Saturday, September 29

Why hire the military wife?

The words, "She's a military wife, just moved here." rang out...and I froze.

We're interviewing a Navy wife. Oh, my, I remember my first post-PCS job search. It's nightmaringly stressful, but completely self-imposed. I know what it's like to want to just find a job. You just want income. You don't care where.

But then, you find a job and it absolutely sucks. So you quit with a simple email. Because two-weeks notice was not something I was going to even give them the courtesy of. They didn't deserve it, just like I didn't deserve being lied to in the interview process.

We're interviewing a Navy wife. Wait, what? We're interviewing an open-to-revealing-her-transient-status military wife? Man, that's ballsy - I never dropped that piece of knowledge in an interview. I wonder if she's had better luck with that move? Maybe I should try that next time I'm trolling for work. Maybe she's on to something.

We're interviewing a Navy wife. But what if I want to be the only military-attached at my job. What if I want all the sympathy and glory about "my sacrifices?" What if I don't want to share?

We're interviewing a Navy wife. Oh snap, what if we hire her...and she knows everything about the lifestyle...and starts dropping the knowledge bombs about order-cutting timeframes, etc. I've made my words very carefully to not ever make assumptions to my duration or potential moves. And I won't until it's that time. So what if she sells me out...or starts asking too many questions...or...or...or...

We're interviewing a Navy wife. Now I start feeling conflicted - on one hand, part of me wants to make sure she's taken care of and finds new work after her move. Then on the other hand, I feel like special circumstances shouldn't be given to her just because she moved. I believe that finding work post-PCS is about your credentials, skills, and meshing with the right job - not just any job. That's how unhappiness is bred.

We're interviewing a Navy wife. I wonder what base she's attached to, what her husband does, how long he's been in, and what awesome travels they've had.

We're interviewing a Navy wife. 

Good thing I don't actually make the decisions to hire - I don't know what I would do. And I feel terrible for actually wanting to discredit a woman solely because of her husband's occupation, but I now "get it" - although my opinion is more on the side of wanting to keep the lifestyle slightly muddled. When you finally join the "real Navy," outside of flight school and moving every 6 months, things settle down and you're able to have more of a real life - as opposed to being a Kmart checker for 6 months (I'd honestly rather die, quit, and work at Target instead - hello, discount!). I honestly thought our part of California is so rare for military action that I wouldn't see another military girlfriend/wife looking for work post-PCS. Well hello, I was wrong.

Welcome military-attached lady, best of luck to your job search - may you find something that you love at this duty station.


  1. I'm doing the job search thing now. It's not easy, and I'm sure I get judged for being the wife of a soldier. I just want the chance to prove I can be awesome at a job.

  2. Haha, good thing you aren't in charge of hiring. Sounds like you are way too conflicted to know what should be done :)