Sunday, June 17

For Father's Day, we skype. Then it breaks.

Thanks to the guy who gave up some chromosomes to make my siblings and I. Not to say we didn't cause grief and grey hairs in his younger years, but he did teach us a few things in life. Unfortunately being on time with gifts wasn't one that I soaked in (sorry!!). But he'll just join Mama Ging as gifts are still pending and I'd rather delivery in person than ship.

Little Man, as a wee lad in 2010

Like how good coffee is and that it won't stunk your growth. Seriously. We Oregonians start young with our love for all things drip, espresso, drive-thru, or sit down. Oh, and let's not forget the millions loans I've needed from my dad when I had to buy new tires (and pay day was a week away) - the Bank of Dad is always available with a flexible repayment schedule and the pension to hold the check for a week just to make sure I don't need that money in the interim. Thanks.

Now I'm going to lounge on the couch while I drink coffee out of my Vegas mug. Thanks for the Spring Breaks. Thanks for the rice puddings. Thanks for the vodka gifts (my dad, he knows me). Love you!

And to Mr. Wookie's Dad and Stepdad - he can't be here to wish you a great day also. So it's the Wookie & Co. PR team to the rescue! And when I say, 'team''s just me. Thanks for all the love and support you've given him and the welcoming I've experienced in all our time together.

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