Thursday, February 28

Throwback Thursday: Mittens, 4 Months

She was such a cute little girl, between her spams of energy to want to ping around the freakin' room and the instant-nap she'd take once the energy level was depleted. She'd nap everywhere. On my neck, in my lap, halfway on a chair, in the sunlight coming through the window, next to the turtle tank when she realized they weren't lunch, on a pillow on the bed, or in the hall bathroom's empty tub (curtain drawn). Kitten phase...not my favorite...sooo looking forward to cathood.

1 comment:

  1. Super cute! Kittens are so cute, if not a bit annoying. But most baby animals are pretty annoying, which is probably why they're so cute to begin with.

    And we have a giraffe throw blanket on our couch - you're pillow made me smile because we aren't the only ones with giraffe accessories on the couch.