Sunday, April 22

Lady, enough with the hiatuses...


I have good news! We...have....a working charger for the laptop! And the crowd goes wild! With only a few headaches with chargers not working, there's finally light at the end of my tunnel.  I'm sitting at my dining room table and enjoying the free range (like chickens) that a laptop really does apply. Now if only the bloody marine layer would take a vacation and give me freakin' sunshine, I'd be a lot happier. My hammock is meant for peace and comfort time - not pants and Columbia fleece time.

It's been shockingly over 6 months since I ditched the psuedo-Mad Men gig of a design studio for the better-paying job in the e-commerce division of a major distributor (think Dunder Mifflin's Infinity website - but actually successful). With that has come more money and better benefits (I think everyone can agree this is good). Well...with more money comes that slow crossing off of things we've wanted for the house. You know, the big ticket items. Where big dollars are dropped. Like a compost bucket. Okay, okay, that's not big ticket...but it's been on the list for months, I just haven't found something I liked. No ceramic, no less-than-a-gallon capacity, no filters needed. Yes to dishwasher-friendly, yes to tolerably cute, yes to free shipping. *Purchased* Due here Thursday.

I don't want to onslaught with the world's longest blog post since there's so much to catch up on, there's just this overwhelming feeling that 2012 is taking a dump on me. January wasn't the easiest of months, and life has continued to play cruel games as Uncle Sam is desiring more time on the boat before deployment even begins. So while deployment may not be record setting in length, we're all thinking from here on out (until PCS) he'll be gone most of the time.

Oh, and I apologize in advance if you've seen some of the varying templates that I've been sweating and swearing over. Apparently asking for a new *free* 2-column, minimalist  blog template with a 960px header is asking for a gay man to have bad fashion sense. Impossible. So unless you have ideas, recommendations, or charitable designers that allow payment with vodka shots and 2 Advil...I continue my search.


  1. We've missed you! Can't wait to get some more updates. Ooo composter! You crunchy granola Oregonian you!

    As far as blog designs. just started doing people's blogs and I'm pretty sure she is still doing it for free. And, is in that same category as well.

  2. I thought my redheaded friend had gone MIA.. for real.