Wednesday, February 13

I just feel like bitching today (yup, we're making a comeback!)

Where Are The Skirts??
Hi, I'm Mrs. Wookie. Hi.

Long story short: I live in California. I fully expect stores to provide adequate weather when "winter" is 50-degrees at the coldest. The sun was out today and most likely above 70 degrees (and I work 15 miles from the beach, so we're not even inland). Again, pants aren't a necessity. So why can't stores offer cute skirts year-round?

And should be scratching your head about gangly me fitting in "off the rack" skirts....that's the one piece of clothing I can buy at Target, etc (other than the obvious: socks, underoos, etc.). So skirts I will love forever and mix-and-match my heart apart.

That Whole USS Truman Issue
I would have completely mixed emotions. While I know there are people being frazzled by the What the frack? conundrum, I don't know how I would respond - probably disdained. I mean, hello...there are port calls those sailors deserve. There are vendors those sailors need to hustle. And there are jade earrings (if they hit that certain area *ahem*) that need to make the voyage home for the ripe price of $32.

I do feel for the single sailors who pack up all their shit, pay a friend to use their address to collect BAH, sell their car...then they're left shit-less except for a bag and a guest room at the Wookie & Co. Inn (I would have NO problem housing Mr. Wookie's fellow Junior Officers as most are housebroken and could easily figure out their next move with the community we're in).

Although that would remove my large debate about visiting during a port call. As a Navy attache, I feel like I should be gunning for an exotic trip watching the USS Awesome pull into port, spending 92 hours with Mr. Wookie, and watching the boat pull away for more time on the seas. But then the very-practical Mrs. Wookie questions Why? the need to spend thousands of dollars, staunchly reminding herself that I'm not some needy Navy attache who needs justification for this awkward military lifestyle we're all in.

I've been asked numerous times by the CO and XO if I plan on joining "the wives" for a visit should they pull in to Australia, Thailand, Dubai, etc., and with each time I politely explain, "probably not." What's better: spending $2,500 for 4 days with Mr. Wookie OR spending $4,000 for a 10-day vacation planned in advance, not centered around classified ship movements praying that the boat can pull in and leave is granted??

My Sad Blog
Warning: Face lifts and botox may occur on the blog front. That's all.

The Wine Sale at Bevmo
Do you Bevmo? For East Coaster, it's like Total Wine. Everytime, it's like crack. I. can't. not. buy.

Jeopardy > State of the Onion (<yes, "Onion")
No offense, but expanding my brain will always take place over political speeches. No matter what affiliation, there are some cunning linguists (minus G. W. Bush - he was just the he choked on a pretzel) and everyone can have great words. But let's just continue to push the country, voting for your decisions, and respecting the outcomes.

Though the comments sections are THE best part of politics. Only there will 45-year-olds reduce to name-calling like children...and I will chuckle my heart out.

Mr. Wookie
Will he be home in the next week? Will the planes not be broken? Will he be the last to leave (as usual)?

That Big Deployment
As much as I want him to come home, I know that the D-Day is lingering just off the shore of tomorrow. We prepare like it's still on schedule, but really - who knows what will happen. There's only so much you can do about functioning ships, the bigger picture Navy, and whether the Deployment Gods feel you need those earrings.


  1. I <3 bitching posts. :) Sometimes they are just needed. Good luck on all things you have to bitch about!