Tuesday, September 18

I don't even know what to say about myself.

Hi. Have you missed me? Let's pretend we're on a date. But a cute local cafe, and not a chain restaurant. Mmmkay?

My name is Mrs. Wookie. I like half hour naps on my hammock (15 minutes front, 15 minutes back) in my swimsuit. Yes, we live on a golf course. Yes, Mr. Wookie yells at me that I'm going to blind the golfers. Haha - very funny.

Oh wait, we're on a date.

Let's make it a girl date.

So I've been with Mr. Wookie for many years, although we're just now facing our first cycle of work-ups and his upcoming deployment. And...I'm just trying to find myself. I want to strike that perfect balance between he's got all the love and affection via text and email, and I've got all the projects necessary to keep me from OD'ing on Real Housewives marathons.

It ain't pretty 'round here. But you ladies know this.

Oh, and I haven't had wine since Saturday night. Aaaand, I may have gotten a contact high from my friend's downstairs neighbors (we spent the night killing 2 bottles of wine, watching cheesy television, and later realizing we were really hungry).

[If you are a friend on Facebook, you know we also woke up to the smell of pot in the morning.]

So yeah...that was my Saturday night. I woke up 2 hours before she did, so I made a cup of tea and read Food & Wine magazine. Oh, the things you do during deployment: sleepovers, brunches, dinners, picnics, shopping, beach trips, sewing projects, picking up turtles off the floor (seriously), new electronics, yard work, and not washing my car.

More about me?

I like having shorter toe nails. I don't keep my fingernails long either. I only shower every other day. But I love dry shampoo (because of this). I prefer not to cook, but to chop everything necessary for dinner. This is where Mr. Wookie comes into play. He's the chef in our home. So when Uncle Sam requires Mr. Wookie's ability to work in an aircraft, reality sets in that I HAVE TO COOK ALL MY MEALS.

Le sigh.

I have a Size 8 shoe. I used to rock 3-inch heels for fun, but now I prefer shorter heels and flats so the midgets in my life feel adequate when they stand next to me. That and Mr. Wookie is a mere inch taller than me. And I don't like to squat to kiss.

Any questions? Will my blogging be more routine? I know, tell me about it. I'm trying....


  1. Oh man... No wine? Sounds like an emergency! And I'm totally a short nails person too! They always comment on it at the salon... And I'm like whats your point? It all costs the same!

  2. Sorry, we're at TGIFridays on our pretend date. Complete with flair. Lots and lots of flair.