Tuesday, April 10

Time to Swiffer duster the blog.

Check one, two....check, check...key strokes still here, fingers still working...

Want to know what the menu looks like this week? Well this is it. You guessed it. Mrs. Wookie is sleeping...well technically alone, since we're classifying Sweet Pea's allowance on Mr. Wookie's side of the bed for 7+ days away from the house. This run will be less than that time frame, so she's shafted to the dog bed. It it were up to me, we'd have a King-sized bed, she'd sleep in the middle, and her butt would face Mr. Wookie. But instead, since I like cuddling next to the resident Caveman and not smelling the asinine creations of the dog's backside...we're rocking the Queen.

I know, I know....it's been cobwebs on this here blog, and I feel like I have a good excuse for it.

No, it's not wine.

No, it's not vodka.

No, it's not a side life as a freckle model.

Oh goodness, I would die!

Instead, it's been a technical issue. In order to blog (successfully) in my opinion, you need 3 things. A laptop, a battery, and a charger. I have a laptop. Check. And as of a week ago, I've had a new battery. However, when you buy a more powerful battery to make your blogging more powerful (ha!), the sad charger of yesteryear is left being about as effective as Viagra with a geriatric coma patient. Yup, I need more power. Cue the Tim Taylor grunt.

So what's en route via USPS (what, no tracking numbers!?)?? My new charger. Thanks to Amazon for a new 90W charger without the mark up of Dell.com. I can't wait for you to come visit me. And be my friend. Because then I won't be tethered to the bloody wall with a freakin' cord stuck to the side of my computer.

I've tired of not having a real laptop. Instead, I have an ass mark in my couch since I'm stuck needing to draw power through the wall since my new battery isn't capable of actually charging on the low wattage adapter. So as soon as that cord arrives in my mailbox, I'll be doing the Ritz all the way to daily blogging entries (or at least more frequent than my blooger-flickin' existence).

My ultimate goal is to blog during my tediously long one-hour lunch break and make it useful. While reading is useful and entertaining when it's nonfiction and worthwhile, sometimes a Ginger likes to blog about the stupid crap that's going on her life (and sometimes a Ginger wants to make readers jealous with her mad hammock lounging, Vegas vacations, and COCKTAILS!). So wish me luck. And wish USPS a fast delivery time otherwise I may have to resort to poppin' more corks.

Or even when the charger does get here, I'll still be poppin' corks. Hello...Uncle Sam is never kind.

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  1. I am jealous of your hammock lounging, Vegas vacations and cocktails. I must admit. :) It has been awfully quiet in this neck of the woods. I will be hoping for a quick charger arrival.