deal and just wanting to celebrate. [My other huge deal was a record for my department - can you imagine if they didn't keep me??? Record sales rep gone!] Instead we had even more good news and the brainstorming began for how we would tackle this new "challenge."

So until I'm ready to go across, he's hustling like a boss setting up our new home. Though he does have me to contend with. I'm kind of annoying...."Babe, how goes it? Pictures??" I want to feel included with the move-in, I want to feel like I'm helping and have a minute say in decorating (though not like I need it - he's gay in that department).

He's a punk and only gave one picture the day our shat was delivered. Doesn't he know I'm needy? I want to feel a part of the move-in, not that I'm just lounging in California, sipping wine, enjoying the beach, hanging with friends, and making eggs benedict - you know, that I have my priorities in life!

At least he's being honest with the unpacking - priorities first: decorate the fridge, the rest will follow.


  1. Love the new look. (Which I'm like 100 posts behind... so for all I know it's looked new around here for ages) Anyway! Glad to hear he is back [ish]. Hope y'all are reunited soon!

  2. I'm so excited for you guys!!!! And dude, how awesome that you're rocking it out career-wise? That's like UNHEARD OF for military spouses/significant others. I'm heading out west in a few weeks - alone thanks to those ever-extended deployments. Ugh.