Sunday, August 21

10 reasons I'm happy we're moving 3.7 miles...

1.) We'll actually get a signal in our house to call/text anyone. Right now we live in a 3-story condo building where to find signal, you have to walk to the balcony. Awesome, right? Ever called your mom at like 9pm while outside? It can get a little cold. And dressing for Everest while we live a mile from the beach is hilarity.

2.) Our camping gear won't be stored in the "pooping room" (we have a separate commode room), the Christmas decorations won't be stored in the pantry, and Halloween supplies won't be in the laundry room. Bring on that garage!

3.) We'll have a guest room! While we don't have guests that often, Mr. Wookie wanted a place for any visitors to lay down their hat. Besides at some point in life, you need to stop offering a blow-up mattress to your sister and her husband, your friends, or his family. This isn't the dorms (not that I lived in those), or a frat/sorostitution (those neither), so we're stepping up on our game for anyone willing to fly into LAX, Burbank/Bob Hope, Long Beach/Ghetto, and Santa Barbara...just not Ontario.

4.) We're forced to get a barbeque. Ahhh...shucks!

5.) There will be a yard. EEEeeeeek.

6.) Our new new neighborhood still maintains the pretentious living with a community pool and tennis courts so I can take out my frustration on Uncle Sam, a dwindling liquor supply, or that I'm out of Seventh Generation laundry detergent (gotta save the water supply here in California!).

7.) We won't have neighbors upstairs that walk like water buffalo stampeding across the Sudan.

8.) It slightly shortens Mr. Wookie's commute.

9.) My commute is seriously shortened.

10.) Unloading a Costco trip will require backing up the vehicle to the garage, unloading the contents, closing the garage door. Instead of requesting a camel at check out to pack everything from the basement parking structure to our condo. Easy peasy.

Happy Sunday night folks! Night ops continue here. Good thing I napped today.


  1. woo hoo! those are all exciting things to look forward to!!! Especially the BBQ...mmmm =)

  2. I miss having a BBQ! Yay for you guys!