Sunday, February 10

Now: Mrs. Wookie's Pre-Deployment Realization

Le sigh. I'm bored.

Mr. Wookie is Day #9 gone to NAS BFE for their last stint of pre-deployment training and I've hit the "I"m bored" realization already. Crap. He's not even deployed yet. And you think with all the dates (August, October, November, December, January....soon) that have come since we first arrived 2.5 years about deployment, that I would have figured this out by now.


My mom recommends a pick up more sewing projects and maybe start quilting (which I have dabbled in research for a pattern that won't make me look Amish). However, I'd have to ensure I only have one glass of wine since sewing is better in straight lines.

Thanks to Amazon, I picked up some good deals on jigsaw puzzles over his 2-plus months of Summer 2012 pre-deployment training, but those got boring after awhile...all the pieces look similar (despite the wine). Plus the cat really likes the thought of batting around 500 pieces....and that was more battle than anything.

And I even had the thought of, "Hey, go back to school and get another minor or a certification that can be used at your current job and for any future job searches (since that is common with Mr. Wookie's career choice). But then I saw the costs....

...a post-bacc online minor (28 credits) in Marketing and Entrepreneurship with Oregon State University's College of Business is $7,000+! Seven thousand. Plus some. thanks - that's just not an investment I'm willing to make since the rate of return is probably pretty low. I'll keep my current Bachelor's and Minor, thankyouverymuch.

And I'm wary of online schools (like Devry) because I don't know honestly how they're thought of by  hiring companies - to me, they seem kind of fake and unaccredited despite saying "accredited."

So ladies, help a soon-to-be-homefire-keeper out!

I. need. some. projects. And more than the ones I've perfected: wine tasting and dinners with friends. ;)

So far my Pinterest board of "Deployment Projects" only has the below...

Le sigh. This is going to be a long summer/fall. And yes, blogging is on that list too. Promise.


  1. Quilting will definitely keep you busy! There's a billion quilt blogs out there for inspiration, giveaways, etc.

    You'll find stuff to do during the deployment, I'm sure. Things will pop up and present themselves to you!

  2. If you are looking for an online school, go with one that has a brick-and-mortar school that also has online classes. For example, I'm getting my Master's from Park University. Not only is it a school that has been around since the 1800s (and let women in in those early years!), I am getting a Master's fully online. And the price is the best I've seen (plus they offer at 25% military discount!)

  3. Hey! We can do the same pinterest project this summer. I was planning to give the pallet garden a try this year as well. Race ya.

  4. @Wife of a Sailor, THANK YOU for pointing me in that direction! It still looks like it's in the $200+ range (plus I'm assuming that mil discount is for gov't paper-recognized couples), so overall a $5,000+ investment. I was hoping to spend between $1K-2K for a "hobby" of an online certification; not that I "need" it (only to pad the resume).

    And @Accidental Olympian, seriously - it's going to be grand! I warned my warehouse manager today, "Do you have pallets? I might need more than one." Bhahaah!