Friday, August 12

Gettin' 'er done in Hometown, Oregon

Sorry we've been a little away from it. Days have been pretty booked with "wedding week" so our free time has been limited.

But the best thing about being back in Oregon besides seeing family? Well...for shopping! Considering we drove up, we have some room to take some things back home. And with us moving, we're needing new furniture items for things we need to backyard furniture! And since it's the "end of the season" for summer furniture here....let's hit it up!

Between 4 stores in the area, sadly...this was the only option we found that met our criteria. Our criteria: Either a chaise lounge or seat with foot rest (2 of either) with a cocktail table in the middle. Mr. Wookie doesn't want anything "Nantucket" and I don't want "Walmart plastic." But even then, this set wasn't the quality we were looking for. With a price of $102, we were worried that it would only last a year before needing to be replaced. So we passed. At least we know what we don't want now...

Eeeeekkk...gray water barrel! Sometime between my college graduation and now, gray water became legal! Woooo! Yay for Home Depot for supplying!

On our last ditch effort out of Sears (we were looking at lawn mowers since we'll soon be the proud owners of grass!), we stopped into Ashley Furniture. While we're looking for end tables, Mr. Wookie began drooling over this bar instead. While I'm all for a bar in the home, they're not exactly as useful as end tables for the front room. That and the price tag...errrr....I don't want to drop $1,000+ right now on a bar.

We do need a rug...but those on the left might be a little big to bring back home....

And since we're on vacation, we of course had to restock supplies for the Sheriff (and ourselves). So thank goodness this great liquor store was right across from Sears and Ashley Furniture, so we popped in for a gander. Okay, more than a gander, this is my family's standard store for spirits.

This is how great the selection is...unlike the "Most Incredible Man in the world" who only drinks Dos Equis, we like to drink from the source too. Ours may be a bit stronger in proof, and supports an awesome economy of trees and nature.

Somehow this week has flown by...and we don't know how. I think we need another week here. And some fishing licenses. And some early mornings on the river catching dinner. 


  1. ackkkkk!!! Gray water!!!!! It's on my list, right under "composter".

  2. Also, I'm marking it on my calendar. Big One has ANOTHER picture where he's caught smiling... Amazing. You bring out the best in that boy.
    Miss, and love you both.

    Sappy enough?

  3. Pretty sure I've been to that store before! :) Also, you should hit up my mom's- she makes some awesome wine!

  4. I personally am a dunebuggy and visit the coast kinda gal. Been to Oregon many times. Amazing view. I love the people out there. Soon the navy will pull me to the west coast. Can NOT wait. Definiatly sounds like you had a great time.