Wednesday, July 31

A little inspiration.

If we don't change, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we aren't really living.
-Gail Sheehy 

I'm a big advocate of being a "creature of habit." I love the same ol' boring routine, with the slight changes in plans that are formulated far in advance. Uncle Sam never knows it, but I have my life always planned out at least 2 years. I can tell you Christmas this year will be in sunny California thanks to Christmas landing on a Wednesday and my work schedule being, "You're working Tuesday and Thursday, so enjoy!" And I can tell you Christmas for 2014, if we're back on the East Coast, will be with Mr. Wookie's side of the family (whom I love and adore, and don't see enough of) in either North Carolina or Ohio.

Ah, yes...and then there's Murphy who likes to take a big, steaming dump on my plans and throw a NASA-sized wrench into my pretty little day planner that's marker'd in my daily, monthly, and yearly plans. 

Murphy, you suck.

But then you have to think of that age-ol' adage that your mother constantly nagged at you in your childhood, "Everything happens for a reason."

Yes, Mother, like I neeeeeeeed another reason for a 4th vodka tonic in one evening.

So for the near future I'll play coy and mess with you, dear readers. I practice my anxiety-sparing breathing techniques, I enjoy a glass of wine after I crawl into bed and troll YouTube for Louis C.K. clips, and feed the ulcer that's developing on the right side of my stomach.

August 2010 in North Carolina
Mr. Wookie acts as an Illegal Alien at the local Home Depot and, "Me gusta trabajar."

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