Sunday, June 24

Finding motivation in the Sea of Lack

We're rolling into our third calendar week and I'm starting/searching for a rhythm for life that keeps me entertained, not constantly drunk from boredom, and not burning my debit card from the constant swiping (or online entry to,, and I' So far, "meh" luck.

As I mentioned in my goals in my June Reboot of Life, I'm attempting to rid the funk of no longer being a canine owner by making my ass a little smaller. I'm glad when Department Head wives can make me feel relate-able when it comes to Salty Time with the Navy. Most of our Department Head wives have been around since the college days, so they've experienced a handful of detachments and deployment without and with children - thusly they have millions of pearls of wisdom compared to my few years attached to the non-ROTC Navy. So when I say that my butt grew from wanting to just lounge on the couch with Mr. Wookie as opposed to being active, they knew exactly what I was feeling. They had butt-growage too during their Junior Officer years.

So last week I ventured the 1.5 miles from my work to get the Tour de YMCA since most of the wives already frequent that gym for kids' swim lessons and their own working out. I got my 3 Day Pass for trial, and gave myself a pep-talk before my first yoga class. You can do this. If the classes suck, no big deal. Find another gym. But seriously, I hope they don't suck. I'll be honest. It's been a year since I touched my yoga mat. Last year was the year of partially working out of home, partially working from home, so my running game was in gear. Now...not so much. While I do have an hour-long lunch, sweating it out on a 3-mile run in 85 degree weather doesn't sound like fun. So thank goodness for the above referenced classes at 5:30pm.

I guess my overall feeling is boredom. I've tossed the pity party aspect out the door since it didn't net me anything except an extra wine cork and cereal for dinner. But now I just feel like I'm going in circles without any real entertainment. Although today I did unveil some 'awesome.' After going to bed at 2am (after some quality wine time with a DH wife), I was up at 10 (I'm so proud of myself), mowing the lawn, trimming down the plant life, washing my car, and vacuuming that sucker out all before 4pm. And let's not forget the laundry that was back-burner'd since someone else needed things washed before the boat (let's not wait till the last minute - eh?).

Maybe I should pull the trigger on those jigsaw puzzles I've been eyeballing.

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