Tuesday, February 5

It's somehow February and I'm somehow shocked.

What. the. sassifrass? When did it get to be February? When did January pass us by like a white ass out the window on a roadtrip to the beach in college? When did my dad turn 59?!?! Seriously...February. Back. the. fuck. up.

I can't handle you. I can't handle the world turning faster than Lindsay Lohan's downward spiral of a career.

I meant to catch up on blogging. Buuuuut....I also meant to start planning meals as we're back in the pre-deployment throws of life thanks to Uncle Sam's inability to have a freakin' deployment on schedule.

Where do I start?

Hey, Mrs. Wookie, how about where you left on...you know...back in January...

My last post was detailing the pain and angst that was had in the house with a loss of a pet. I felt incredibly remorseful for bringing it home; almost like she was undeserving of a home (despite the obvious...homeless cat...not deserving a home).

I'm just having difficulty keeping up with my life outside of the blog. So excuse me...while I try to figure my shit out....


  1. Dude same here. J's deployment is coming up lickety split, and I'm still trying to figure everything out. I haven't really blogged for a year....so...don't feel bad. And my condolences for the loss of your pup. I know that was very hard for you.

    But as always, I enjoy your posts whether I'm actively blogging or not! Please keep it up. :)

  2. Hope things are starting to look up for you! We'll be here when you return. I miss your snarkines! lol :)