Sunday, January 8

Don't call me the coffee bitch.

For Christmas, I got a wonderful thing. So did Middle Sister. We both wanted, and received, electric kettles on our lists as they're a great way of having tea-ready water click off without having to run from the couch to the stove to pull off the whistling 1950's counterpart. It's great. With a short click, the water is hot and resting for a few minutes while I finish reading a blogpost, emailing Kim Jong Un about how he's now match for Gingers, or throwing a tennis ball for dumb dog to run off after and then not find because it rolled behind a paper bag (she's....dense).

Mr. Wookie didn't take into consideration the ramifications that an electric kettle would presume. Usually I wake up with him but he hops in the shower. So I mosey into the kitchen since I can't begin my day with an IV of Cheerios. And because I'm nice, I usually start the coffee so we're both not angry assholes at work just because our caffeine supply isn't there.

Well.... introduce the electric kettle....and goodbye morning coffee. I've been a mood lately for the past week or so that coffee wasn't what I was feeling. I wanted something lighter and less of a pain in the ass in the morning than dumping the grounds, rinsing the filter (we use the gold reusable one - what else do you really expect from Oregonians??), and make the coffee. Now tea involves wake up, stumble to kitchen, pet pooch, pour cereal, click down kettle, read blogs, slurp cereal, spill a little on my keyboard, hear water click ready.

Oh, You wanted coffee??

"That was a bad idea getting you that thing."

Well....yes and no. Yes, because my niceness in the morning has reduced to green tea, Yogi tea, or something sweet like a passionfruit or raspberry tea. You want coffee...well...if I get around to it. So now we've semi-stopped making coffee in the morning since Mr. Wookie can acquire it at the squadron and there's into too bad of a selection either.

I have a feeling that the coffee maker will come highly neglected come the upcoming TAD periods. Mr. Wookie will be gone for weeks at a time and with my new friend the electric kettle, my mornings are looking incredibly easier. The worst will be crawling my ass out of bed when there's a snuggling dog butt going crazy that she got to sleep on the bed. This is awesome. But the daylight is slowly increasing so soon we'll be back to our 5:30am wake-up calls for longer morning walks - because this bad owner has difficulty waking up when the stars are still out. Good thing pooch doesn't mind evening walks.

I think Mr. Wookie will like my new toy though. I've made him a quart of iced tea this morning. Maybe he'll see it is for good, and not all evil.


  1. I should get an electric kettle. I hate the sound of a regular kettle.

  2. I'm just amazed at the ability to wake up early enough to make coffee or tea. :)