Monday, June 25

When you wake up and see you missed his call.

I didn't believe it at first. My phone has got to be crazy - I couldn't have missed a call from him. I swore my subconscious was playing games with me. No, he can't call. He's somewhere on a ship. But after I picked the boogers from my eyes, I realized....he did call. And I missed it.

Are you kidding me??

His voicemail, "Grandma...are you in bed already??"

Umm, yes, I am. It's past 10:00pm and I've been hitting way too late of hours in the night, so for once I gave in to going to bed early and did just that. And I loved it. All 8+ hours of sleep. But then I kicked myself knowing I didn't give in to my past crazy sleep schedule. Blargh.

So along with his voicemail, I also got an image of their surroundings. Good thing I gave him my old camera. :) I wonder if those guys ever get sick of seeing water. I wonder if he'll actually wear all the uniforms that he was required to pack. Choker Whites, Summer Whites, Digicams, Khakis, etc. I wonder how many traps he has now? And I wonder what type of flights he's been scheduled. I wonder how many times the Internet has been down when he's gone to send me an email (I've had zero updates since connectivity is low). And I wonder what food he misses since being on the boat and we know it's not gourmet fixings (unless you're the CMC, XO, or Skipper).

I was a little under the funk last week since I was miffed that only so many days had passed since he left. But someone made a good point: The boys are now closer to coming home than they were when they left. Light bulb. Each day is a day closer to coming home. Why didn't I think of that sooner?? So I need to enjoy the ability to leave the house in a complete mess - I can live in filth. It makes me happy. :)

Oh, and let's not forget each day going to the gym makes the butt that much smaller.


  1. Such a bummer to miss him, but I bet the message and photo brightened your day!

  2. Oh man. That had to make your heart sink! How awesome that you're already over the hump though!!

  3. Ugh - that is the worst! I'm sorry. :( I hope you catch the next one!

  4. Boo! Sorry that you missed his call :( But I think it's hilarious how different the experience must be for our guys on the boat so far... mine has been able to email almost every day, but said there's no phone option at all, whereas your man can call but not email. NavyGuy is super jealous of Mr. Wookie's ready room too, because I guess our squadron got this little tiny room that isn't even big enough for every officer to sit down in, and the room wasn't ever actually a ready room or something. Who knows. Anyway, hope you're doing well!

  5. Sorry you missed it. I know that's not fun. :(