Monday, May 14

So about that new blog design...

Finally. Finally. Finally. Finally. Finally. Finally. Finally. Finally. Finally. Finally.

New blog design, new pension for blogging? Right? Isn't that how that works? It's kinda like buying a new pair of running shoes to get back on the wagon (those are due to be delivered the end of this week), or hiring a maid service to clean your house that way you're inspired to keep it up (nope, no example of that - just a dream), or unloading the 'dead bananas' in your freezer so muffins can be made (yup, on the counter).

I'm sorry - there's just been a funk about the blog lately that I haven't wanted to deal with. For the last couple months, I just haven't wanted to talk to you (please don't judge). I didn't know what to say. I didn't know if I was still entertaining. I'm just not a controversial or pivotal blogger like others who have worn scuff marks on their soapboxes. Instead, my life is life. I tell you 'how difficult' it is to find a pair of Naturalizer sandals on sale for 20% (seriously, yesterday...such a hard decision), or how I have a new vodka to try, or that I found a delicious Cajun shrimp recipe that uses enough garlic to keep vampires away for months.

But then I realized, I DON'T WANT TO BLOG TO BE PIVOTAL. I want to blog because I'm funny. I want to keep our families informed of our open door policy to visitors, how 'terrible' it is to live in (usually) sunny California, how my life can be so boring yet so riviting at the same time when I tell you our next vacation is to San Diego (not Hawaii, or somewhere exotic- but a 3-hour roadtrip).

Sometimes I forget who I write to - like I feel the onslaught of readers will judge me if I say the wrong thing, that my opinion is never good enough, or that I'm not enduring some trying time in my life that gives me street cred in the blogosphere.

Please. I live a cozy life. I have a great man in the house. Our dog is 80% fabulous. My family is just peachy. I wish I could see more of Mr. Wookie's (they just live so far!). My niece and nephew make me contemplate procreation based off their adorability alone - but for now, I like sleeping in, snuggling next to Mr. Wookie in the morning, or curling up with Sweet Pea and a blanket on the couch, and not putting a hiatus on libations because a parasitic symbiote requires clean circulation.

So let's put this new design to use and fully sweep the corners of the blog. All this blogging is making my hands cramp though - time to ice them...around a cold beer. ;)

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