Tuesday, April 24

I love you. But you can leave now.

This whole work-ups cycle is an interesting one. While I still am not used to having plans change on me literally the night before his bags are packed and by the front door (hello...there's snuggling with my pooch to do), there's a certain amount of hair growth on the peaches when Uncle Sam requires a couple weeks ago. And if I could have it my way, I'd much rather have the Japan-esque type of deployment that Mr. Wookie's sister squadron is more accustomed to (out for a few months, in for a few months, like clockwork).

Instead, there's us. A squadron that's been stagnant for more than a year as the USS Defending Freedom has been in the docks prepping for its next great adventure for Mr. Wookie's squadron. And with that, you can sense the amount of backlog that karma has stored up for the next available deployment for these guys. It wasn't too long ago that we went to the Squadron Pre-Deployment Meeting (gulp). While some of it was information that I kinda had my head wrapped around (i.e. scheduled auto-drafts from Mr. Wookie's personal account to the home account), some things made me panic...despite having months left in this preparation. I don't have a will yet. We need to have passwords written down. And our bed hasn't been pimped out yet.

Wait? What? Mrs. Wookie....that's not on a deployment checklist.

It's not? Hello....if he's going to be spending months on a boat with a bunch of dudes, few ladies, port calls being the only brink of sanity, and a plethora of flight hours being chalked....I'm going to be sleeping in a glorious new bed. It's only fair, right? I must be comfortable. I'm keeping this sad homefire lit. I want plush and cozy. :)

But let's break out the ground rules first. We're not actually dropping money on a new bed. Our mattress is still within an appropriate lifespan for a mattress, so I'm happy to not part with the coin for a new mattress. Those things aren't cheap. So if I'm able to put a little blush, lipstick, and mascara on my current digs - I'll do just that.

So first up: new sheets. :) And because I'm never one to drop full-price...thank you Tuesday Morning for the sateen sheets. They're gorgeous and crisp. And add a punch of color to the room. Don't know what Tuesday Morning is? Think Ross...but for home items (also similiar to a Home Goods, but that's a good 20-mile drive from me). It's fabulous. Not a beautiful store, but beautiful prices on things.

Next up: a featherbed. :) Although that's something that will require parting with a little bit of hard-earned money. I've got my eye on one and a half-off coupon up my sleeve (what up!). So when sound sleep is expected while kickin' it with the dog as I fight for sanity against having conversations with the resident canine, I'm getting that 2" of luxury beneath my body.

I hope Mr. Wookie isn't feeling too much like his bum is being kicked to the boat already. I hope he feels instead it's the training needed to survive the long months where he's emailing me from the Ready Room the 3 sentences that are his typical response to my novela-like emails. I've got something planned for him as well. It rhymes with 'shmail shmorder shbride."


  1. Wait, pimping out the bed isn't on the official deployment checklist? I totally have plans to do that as soon as Spike leaves. (Departure got pushed back a few weeks. Not that I'm complaining, but GAHHH!!!) I also insisted that Spike and the neighbor throw out their backs by switching the upstairs couch and the downstairs couch. We all have our ways of coping, right? I mean, if we "other halves" have to sit here alone, we might as well do it in style and comfort, with a drink in our hands.

  2. See.. I'm the opposite.. the bed is being replaced when hubs returns from deployment. I was content with sleeping in the same ole same ole.. but 2 humans and a rather larger fur child make it hard to sleep in a queen bed... just saying.