Thursday, August 1

Where did July go?

Somehow we've turned the page on another month during this year, and during this deployment. I honestly don't know where the 31 days of July went to aside from July 25th = Mr. Wookie's grand birthday.

Maybe August will slow down for me so I can enjoy the awesome summers that California offers.

This month will include a bit of movement and I'm ready.

* I convinced the "Knives Group" to do a "Color Run 5K" as a bonding experience and something to get everyone out of the house. The moms have scheduled sitters, and I'll have the cooler ready with beer on ice as we celebrate adding laundry to the pile. And since we have a couple pregnant ladies in the group too, that's a built-in DD that will surely be taken advantage of - CAR BAR!

* I will be taking time off work to hit up Saaaaaaan Fraaaaancisco in style as I visit the Sheriff and Mama Ging. We'll do the obvious: the effin' Winchester House of Mystery (my first time!), catch a baseball game, eat the shit outta China Town, maybe sip some wine, drag my dad shopping, and much more. Also, I'll be gaining 5 lbs since this will be an indulgent vacation and enjoying the post-vacation thigh touching as I lean back in my work chair and think, "Can I do that again?"

* There are more hikes to be had since my break from Oregonian nature.

* And I hope to mark on the calendar a visit from Middle Sister and her Dr. Husband!! (hint, Trac, hint)

But until these travels and visitations, I'll just continue to struggle typing out, "8.1.13" at work, pay rent again, and rip another month from deployment's calendar that's somehow passed by so quickly (minus the ever-painful waiting for email responses since the boat may or may not have experienced "Internet failure" - just awesome). 

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