Saturday, December 31

2012: The Year of the Ginger

Next year will be mine. I'm sure of it. Okay, maybe not sure of it. But I feel like it'll be pretty good. I mean, hello, I just had my 28th birthday. Even-numbered birthdays are the shit. 24: awesome. 26: awesome. 28: has to be awesome, right??

Next year we'll (awesomely) ring in the anniversary of ADOPTION DAY!!

The deployment work-ups will be in full swing as multi-week exercises are scheduled, leaving me with the need to figure out how to stay sane while cooking for one. Okay, okay, I need to first find sanity in cooking. Then figure out the whole 'cooking for one' bit. But somehow I'll figure it out.

Tonight is going to be lame. Well...okay, maybe not lame, but we feel that NYE is always so anti-climatic. Last year I called it a night at 10:30pm. The New Year will be there in the morning. And morning drunk is always better than late night drunk. So that's what I did.

Now I'm taking a break from cleaning out my closet for clothes I just don't wear anymore. Tops that I've shrunk so they lost sleeve length, clothes I don't fit in anymore (not fat pants, but those extra fat pants), and things like that are going to the Women's Mission on Monday. It cleans out my closet and it helps lucky ladies rock some cute clothes.

For next year I have zero resolutions. Zilch. Because I did such an awesome job at last year's. Run a shit-ton? Nope. Read a shit-ton? Nope. Travel a shit-ton? Nope. So this year is different. No resolutions. Okay, well maybe one. Be awesome. I'll enjoy having Mr. Wookie around when he is, I'll enjoy sleeping with the dog when he's not, and I'll enjoying having all the tonic to myself and can buy the small bottles because I know I don't need a quart at a time to suffice both our needs.

I have a hammock. I have sunscreen. And I have a dog that knows she's not allowed on the hammock and instead lounges next to the house where it's not toasty warm at a perfect 78 degrees.

Have a safe and happy New Year. And remember: Don't drink and drink. You may hit a curb and spill your beer.

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  1. The year of the ginger sounds just perfect. No resolutions for me either.. they are "goals" and more than likely they won't happen. But who cares?!

    I am 6 months into a deployment and still haven't figured out cooking for one. Or two for that matter. I hate cooking. My husband hates that I don't cook.. but he can cook. So all is well.. when he is here that is.

    Okay well happy New Year!