Thursday, January 5

Who doesn't love Mr. Wookie??

Get in line. Yes, I haven't been up to blogging mainly because I've been lazy, busy, more lazy, uninterested, and...well...lazy. Sometimes when I'm bored, I don't feel the need to entertain you with the monotony. There are dishes, there's coffee in the morning, there's recovering from Christmas in both financial means and mentally. I wrote a post about how I don't know what I'm doing next year for Christmas because he won't be here and I'm not sure about what sort of time off I can get then either.

I was told today that "Woman, my family demands more bloggin." Shit. Well...get in line. My family complains all the time. Well guess what...

Apparently I need to be better on the ball. Maybe this weekend will be better. Of course I say this all the time. But then again, let's think about the New Year resolution I set for myself.


Well I'm awesome naturally, maybe I need to apply that to blogging.

Dear mojo, come back to me.

In other words around here, January is in full bloom of 80-degree weather during my lunch break so I'm soaking in the rays while reading a new book. Let me tell you. Life is rough.

Tonight we scrounged for dinner and had leftovers. Saturday we have the final party of a squadronmate who's making his way back to the E-2 RAG at NAS Norfolk, to which hopefully we survive. Dear tequila, please avoid me. Thanks.

Okay, I'm bored again. Mrs. Wookie signing off. Where's the tonic?

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  1. When you find your mojo, could you break a little piece off for me? I have so many posts built up in my head and ZERO gumption to do them.