Friday, August 19

Day #1 of a 3.7 mile relocation

Yes, I did make a non-Pam Anderson home movie for my family to tour my new digs and relay our new address of Home With A Yard. So she can now mock the kitchen tile, cringe at the lack of grass (it'll be sod'd), and giggle at the panting dog who doesn't know what to think of a yard and tried to eat the long blades of grass (really dog?).

Screen shot of my home movie. I had to rummage the boxes for a make-shift bowl for the pooch since it was a little hot and she was panting like crazy. Can't be a bad owner, can I??

But let me complain about how easy I thought this move would have been...

1.) We live in a very anal HOA where you are required to have a visitor parking pass, so I found out today how many people you'll see in the elevator when you try moving boxes mid-day. So my new plan is NIGHT OPS.

2.) If I have to yell one more time, "Dog, get the f*** outta my way!" I will lose my mind and she might lose her life. She's paranoid she's being left behind so she's tailingmyeverymove.

3.) I ran outta tape.

4.) Flip-flops aren't appropriate moving shoes.

5.) It's supposed to be a "nice weekend" here in just-North-of-Malibu. Just what I need...sunshine and sweat.

6.) It's a bitch to load things out to the car. Unlock car. Load things in car. Re-lock car. Walk back into building. Paranoid much? Yes. Remember, we have neighborhood security because the outlying area is a little sketchy.

But the good now...

1.) Within 5 minutes of my first delivery, I met the neighbor across the street when she saw me unloading golf clubs. Sadly, they were Mr. Wookie's so I think she was bummed I can't join her for a round robin.

2.) I did remember to bring over one roll of toilet paper should nature call and I didn't want to be unprepared.

3.) We have a yard to which Miss Sweet Pea marked 3 times but was still confused where we were and why I was calling it "home."


  1. Ok, I started following late in the game so I have no idea what 'HOA' is...and why you don't refer to Mr. Wookie as your husband or spouse. Fill me in, girl!

  2. Haha - no worries! An HOA is a homeowners association. And ours is a tad anal, but we usually fly under the radar.

    And Mr. Wookie...well he's neither a husband or a spouse according to Uncle Sam. We're that couple that graduated college and didn't jump into marriage like other people. We did long-distance after college when I didn't really like FL, then when I knew I was losing my job (in OR) we decided we'll just finally live together (he was PCSing to VA from FL). And voila...we just kinda skipped the piece of marriage paper.

    That's our story. Unconventional for sure. :)

    But we joke we're common law since Oregon's limit is 5 years together and cohabitative.

  3. Ah, NOW I understand! :) Thanks for the briefing!!