Wednesday, June 20

It's like he doesn't trust me or something...

Okay, okay, so I get it. I'm not exactly their real mother - I do qualify myself as more of a "stepmother" role since I wasn't there to really raise them from their young age when purchased at the pet store (please, no remarks - we were young, and we set the world on fire young). But it's true...they've been around us for a few months shy of how long Mr. Wookie has been in the Navy (5 years - where does time go???).

But just in case things weren't clear ...I need to feed them. Because "Mr. Friendly" would have it any other way. He obviously sees the camera lens near the tank and begins his shark-like stalking of me. Hey, little girl, come on, feed the turtles...we're starving. Yeah....starving...I can see your fat squeezing through the shell. You're anything but starving. No, children in some far off African country are starving because their parents are too poor to afford children. No, you're a novelty pet item - you don't get a say.

Mr. Wookie even wrote the "rules" of the water level. There are two horizontal markings. "Tank needs water" line. And "Tank full" line. Now if only he would have prepared the fridge in the same regards.

There have been two emails thus far in his boat time. According to official records, he's been either flying a lot or working on the Ready Room design (because HGTV was unavailable). And then when he has a moment, he emails to check in on my cereal supply. 


Does he know me or what?

Well so far it's been leftovers thanks to excessive eating out prior to his departure. Then, there was a joint dinner with a few of the wives in the area. And Monday night was taking leftover spaghetti noodles, and putting Mexican shredded cheese on it. Put in over for 30 minutes on 350. Call it good.

Yup...landslide already.

Last night was merely a step up. It was hot pastrami sandwiches on ...hamburger buns (I'm out of bread), and a fellow starving JO lifetime partner (although her relationship is Uncle Sam approved) brought over her sad can of lentil soup. So individually we resembled the bare scrapings of a food pantry, but golly...we're feasting like Kings.

At least we both have priorities in life. I had the wine. She brought dessert.

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