Monday, September 3

Labor Day: Cue the BBQ, beverages, and lawn mowing.

It's early afternoon and I've already been up, made my dish to share for a BBQ (zucchini salad), attended said BBQ, stared intently at toddlers wondering what in God's green Earth they're mumbling (I don't speak Toddler), and hoping there'd be enough cupcakes for the rug rats and me. Yes, I wanted a cupcake. And thought sometimes the adults should be fed first when it comes to the little things in life.

I didn't want to wait for all the kids to put their grubby hands all over the frosting. Does a 2 year old really need a cupcake like a hormonal Mrs. Wookie does?? No! But I patiently waited and hoped the kids would lose interest and see something shiny instead. Kids would grab a cupcake and run to tell others, "Hey, there's cupcakes!" Why are you telling others there are cupcakes?!?! It's called not sharing. You should try it.

Le sigh. But thankfully I got one. Life's rough when you don't have wine AND there's the chance you might not get a cupcake either. And that'd be a crime against humanity.

But with the remainder of the day, I'm realizing that we're getting into the 'time off' season of the year - my favorite!

Today is a day that honors the American workforce - because basically we're badass (what up, 'Merica!). I'll be honest, there are just so many days that are not applicable to me (International Mustache Day, I Don't Drink Day, Anti-Redhead Day), that I embrace the day that celebrates my staunch feminist grasp on attempting a career. Yay, I 'labor' at a computer desk 5 days a week. Give me a day! So they do. Thanks Congress.

For some Labor Day signifies the beginning of fall, but my Californian address has no idea what fall is...colder temperatures? Turtle necks? Huh? Ohhhh, you mean pumpkin beer. Now I'm with you.

But back to the "time off" season...

Next month comes my *holy gulp* birthday. Mr. Wookie is so lucky he's missing the month-prior's anxiety-fueled panic of getting another year older. Uncle Sam, you sneaky employer... November is the "We gave smallpox to the Indians" celebration (blargh, Thanksgiving). And lastly December is the best season ever with the holidays, real Christmas trees, stocking, 5-lbs weight gain, and Christmas spice beer. :)

Wait, where was the blogpost going?

I don't know. Either way, Labor Day has been excellent so far. I've been fed. What more could you ask for?

Oh, wait, on that note. I'd like to ask for the yard to be mowed. But I'm pretty sure that I felt a rain drop outside. And that's a sign from the Wine Gods to, Mrs. Wookie, the lawn can wait a day. Why don't you stay inside today, finish the laundry, make the bed, and finishing dusting the house?

Wine Gods, you drive a hard bargain.


  1. I found the best solution ever to not having to share your cupcakes. (Actually, my friend did.) She made margarita cupcakes. The frosting has tequila in it, which is not cooked off. Obviously, you can't give little kids Jose Cuervo Silver. That would just be wrong.

  2. The wine gods always speak at that perfect moment in time to make the day fabulous and not "wine"y. See what I did there?!

    Bahahahaha :)