Saturday, September 22

The boys (and few girls) are back in town.

This week, the "tri-walls" were packed back up and the crew and team all cheerfully packed their bags and said, "I f***ing hate you NAS No Man's Land." Or at least that's definitely what Mr. Wookie thought as he POV'd home on Thursday. That place is no place for sanity (so sorry if you're stationed there - you know who you are!). But it's official - that was his last time there before we leave California.

It's all so surreal. Time. is. limited. Albeit we still have a year-plus should Mr. Wookie get extended (fingers crossed!).

For the past few weeks, I've been lost in a funk. But like last year's funk...I don't realize it until I've snapped out, lol. How smart am I? And I don't really know what it is about September that really sours my mood. Is it the constant aging that happens in September? I go from rockin' at 28 to SLIDIN' INTO EFFIN' 29. I'm so delusional about my age that I routinely keep writing "27" at places like the eye doctor, dentist, Alcoholic's Anonymous. Okay, two out of three of those places is correct. You guess which it is.

Obviously last year was well warranted since I was making ZERO money at my other job. Not that there's anything wrong with not making money....oh wait, there is. It's called, "What can you do in life without money?" Umm...nothing. You can live in your car. And that sounds just peachy.

But we've moved up and on - and I'm more entertained with my job than anything. I mean, there's nothing wrong with working at Petco for minimum wage (hello, discount!), but for someone with a love for marketing, social media, and e-communications, that's just not the place for me. I'd prefer to be someplace that gives me dual monitors, customers, and a place to use my college degree (which is in English, by the way, so I'm that douche that picks out your typos and tells you that the product code, "MOUNTIT" has the word "tit" in it. Some people just don't assume everyone is a pervert.

But slowly life is returning in the couple weeks Mr. Wookie he's home. Then it'll be back to a one-human household. BUT LET'S NOT FOCUS ON HIM LEAVING....AGAIN.

Let's focus on the fact that he was able to come home a day earlier than everyone else. Eeeeeek.

That was nice. I drove us to dinner to keep it a secret. He enjoyed two beers at dinner. And then we came home to watch the marathon of Big Bang Theory that was on TBS. It's the little things in life that are worthwhile.

And the little words - like "Bazinga."


  1. Yay for y'all! No more time at NAS BFE, as I prefer to call it :)

  2. Yay! I must admit this whole leaving a bunch but not for very long has me all kinds of confused! Lol.