Monday, February 25

MEOW MONDAY: Leg Lounge Lizard

We've found out a few things in owning this furry feline for almost a year of her life (<< birthday party, so soon!). She was very shy at first few days of life. She cried at night when she couldn't find her siblings (which broke my heart and also befuddled me since reports were that she wasn't too snuggle with them). But then I became her friend, confidante, and lover as she would come to me when called, would stake out my legs for a good nap spot, and began sleeping more through the night vs wanting to play (5am is now her Time to go outside and try to kill some shit which is perfectly acceptable).

And because you needn't doubt my "Oh shit, is she morphing into a Cat Lady????," yes...yes I am.

We've switched from regular ol' cat litter to World's Best Cat Litter, since it's drastically more eco-friendly (Hey, Mrs. Wookie, back on your crazy enviro soapbox! Yay!) and there's been links of respiration issues via standard cat litter which blew. my. mind. Cats step in litter. Cats leave litter box. Cats bathe their feet and ingest nasty-ass litter. What will they think of next? Sex causes babies? Vodka soothes souls?

So please continue to worry. First, you worried as my life fell apart with the loss of our dog. Now, you can worry as I Google "modern cat condos" hoping Ikea will deliver something that will ramp up my Cat Lady status up a few notches.

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