Saturday, August 6

how to move in 3 easy steps!

1.) Find a new place to live. One with a yard, a garage, and a recycling bin big enough to hold an Oregonian's mass collection of plastic, tin, and glass.

2.) Give yo' landlord a 30-day notice. Bitch, I be leavin'. Okay, not really like that.

3.) Pack yo' shit up.

The bookshelf is going bare.

Thanks to some new Navy families in the just-North-of-Malibu area, I scored mad boxes from their PCS's. Amen. So I'm starting the long, arduous project of moving across the city today. Our plan is to move across slowly, making a couple trips a day, taking our time in the matter vs vomiting our possessions into the new home with rhyme and reason. Then we'll do a final move with all the appliances before abandoning this condo-shaped ship.

But we're still debating how to do that final push of appliances. I've had 3 different appointments by professional moving companies for estimates to do the big and heavy lifting. And so far I've had 3 estimates that would cost an ovary in some countries (and we're not talking a full-service move. We're talking 3 appliances, 2 dressers, and a furniture set. That's all). So Mr. Wookie is debating shelving the professionals for the time being and hiring his squadronmates. Because liquoring them up post-move along with Mrs. Wookie's DD service is a mere fraction of the professionals' costs. Now I just need to write up a contract about not throwing up in the Wookie & Co. drunk bus. You know never to piss off a redhead and a blogger, let alone both. ;)

*** more ***

Mr. Wookie is back on hiring professionals, because they're professionals. So far we have one estimate that's not around the $1,000 mark (for literally a fraction of moving our home) and is under $500 (happier price, although we were looking for just a smidge lower). I'll be inquiring for a few more estimates of local companies without websites (referrals from my non-military friends) to see who may have a great price and a non-lazy Mexican crew.

Why professionals (at least right now)? Because there's liability. When your friend breaks something, it's, "Sorry bro." When you use pros, there's insurance.


  1. Bribing young men with liquor and bad pizza is always the way to go. It works like a charm every time. Suckers. Muahaha.

  2. I don't know how I missed you guys were from Oregon. Us too. I hate that the only thing's we can recycle without having to drive over 2 1/2 hours to do it are paper and cans.

  3. I realized the not-so-great idea of having friends help us load our truck up before we left...but none of them seemed very interested in actually getting the sh*t in the truck in a timely & organized manner. Therefore, my vote (because apparently my opinion TOTALLY matters, right?!) is the pros, not the bros :)

  4. Moving is so stressful/exciting. Good luck! I moved over a month ago and I'm still unpacking! :/