Friday, June 1

time for a reboot. CRTL+ALT+DEL

I'd like to express the extreme gratitude we've received with our loss. Your kind words, thoughts, prayers, phone calls, texts, carrier pigeons, and flowers were greatly appreciated in helping us heal and move forward. We know Sweet Pea was loved beyond belief and had a great quality of life while with us. We only wish her unlimited Kong toys on the other side of the Bridge.

But seriously, could it hurt you people to care package some wine to me?  I mean, my dog just died. And you people are so stingy.

Sorry....trying to bring ol' Mrs. Wookie back. How 'm I doing?

I'm declaring a reboot on life today. June 1st will become my motivation, my chance to start 2012 over since it's been rather rough for my liking. I have the rest of my 28th year on this planet to enjoy and be prosperous.

First up: Nesting. No, there aren't any HCG levels rising, thank you. As Mr. Wookie has T-minus __ days until he literally flies off for the summer, I'm pampering and pimping out my home for the comforts I require to keep me from finding the razor blades and arteries. (I kid.) And since my social calendar has had the drool cleared from it, expected A LOT more blogging, bitches. (Slowly but surely I'll be back.) So I'll show off my semi-new digs...and my success in bargain shopping (why pay for Pier 1 when you can hit up ROSS like a champ??).

Secondly: EXERCISE YOU CHUMP! Riddle me this...what's more fun: Lounging on the couch with your adorable and snoring Bulldog watching Cheers OR running? Well if you look at my aerobic level, you know it wasn't the latter. So now it's time to clean off the ol' sports bras and get to moving! I need support (yes, in more ways than one - ha!), so I've decided to join the YMCA that all the other Knives go to (I'm banking on the safety in numbers routine). There's a perfectly timed 5:30 class schedule that will keep me social after work and sweaty with fitness. Yay, all that's missing is 9:30am park dates, minivans, and C-section scars and I'm a soccer mom. Oh joy...

Thirdly: Hobbies. With a Mr. Wookie on a boat, and a house without a pooch, I'm left to my own devices. I've already shockingly read 3 books in 7 days (so unlike me). I've worked on my cross-stitch that has been dusty for ages. And I'm about to Google "Star Wars puzzles." What's a better way to welcome back a Wookie than a Star Wars puzzle that's mounted in a frame on the wall?? Yes...girlfriend points right here. Ding, ding, ding.

So let's redo life right. Let's start now. Because there's only one way to go, and that's up. Or maybe I'll cheat and drink the soda from Wonka's factory. Either way, we're doing this.


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. My dogs are such a special part of my family as well and I know when they go, it will be just like losing a family member. It sounds like you are doing good things to keep moving forward.

  2. Way to get that chin back up! Here's to the next 7 months of 2012 being great for you :)

  3. I could be persuaded to send some wine. Glad you are keeping on.. I know it ain't easy.

    P.S. that game plan sounds fabulous!

  4. all i know is I'm looking forward to some more of this snarkyness! 2012 is gonna be awesome. and I would totally send you some bout some virtual telepathic wine from one millie to another ;)