Tuesday, September 3

The actual email title: "Murphy's Law hits us."

The below is the exact cut-and-pasted email that was sent to Mr. Wookie on the boat. I had been so careful to not overwhelm him with anything slightly mopey on land since he's responsible for a very expensive asset aboard ship. So you can imagine the quick deterioration that happened while I was at work trying to remain calm. I played coy at the end of July, but I was a ulcer-forming wreck.

"Hi babe,

I just wanted to let you know that I just got a call from Scott [property manager]...

The owners are wanting to sell the house and we have a few options with our lease and such [we got a little over 30 days notice - umm, thanks for the advanced warning??]. The owners are still working out the details with the real estate agent, and I gave my phone number as contact for the property, but they're not sure yet on how to proceed with us and our lease that's set to expire in August [so much for that POA we got before he left].

There are all the options that could happen to us...

Option #1: Our lease isn't renewed by the seller's request. We're out on lease ending.

Option #2: Our lease is allowed to go month-to-month while the house is on the market. We get 30-days notice to be out once the property is in escrow.

Option #3: Our lease is allowed to go month-to-month. The seller's price the house too high, they have zero buying interest, and we stay put until we PCS [in like 6 months].

Option #4: ?????????????????????????? [yes, multiple question marks were required]

Obviously yes, I'm freaking out...and I did tell Scott that you're deployed. So maybe that'll have an effect on the owners and they'll feel sorry for us, but I honestly doubt it.

a.) It took months to find where we're at now. I don't want to be stuck living in someplace terrible while we're here in case we don't leave right away.

b.) Part of me wants to move out now just so the owners don't make income from our rent [fuckers!]. Although I'll continue to do the yardwork and such so we get the full deposit back.

c.) Do we consider apartments and 1-bedroom options since we're only here for so much longer and just storage stuff?

This is obviously not the email I wanted to send today. I'm sorry babe. If it's not one thing, it's another. I did call my dad because I was caught off guard with the phone call, and he said that he and my mom would be willing to come down and help with a move if it's needed while you're still gone. So I'm not completely alone. And there's obviously Nancy [NFO girlfriend], Gwen [pilot wife], and anyone else that's free to help.

And I'm curious, is there any Navy assistance with us being forced out of our home potentially in paying for move assistance? I know [callsign:] "Little Buddy" had help, but is it the same?

[Nope. Our friend, the pilot, was renting a home that went into foreclosure - completely different from our circumstances of our owners being asshats and not renewing our lease. I had everyone researching for me. The only way we would have assistance would be to move on base.

Nope. Not gonna happen for a couple reasons - like government paperwork AND we're not "on base" people. I'd rather cut off a toe than live in the fishbowl atmosphere of base living.]

Thanks babe - I love you [sorry for the mush]. You know that. And Parker [new check-in] left today and is due to you end of this week-ish. He'll have a manila envelope for you. Let me know when you have it. Your debit card is in there along with a birthday present.

Love, me (and my freak outs) :)"

So yeah...that happened. We've recovered, moved, restocked the bar supply, and as-of-last-night hung pictures on the wall. And Mittens is getting used to 'indoor' life since our new neighborhood is non-outdoor cat only.

Mr. Wookie's family: If you don't know that this happened, don't act surprise. You know your son. :) Email me for the dirty details for our new address. Welcome gifts in person are accepted!


  1. Ho-lee f*ck! Way to handle that like a champ, MW!

  2. Ugh, so annoying and shitty. Our landlord did that to us a couple weeks after my husband returned home from deployment. So annoying. I'll have another beer in honor of your annoyance and awesomeness. The baby's gonna sleep good tonight...