Tuesday, August 2

the downside to keeping them up.

If you know me, you know I've got some boobies. I've got cans. I've got a rack. I've been "blessed." Or "cursed," depending on how you look at it. Yes, boobies run in the family. And running runs in the family. And we all know running and boobies...uhhh...don't mix. I like to keep my boobs from saying hello to knees until at least retirement age.

For the last month and a half, I've been going rounds of purchases and returns in order to find the bra for me. I've tried my local department stores and shops, but unfortunately retailers (even in California!) don't carry my size. What's my size? Oh, a 30. What's the average size at shops? 32 and up.

I blame this reduced rib size on my training for a relay and a half marathon. Running burns mad calories (even when not trying to qualify for Boston). Trust me. I run and I eat. No anorexia here. Hello, do anorexics drink like I do? No. Those are empty calories to them. To me, it's therapy. ;)

But today was the day where I received my golden tickets. My bras that fit like a non-OJ Simpson'd bloody glove. The bras that I worked for a month and a half to find. The bras that took many rounds of returns, trying on sizes and styles, and sulking in the color choices of nude and black (wow...so stylish!).

Oooo...what's this? New toys? Man, those are big!

I've been able to throw my old bras into the get-rid-of pile and put these beauties into my drawer. Yippee!! For most women, bra shopping is torture. It's up there with swimsuit shopping. And forcing a Democrat to a GOP convention. But I have to be happy now. Mainly because I'm not tripping on the girls anymore.

Now if only my extra new sports bras would arrive (same story, different style). Wah wah.


  1. I need mine to shrink again. Because I'm currently icing my ladies. OOOOWWWWWW!

  2. What's the brand? Where'd you find them? Fill us in!

  3. Eights,

    I got them from BareNecessities.com. It's a HUGE online retailer from sizes 28 to 56 and AA to J (omg, that's so big!). I finally landed with the Panache Superbra since it's lovely with the D+ crowd.

    And now I know to go with the ShopRunner.com option (it's an annual fee addition), as the 2-day express shipping option is something to marvel over. It just expedites the whole process when all you want to do is find a pink bra (fail).

  4. Ha! I think you may be my boob twin. (Wow, is it possible to say that in a way that doesn't sound extra creepy?) I went on a bra quest to Nordstrom the other day and learned that I was a 30 who had been trying to make do with 32 because of the nigh-impossibility of finding any band size smaller than that. The cup size on my new acquisitions (same brand and same "exciting" color selection as yours) kind of made my eyes bug out, but the important thing is that they fit. What a revelation!

    I don't run, but I am on the hunt for a properly supportive sports bra. If you find a good one, please pass along the results of that particular needle-in-a-haystack hunt. I haven't had any luck so far.

  5. I've just started running and I'm on the hunt for a great sports bra...thanks for the tips!