Friday, August 31

You know you really should never trust cheap wine.

So I have pension for pinching pennies when it comes to my wine. Yes, I always order a Stoli and Tonic while out cruising the bar scene in my area (gotta love the Russian mastery), but when it comes to's go cheap or go home. Because when you can kill 2 bottles of wine a myself...I don't need to break the bank keeping that homefire burning.

But when the wine is self-described as "easy to drink," I chuckle to myself in Vons (it's Southern California's version of Safeway), load 5 other random bottles of cheap wine, and mosey to the cheese aisle - I need shredded cheese so I can make quesadillas tonight. I have leftover taco meat and I don't want to eat enchiladas two nights in a row. So obviously a different Mexican dish makes all right in the world.


Yes, sometimes I like to evil laugh by myself - like when I school Final Jeopardy (however rare).

So in case you're wondering, the Meridian Merlot in the above picture. It's just okay. While I only had one glass last night, I'm not really looking forward to coming home after work, throwing a straw in it, and stuporing it until Saturday morning. It'll be something I sip on while I fold laundry (although the laundry will be folded away from the wine since I flail more than a baby orangutan).

I do have a personal stance against the "2 Buck Chuck" from Trader Joe's - it's the ultimate cheap wine. And to me, it's just 'meh.' If I'm going to spend $2 (+ tax) on wine, I might as well spend another $1.50-$2 on some slightly better shitty wine. I mean, hello?? I have standards.


Sorry, two evil laughs in one post. I really should try and control myself.

So tell me, do you have a favorite "economical" wine? What's your beverage of choice when your better half is away? Are you willing to host me to prove your point? If you say 'yes,' you're totally awesome. If you say 'no,' stingy piece of work. I mean seriously, you wouldn't host me? Why not? I'm offended. Seriously. Off-my-Christmas-card-list offended. I'm awesome. I mean hello, I throw big dollars around. I'm surprised I don't have groupies. Just don't fake a pregnancy.


  1. Barefoot! I have yet to try any of the Two Buck Chuck red wine, but their white zin isn't too bad. Probably because white zins all taste the same to me. :)

  2. @Rochelle, Do you know how the Merlot or Cab Sav's compare?? That'll be during my next trip! So in like 3 days. ;)

  3. Cab Sav is good. I'm not really a Merlot drinker so I can't comment on that one, sorry! Another brand I like is Cupcake - their reds are pretty good as well. Good luck ;)

  4. Barefoot and Flip Flop are two good inexpensive brands that are pretty good (I'm sensing a 'foot' thing here, lol). Both had a good variety of reds and whites, and Flip Flop donates a pair of shoes for each bottle you purchase (I can't remember specifics, like where the shoes go, but it's cool to drink wine and do charity at the same time!)