Saturday, January 7

It's almost that time. Almost 1 year.

Tomorrow is the big day. The big day when we didn't tell anyone we were on our way to a small adoption event for English Bulldogs just looking to browse and see if there any we could meet on a one-on-one basis. Instead, our dumb selves brought home an overweight basketcase of a slobbery mess and decided to be pet owners.

I don't know if Mommy McD forgives me for not letting in the secret. Oh well...she did the same.

I'm now the sad soul who's work desktop background is of my dog. *ring ring* "Yes, this is Therapy, how can I help you?" I validate it by getting a squeal out of my boss saying how cute she is - umm...yes...yes, she is. Don't let it fool you though. Her methane butt-trumpets can clear a room.

We're deciding what to do with her tomorrow. You know, since her lease is up.

Okay, okay, we're debating what to do to celebrate. I think In 'N Out is the perfect plan.


  1. Aww celebrate away! I think In n Out will be perfect, I am sure Sweetpea is going to expect a little going to her though as well. haha

  2. Ok, so without reading this - I got on Facespace to wish SP a happy birthday.

    I don't know how to post on your wall anymore.

    Also, We went to buy fish filters - not a dog. The adoption fair just *happened* to be going on... :)

    Happy Birthday Sweet Pea!!!

  3. Bahaha love it, again.
    Happy anniversary to her!